Why is Black Lives Matter so Ignorant?

Why is Black Lives Matter so ignorant?

If I do structure this badly, please forgive me. My emotions are hard to put into words right now... I suppose I'm doing this for therapeutic reasons, so please, don't get mad at me too much.

I was born in a place where I was a minority, Western Canada, and I have grown up the same way. Shunned by certain races, other hinderances I shall not talk about for the sake of not seeming attention seeking.

I've been driven to the point of depression due to the shunning I have faced and it lives with me every single day.

In high school, I was fed so much politics, During black history month, they put up a poster for the black panthers instead of something about MLK. I was utterly livid with my surroundings, even seeing a poster for a coloured writer helping white people "realize" their privilege. It made me SICKENED, and.. again, I do not say this for pity, but it really made me sadder and sadder.

From the day I was born, I was never given ANYTHING for the colour of my skin, yet this ignorant group claims me to be the one with privilege. All I've ever wanted was for people to unite against the problem of racism, but apparently the term All Lives Matter is "anti-black".

Their doctrine of inclusivity of the black community through exclusivity is shown directly through their taking of hostage of the 2016 Gay Pride Parade in Ottawa. As they were given the place of honored guest at the march, they stopped the parade for half an hour because they saw gay police floats in the parade.

I've only ever wanted a place where I could discuss my problems with racism, but no, apparently I have to be an "ally", and then WAIT for the privilege to have other forms of racism denounced.

To close this out, I believe BLM and it's efforts are vain, hypocritical, and hate driven. Those who support it are obviously either consumed by anger, such as I, or simply can't think for themselves. I want to hear both men, and women's opinion on the topic.
Why is Black Lives Matter so Ignorant?
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