Is kneeling during your national anthem a sign of disrespect?

Some people think the American flag is garbage and burn it at a moments notice. If those people hate the USA so much then why don't they get out? College and university students are taught to hate America and have become breeding grounds for communist and socialists who don't educate you on what communism and far left socialism leads to.

Remember when Hitler ruled pretty much all of Europe? YEAH where American's aged 16 and up lied on their applications to fight for a right to choose and to stop the tyrant of Adolf Hitler! Well I'm sure if we had a Modern day Hitler you can bet the protesters and leftists would be all rooting for him. What happened? How in the world did the politicians in the USA allow our schools to become indoctrination tools to fester resentment for the very people who gave up their lives so that you spoiled kids could have a choice. It's not a choice to riot and burn down your society yet here we are... Take these rich sports people who bend the knee and take all their money away and give it to the people who need it most. I tell you one thing they would not agree to that.
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Is kneeling during your national anthem a sign of disrespect?
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