Anyone just felt different since the lockdowns?


I feel like ever since 2020, it’s almost like I’m just not living in the same world as most other people. My friends aren’t as close anymore. They just got really sensitive and fragile and it’s like you just can’t be yourself around those kinds of people. You’re walking on eggshells constantly, they’re trying to hurl insults at you, trying to get in your head… gaslighting you for just doing your thing.

And it’s like these same people seem to be completely obvious or even content, towards the world’s problems. It’s like what planet are you even living on anymore? There’s just no common ground.

It almost feels like you’re looking at your friends through a plane of glass now. You see them, you can even talk to them, but there’s no getting through to them. They’re in their own little world.

Anyone just felt different since the lockdowns?
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