Why does the soceity hate men?

Since several years now, I feel as if the entire society just hates men. The world generally sees men as the cause of most problems.

For example, even if a woman is a hardened criminal, she gets some kind of sympathy from few people who say stuff like "She must have been abused as a child, maybe she is mentally unsound etc". But if a man is a criminal, people attack him with all guns blazing, saying things like "he needs to go to the gallows".

Apart from crime, even with other matters, men are generally looked down upon and discriminated. Most laws favor women, there are special reservations for women (in some countries, at least), they get extra benefits etc.

I'm not at all implying that women shouldn't get benefits. But the strange thing is, most women and even men seem to hate the male population, maybe due to the general assumption that men are insensitive, violent, have no emotions etc. (which aren't always true). In general, its as if the society has developed total hatred towards men.

The way I see it, the only two disadvantages which women have are the inconvenience of periods and the pain of childbirth. Agreed, these two are SEVERE disadvantages which really scare us men and make us wonder how women manage. Still, why should we be hated by the society? What exactly is our fault in this? Is it a crime to be born as a male, in today's world?

Everyone behaves as if the world would be a much better place if a majority of the male population is wiped off from earth. What exactly is the reason for such hatred towards men? Why can't the society realize that all men aren't bad, and there are some really nice men too?

P.S. Please don't assume that I'm posting this question out of frustration, after being rejected by several women. Far from it. This is a very general question, and in no way related to relationship between men and women.
Why does the soceity hate men?
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