What's wrong with being pale?

I've just noticed a lot of people seem concerned with looking pale; and this whole tanning sensation thing going on. Honestly, tanning makes a lot of people look orange, or like half a shade darker than what they are.

Then it increases the chance for skin cancer, has been related to skin cancer, and isn't a permanent remedy, so you have to keep spending money to do it at a shop, or time to do it outside.

I have an Asian friend who is pretty pale, and I think the skin tone is really beautiful.

It seems like such an odd thing for a lot of people to be worried about - like I can understand wanting big boobs, big hips, big muscles etc - because those things are related to things we are hard wired to be attracted to. Skin seems like such a small thing compared to everything else -

On the other hand, being dark skinned or having darker skin is something that is subtly viewed as being negative in society - so it would seem counter productive to darken yourself, not to mention the stereotypes that come with people who tan like your self absorbed, too concerned about your image, etc -

So I'm curious, what's wrong with being pale?
What's wrong with being pale?
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