Will Trump finally go to jail?


It should be a rhetorical question, but unfortunately, it isn't. Trump deserves to go to jail. If he doesn't, it will basically prove that any president – whatever the party he/she belongs to – can just do whatever the fuck he/she wants, including inciting and supporting a coup, without fearing any consequences.

More importantly, it will prove that partisan politics and hatred against democrats prevail over dispassionate, objective justice. The United States will truly become a joke, making no pretense of being a fair democracy.

Want to prove that Trump is innocent? Go ahead. Beat the justice at its own game. Gather solid, tangible evidence and make your case bulletproof. Prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he is innocent. If you can't do that... i'm so sorry, but hearsay, conspiracy theories; and your feelings about Cheeto Mussolini aren't admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Will Trump finally go to jail?
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Update with some rules:

1. You don't know (or pretend not to know) which laws Trump broke and how? Research it.

2. You think democrats have commited crimes and should be in jail? Great! Gather credible proof and prove it before a court of law. It's a separate issue.

3. You think democrats have nothing and are using justice as a weapon for political revenge? Fine. Prove it beyond doubt. Prove that they are operating beyond the boundaries of the law, without cause.
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Will Trump finally go to jail?
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