Should the #MeToo Movement be Extended to Men?

Should the #MeToo Movement be Extended to Men?
The #MeToo movement has been a pretty big topic on GAG lately, and I’ve already shared my take on it a few times, but I decided to make it a proper post! I want opinions!

Many men disapprove of the movement because it’s used as a weapon against them by many women, and I see this! I understand that the movement is used to empower women, to share and be the voice of victims of assault, rape, harassment, etc, but I’ve also noticed that many ladies use the hashtag to attack men, turning something good into something that has the potential to be harmful.

But my question is... should the #MeToo movement be extended to men? It’s meant to be a voice, yet it seems to be strictly towards women, although rape is international and non-binary. Men are raped on a daily basis. Why is this rarely ever acknowledged?

Clearly I’m all for it.
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Should the #MeToo Movement be Extended to Men?
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