Why are women generally more supportive of the “trans” ideology when movement is actually harming real women?

For the record I do believe gender dsyphoria is a real mental condition but it’s exceedingly rare. I believe most gender confused people nowadays are suffering from unrelated issues and are embracing gender dsyphoria as an extremely dangerous prognosis.

Anyway it’s no secret than women are generally more liberal then men because they make decisions based on emotions vs. logic.

However what I don’t understand is why women tend to be more supportive of a movement that:

  • allows biological men into women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and shows.
  • that tells teen girls they might be “non-binary” and gives them testosterone or worse performs surgeries causing irreversible damage to their bodies.
  • allows biological men to compete in women’s sports giving them an insanely unfair advantage.
  • argues that teachers and counselors should be allowed to diagnose young children as being “trans” and is trying to remove parental rights (which is the most heinous of all)

Okay you are a liberal female and are most likely in support of “love is love” and gay marriage and all. But are you just afraid if you draw the line on what the trans movement is doing that will immediately make you bigoted and an outcast? Do you have to go along with EVERYthing that is considered “progressive” nowadays.

Do you know it’s possible to be supportive of gay rights yet against the trans ideology movement? From what I’ve seen the “T” is getting more and more out of place, combative and at odds in the LGBT acronym. It’s now ironically working against women’s rights and feminism.

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Some of the female responses below (I know a few might be “trans” women) are sadly proving my point.

Just for the record I believe in a free society where grown adults can make ADULT decisions. We try to protect children and teenagers from making stupid decisions that they will regret later. Some bad decisions kids make can impact them them for the rest of their lives (addictions, crime, underage sex, etc.). For the love of God how is a child getting a sex change an “exception” to that rule?
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Also just for the record I used the word GENERALLY when describing women’s political judgment and thought processes.

Also for those of you who say “oh this doesn’t impact you” oh it sure as hell does. I’m being pressured at work now to use preferred pronouns on email signature. That might seem like no big deal but in reality that is a method to identify who is woke and who isn’t. And wokesters have no reservation about discriminating against and canceling people who don’t agree with them.
Why are women generally more supportive of the “trans” ideology when movement is actually harming real women?
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