Should I, a former right-wing, turned left-wing guy — be attracted to this #AllLivesMatter girl?

This Asian girl captioned "#alllivesmatter" with a black screen on insta and she is starting to make me feel less attracted to her

Let me start by saying this, she's a self described aerialist, yogi, she looks 18.. she's hot and Asian, i followed her a few months ago and surprisingly she followed me back !

She liked a few if not many of my photos.. I put a black screen stating only #blackouttuesday (since I didn't know how people would react if i put black, all, blue or white lives matter.. lol)

Considering i have many centrist and right wing friends and family members, I have considered not unfollowing this girl. She liked my black screen pic and also put one of her own with both #blackouttuesday and #alllivesmatter (just not #blacklivesmatter)

I have also considered context since she didn't put a cop or rebel flag.. that to me would flinge me as thinking she is " too right wing " for me..

Most of my online female mutuals (both single and taken) are white and hispanic, and at least center-left, if not left-wing as hell.. a lot of them follow Cardi B/Nicki Minaj/Ariana Grande, and some even follow centrists like Kim K (who might even be center-right since she has liberal views but is married to right winger Kanye West) and/or Taylor Swift (who is definitely a moderate) — I might have one female friend that follows a true right wing celebrity (like carrie underwood or maybe hilary duff), not so sure about that tho..

Politics don't usually turn me on, but I'm more attracted to center-left girls than anyone... (far left doesn't turn me on that much... and centrist and right wing are not that hippie to me... most right wing girls tbh tend to have a smaller ass than left and centrist girls)

My conspiracy is that flat assed girls tend to be more right wing and vice versa since they tend to be pale white aussie or vegas lookin and their super christian deadbeat daddies will blow their heads off if they dare date a black or a mexican dude..
Up to you, dirtbag!!
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Lol, she edited her post several hours ago and changed it to #saynotoracism..
Should I, a former right-wing, turned left-wing guy — be attracted to this #AllLivesMatter girl?
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