Does the current vaccine mandate in the US violates bodily autonomy?

I would say it doesn't because it's not like someone is going to come into your house and inject you with the vaccine. Now I know you're going to ask why don't people just get the vaccine if they are effective? The problem is that if you don't get vaccinated, it is easier for the virus to infect you and that give it more opportunities to mutate into a form that the vaccine is less effective against. So while the current vaccine mandate doesn't force people to get the vaccine, it does limit how much those who don't get it participate in society (and thus contract the virus) so it's a good middle ground that satisfies both parties; no one is forced to get the vaccine but they also don't make the vaccine obsolete. And given that a lot of the people who are opposing the vaccine said that "if the vulnerable are afraid of the virus they can just stay home", well if they're afraid of the vaccine then they 'can'' do the same; and these COVID down-players will get a taste of their interpretation of "American freedom".Oh oh, you're using a video about vaccines made by a liberal you partisan hack!

OK here's one made by someone on the right explaining why getting vaccines isn't just a personal choice:
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Does the current vaccine mandate in the US violates bodily autonomy?
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