How is iran , terrorist or peacefull?

For real it makes me really upset when i realize there are so many anti iran propaganda in here
So here im going to talk about iran and answer some of your questions
And before we start sorry about my bad English
How is iran , terrorist or peacefull?
First iran is the oldest county in the world and the name of the country was iran (land of aryan ) is the oldest name of the country ever , i think the name iran used for 7000 years now (oldest name of country that remains until know )

The safety

Iran is incredibly safe that many iranian don't even see it necessary to lock their home or cars (except for very big cities )
The trip to iran is very cheap and cool , people here are incredibly welcoming for any tourists if you don't believe me search it on youtube and see your self what youtube travelers says

Woman and hejab
About hejab see for urself
How is iran , terrorist or peacefull?
How is iran , terrorist or peacefull?
And ps this may surprise you in iran inequality heavily favors woman , imagine a society that thinks about men traditionally and about woman liberal , the result would be men has all the responsibility and woman has all the rights , yes that is iran , in iran woman have lifetime insurance without working and laws says a men (husband , father , or even grandfather ) should pays the woman even if she has a job , on the other hand men should spend 2 years of free military service to gain the right that all woman have without it , and then that men who just serve the best days of his life expected to pay everything for the woman (one of the reason im a mgtow) siriously If i was American i would not go mgtow and make a family , im a familyguy
How is iran , terrorist or peacefull?
Se for yourself its
This is bigi gender inequality index
How is iran , terrorist or peacefull?
As you see iran is highly unequal the way that favors woman
And about the terrorist thing , isis was terrorists , alqaede was terrorist , saddam was terrorist , ottamen was terrorist u know what they all have in common? They all attacked iran
Anyway i will be more then happy to answers ur questionsHop to someday u visit iran
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The link of inequality index
bigi. genderequality. info/
How is iran , terrorist or peacefull?
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