Are you a nice person?

I watch comments here where people say the most outrageous in human things about other human beings, sometimes about their opposite gender. Its scary just how much we appear to dislike each other.
Although we're dating some say to find love, we subject our partners to silly tests and conditions that of the roles we're reversed we wouldn't like.
The term alpha in modern society seems to mean inflicting harsh conditions on the weaker counter parts, instead of them enduring the trials to lead the pack to 'salvation'.
I'm a little confused as the world to me feels back to front.
What was considered bad, rude, inconsiderate and anti social seems to be prevalent whilst what was considered considerate, kind, caring, honourable and respectful is all wrong.

No ones expecting people to be subservient and remember to mind their p's and q's, just to be mindful of others.

Have an understanding that life on the world isn't an insular journey, and harmony is needed so we can all coexist.
Are you a nice person?
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