Why do a lot of Republicans hate the lgbt?

I'm a lesbian, I'm Catholic, I have pretty conservative views on things but the one thing I notice about the Republicans is that they don't like the lgbt. I have met some that don't care as long as I don't treat it like a personality trait which I respect. And I know what you're gonna say (because a lot of Republicans are Christian)..."well the bible says no." Yes but the bible also says no using God's name in a derogatory way (every rap song on the radio), no premarital sex (Most of y'all have done this don't deny it), no making other idols (Astrology, sportsplayers, celebrities), etc. It was written a very long time ago. My belief is that my sexuality is between me and God and nobody else. Now, what I will say is that I don't think the media should push the lgbt too far because if I'm being honest here, I'm in the generation where this started to occur and it did put my mindset towards that. I also don't believe in gay marriage under the Church unless ruled otherwise. I simply don't have attraction towards guys, I don't. I've actually tried several times and it disgusts me. Seriously, I'm not into that. It's gross and awkward and if I'm looking long term there is no possible way for me to force myself to stay with a man for the rest of my life.
Why do a lot of Republicans hate the lgbt?
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