Why do women hate men in our society?

So many women hate men they think we are rapists and abusers they think we're bad parents they think we are bank machines that slave and work just to acomidate them they lie and cheat on us they manipulate our children to hate us they made approaching women incredibly risky as men can now go to jail if a woman is uncomfortable women are becoming increasingly rude to men who try being respectful

What is the point in trying anymore? Why should men deal with women if women refuse to give us incentives to stay? Marriage is a joke 50% of marriages fail and 80% of marriages are initiated by women because of the favourable court bias and that they will be able to keep the kids and make the man pay for it forcing him to suicide or financial destitution. Being a man is terrible we are vilified and disposable to most women and the greater society. I no longer believe there is any hope of finding love in such a risky sea of usless garbage.

This isn't only hurting men or incels as women put it but it will hurt the credibility of women in the long run. #metoo will eliminate trust between men and women. Men will increasingly abandon women as any interaction in the workplace could get him fired. He won't job shadow woman or take on female apprentices with a legal liability. Divorce bias will harm and split families damaging our children's futures incels on the rise will create generations of discontent men who will become increasingly disillusioned and distrustful of women causing more violence because women won't give them a chance or are just too rude when they approach.
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This man hating environment is getting so out of hand that even though i was taught never to hit a woman and to always respect women i just can't believe that anymore. Women can hit a man and get cheers, women can disrespect men and get applause. Women can lie and accuse a man falsely of rape and get away with it Scott free. Women can ruin a mans life with a lie that he sexually harrassed her and he can get fired while she can rise in the job ladder.

I just can't fucking trust you anymore.
Why do women hate men in our society?
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