Is anyone else sick and tired of all this black lives matter bull shit?

Really I'm so tired if this anti- America bullshit. Tearing down and damaging statues of our presidents? Trying to erase all of hour countries history? Creating divides based on race, something we have no control over? Making white people pretty much worship this new Woke religion of white gilt?
I'm so ashamed at you stupid ass white people that fall for that shit. Don't bend the knee! I'm Hispanic and was born in the United States. So were my parents, their parents, so on and so on. I'm an American and For those in the Untied States, so are you! That's our common ground. And yet this fucking group and leftists in general are trying to tear down everything we are. A place that's free. Free to have equal opportunity no matter what race, gender, religion, creed or anything else. Equal opportunity. NOT Equal outcome. That comes down to you and you alone.

How can you let one asshole cop make you lose your minds for killing one man? How many people have died during these riots? How many jobs destroyed? How many MORE people are gonna starve and commit suicide over losing their homes, jobs and not being able to provide for their families? Shit happens. Fucked up things happen and they will always happen, no matter what walk of life you're from or what you do.
All I know is if it comes down to a civil war, I'm choosing to fight for The United States of America. For freedom. And defend it against People who define you by your race, gender or political party. Who think you should bend to their thinking and if you don't, they'll hound you until they ruin your life. Just for disagreeing with them. Make you say your sorry for the act of speaking out. Why the fuck are people getting fired or even beaten just for saying you disagree with their ideas? Black lives matter and the leftist sound like the true fucked up people in all this. Now lets see if this post gets banned because someone dared to disagree with your leftist bull shit.
I'm tired of it.
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1 y
Man, I am very curious as to why pretty much all women are for the black lives matter group. Do women just tend to go with the popular social opinion? Call me sexist if you want. It just looks that way to me. Women, your reason behind your vote?
1 y
Looks like the majority of people are tired of it.
1 y
Looks like nobody is for BLM groups anymore.
1 y
So it looks like we're all in agreement then. If they come to your city/town, tell them to get out and stay out. BLM has always been violent. Do people see how much the media lies now?
7 mo
Do people see how much the media lies now? How they protect BLM and Antifa?
Is anyone else sick and tired of all this black lives matter bull shit?
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