How to deal with petty roommate drama?

I'm trying to stay above it all, I don't really socialize with them. I live with two girls and a guy.

The one girl is really catty, especially when her friends are around. Normally she is okay, but when her friends are around she becomes a really loud, whiny person. One time she freaked out because she had to replace toilet paper in the bathroom...apparently even though she lives there it's 'not her job'. This room-mate doesn't like the fact that I study in my room and even had her parents talk to me about it. Because apparently that is a problem :S

The other room-mate is really young, she's about 17. She is kinda whiny too, but she is mostly busy with her courses. However, she likes to invite people over for parties and then doesn't clean up. I know she is complaining about me to the other girl room-mate, even thought I mostly keep to myself. A few weeks ago she locked herself out and I didn't hear her knocking at the door or ringing the doorbell. I was cleaning and had the dishwasher and dryer and washer going at the same time. I was cleaning messes that she and her friends had left :S

The guy room-mate is inconsiderate, he takes out the smoke alarms, smokes in the garage in a smoke free condo and leaves his stuff around all the time.

I know I am not perfect myself, but I am just sick of all the drama. Like people are getting upset about the wrong things. Instead of getting mad about the smoke alarm or smoking in the condo, they are upset at me for keeping to myself. I am in my last year of college and my program is pretty heavy. I have a lot of school obligations as I am part of a fraternity. I also go on a lot of trips to conferences, and meet people at the school a lot to work on projects.

It's just becoming unbearable to live there, but I can't move out. IT's not an option as I am on a year long lease :( I didn't know these people before I moved...and I moved from another bad room-mate situation.

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I would find someone to take my place, but I have another 4 months of school and then I am done for good. So I am planning on just hoping to get by in the next 4 months, then finding another place. I will sublet my room. I'd hate to move tho, I have a lot of stuff and moving is hard. Especially since I have little money and would be doing most of the moving on my own :S
How to deal with petty roommate drama?
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