Boyfriend wants space after fight but said he doesn't want to break up.

So me and my recently new boyfriend (of a couple of weeks) have been fighting recently due to his work schedule. He doesn't call me when he says he will and has cancelled hanging out with me a couple of times.

- At first I was understanding, then it got to be too much and he was supposed to stay the night and texted me he couldn't because he was tired. I had been drinking that evening and told him after we had been talking/fighting for like 30 minutes to lose my number and that I was done. I didn't mean it at all and he knows that because we talked a little bit after. He said he would call/text me the next day.

- Next day came and no word from him, so I figured he was upset so I made him dinner (as an apology) and took it to his work only to find out he got off work early. I guessed that he was at a bar he normally goes to after work... and I was right. I went there and confronted him (probably not a good idea). He said he didn't contact me because he needed some space because our fight freaked him out. He explained that he hasn't been in a relationship for almost 2 years so he doesn't know what to say/think/act/etc. He also said that me showing up surprised him, but he understood that I was only trying to make things better with dinner and he appreciated it. He said that he likes me alot, he wants to be with me, he doesn't want to break up BUT he needs his space for a couple of days to cool down. He also told me to calm down and go out and enjoy myself and he would text/call me the next day.

- I am afraid that by me showing up to make things better actually made things worse and scared him even more. This happened on Sunday night (original fight happened Saturday night), and here it is Wednesday with no word from him... he never texted me like he said he would.

- I gave him all of Monday with no contact whatsoever. I texted him on Tuesday with a sweet text saying that I care about him and respect him which is why I'm giving him his space, and also that I missed him and that I hope we can talk about this soon. I sent another text Tuesday night asking to talk either that night or the next day. I sent another text Wednesday afternoon asking him about the space he needed and his expectations with it. I also said that if he needed more space to let me know and I would give it to him. Also I said that I don't consider this a break up and I still consider him to be my boyfriend and if either one of use changes our mind then I hope we can talk about it.

- My plan of action is to leave it be until he contacts me and hope for the best. Is that a good idea?

PS... We started this relationship very quickly and he also said that freaked him out as well, however HE was the one who introduced me as his girlfriend to his family/friends/coworkers/etc. He was the one who wanted to make it official. I am 24 years old and he is 29 years old... so he's not immature and I'm pretty sure he means what he says.

Guys are simple right? He doesn't want to break up?

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Late Wednesday night, I was woken up by a text from him. He was super drunk and stranded at a bar literally right down the road. So I picked him up and he stayed the night... we talked things out and he recognized how hard it was for me and if he needs space in the future he said he would keep in touch (but not alot). So things are great!

And for all of you guessing... he was freaked out because things went too fast.
Boyfriend wants space after fight but said he doesn't want to break up.
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