What’s your honest opinion on Canada🇨🇦?

Let’s just say that I have nothing nice to say about Canada for many reasons but mostly because of their anti Asian and anti Christian sentiments.
What’s your honest opinion on Canada🇨🇦?
I absolutely hate Canada🤬🇨🇦
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Canada is alright 😐🇨🇦
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I love Canada🥰🇨🇦
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1 mo
For those wondering about the anti Asian sentiment present in Canada. www.globalcitizen.org/.../

Not to mention that most Canadians aren’t repentant over the Japanese-Canadian internment.

As for the anti Christian sentiment how about the fact that Canuck cops are arresting pastors?
28 d
Also, I’m not comparing USA and Canada. In fact I criticize Oregonians, Bostonians and New Yorkers for the same reasons I criticize Canada.
What’s your honest opinion on Canada🇨🇦?
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