What’s your honest opinion on Canada🇨🇦?

Let’s just say that I have nothing nice to say about Canada for many reasons but mostly because of their anti Asian and anti Christian sentiments.
What’s your honest opinion on Canada🇨🇦?
I absolutely hate Canada🤬🇨🇦
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Canada is alright 😐🇨🇦
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I love Canada🥰🇨🇦
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1 y
For those wondering about the anti Asian sentiment present in Canada. www.globalcitizen.org/.../

Not to mention that most Canadians aren’t repentant over the Japanese-Canadian internment.

As for the anti Christian sentiment how about the fact that Canuck cops are arresting pastors?
1 y
Also, I’m not comparing USA and Canada. In fact I criticize Oregonians, Bostonians and New Yorkers for the same reasons I criticize Canada.
11 mo
Not that long ago, a Canadian police officer brutalized an Asian woman who was reportedly having a mental breakdown. Aside from it being another case of a goon acting tough behind a badge it’s also another example of anti Asian sentiment in Canada. Now where is the Canadian outrage calling for this Canadian police officer to be held accountable?
What’s your honest opinion on Canada🇨🇦?
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