The Republican party is the home of real feminists now.

Real feminists do exist in the moderate left and the majority of the Republican party. The quintessential feminist is someone who...

The true story of why imperial Japan was so brutal and jingoistic during WWII

Japan, a true Jewel of the pacific. An island nation whose inhabitants have mysterious origins. An island nation that is nearly devoid...

Your comfort or their lives!

I don't really know if someone else rise this before, I don't know how your country is handling the pandemic But I looked around a...

Prepare to cry and wish you were a better person. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in what would make our first world lives even more...

LaVena Johnson's story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.

This story pisses me off and why I'll never join the Army, but let's get into it. LaVena and her family grew up in Missouri. She was...

Why I feel the term feminism has been ruined

I've grown up as what I thought was a feminist, I have been involved in volunteering with young women, working on their skills...

Why don't you support BLM?

Black people are CONSTATLY explaining what we mean by black lives matter, yet people still don't support it. Why is that? We say black...

What part of the constitution do democrats not understand?

The constitution says the President shall appoint a Supreme Court nominee and the Senate shall hear it. The President is President for...

What happens if the Democrats lose gay vote and 30% of the black vote?

A few new polls have come out suggesting that gay guys are now supporting Trump and another pole It’s showing that 30% of the black vote...

If gender is a social construct, why do people get surgery to look more like the "gender" they changed to?

This isn't really aimed at transgenders. But why do people say gender is a social construct? If you're a trans man, why do you have to...

How do I make $350 in 5 days?

I have a job but because of taxes I need $350 to be able to pay rent on the 1st so... only ways only. I was thinking about joining blood...

Why are femininity and masculinity controversial topics? Why are they hated?

First of all, there is no toxic masculinity nor femininity, only toxic people (you can try to change my mind on that if you want, I am...

Do you think all schools should have transgender toilets?

Do you think they should? Or are there bigger problems out there at the moment?

Does Ginsburg’s death block any chance the Dems have at cheating? Should Republicans hold the vote after Nov 3rd to boost voter turnout?

Trump stacked the lower courts with conservatives because Obama left hundreds of seats open. However with Ginsburg’s death should the...

If Trump can shrug off Blue States, can Blue States stop funding red states?

NY and California tax surpluses make up the majority of national funding. Red States make up the majority of budget loss. Alabama, Miss,...

Should GOP replace RBG, or adhere to their rules in 2016?

In 2016 the GOP demanded no one replace a dead SCOTUS because it was so close to the election. Now they have a chance to live up to...

OK guys, let's settle this to finally end the bullshit?

so i always hear people throwing political accusations around let's see how much of that is true on gag. pleas e pick which best...

If you only had two choices this year, who would you vote for and why?

this is a good time to sway those swings. give us your reasons

Should we legalize the death penalty for child predators?

Personally I think we should but If not, why not?

Are 'looks' a social construct?

If you remove health factors such as exercise (/diet), the food you eat and stuff I guess. If I really focus on it people look different...