Do you lose respect for people who subscribe to the "Orange man bad" rhetoric?

Take a look at what's going on with the election right now.

There's strong evidence supporting the narrative that fraudulent voting practices have been taking place. It's actually right in front of us. There's direct proof. People have been caught and arrested. I'm looking at this issue past Trump as an individual. Even if Trump loses, this really needs to be addressed. Election officials prior to November 3rd have been stating the vulnerabilities of mail-in ballots face. It's not even worth looking into guys?

It's common sense, and I rather look at this from a bipartisan perspective than to subscribe to this "sore loser" rhetoric. It's so petty and juvenile. People don't sound very educated going around saying orange man bad all the time. Use some facts, data, and articulate yourself past these generic talking points faulting personality. All of that derives from emotion based thinking.

If I were running for office, and my team showcased me valid proof that there was cheating going on, then I too would fight against that kind of corruption. I think anyone would. But given that it's Trump, everyone is quick to attack. Let's forget about Trump and his associated personality traits. Let's focus on finding the truth in all this, and make sure that we have integrity within future elections.

The level of ignorance and emotional tantrums I see about orange man bad is just unbelievable. People who seemed to have never read a single book in their life just feel so confident in their beliefs, yet don't understand how the fundamentals of economics and checks and balances work on the most elementary level. It's really disappointed to see how stupid Americans have become to frank about it.

I could go down a list of things I don't like about Trump, and not one of them is emotionally charged. These people just read off scripts of generic talking points that the media spoon feeds them. These people are sheep. They posses an inability to think for themselves. Grow up people.
Do you lose respect for people who subscribe to the "Orange man bad" rhetoric?
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