Play 'This or That or That' Game #4?

Play This or That or That Game #4?
Play This or That or That Game #4?
Just a game I made up a while ago. This one has an added element... a third item. So choose one of the three you most prefer, relate to, or describes you best.
I'm not trying to crack your brain... but I am upping the difficulty here.

Small, medium, large
Scrambled, sunny side up, poached
Rice, corn, potatoes
Dog food, cat food, stinky cheese
Instagram, GAG, Tik Tok
Classical, contemporary, futuristic
Commercial, residential, nautical
Paris, London, Florence
City, town, country
Road trip, airplane destination, boat ride
Driver, passenger, backseat driver
Rainforest, desert, glacier
Fire, water, snow
Rap, rock, electronica
Black, white, red
Husky, Golden Retriever, Pomeranian
Bark, bite, howl
Fat cat, fat duck, fat fuck
Sunrise, sunset, full moon
Bright, dark, cozy
Sand, field of wildflowers, manicured green/turf/lawn
Camping, fishing, hiking
Earth, wind, fire
Transparent, translucent, opaque
Granite, travertine, obsidian
Pottery-making, fossil-hunting, gold-panning
Lion, witch, wardrobe
Sleep, hike, team sport
Good, bad, ugly
Sensible, playful, creative
Heaven, hell, Earth
Biology, geology, chemistry
Age, race, gender
Risk-taker, risk-adverse, strategizer
Easy, difficult, impossible?
Organized, disorganized, chaotic
Hands, feet, ass
Intellect, hard work, sex appeal
Flirty, reserved, suspicious
Introspective, gregarious, flirty
Friend, enemy, lover
Hangry, impatient, fickle
Talkative, shy, silent
Empathy, apathy, self-preservation
Vanity, envy, anger
Lust, laziness, gluttony
Loved, lonely, listless
Active, anxious, sedentary
Righteous, indignant, resignation
Stress, loneliness, depression
I'm fine, I will be okay, I'm not okay
Wink, smile, laugh
Body, mind, soul
Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Which was the most difficult to answer and why?

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Play 'This or That or That' Game #4?
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