Men, your mindset is encouraging female privilege!


Hey guys. So I was watching a very interesting video about 50 female privileges in society (still watching it) and one of them has caught my eye recently.

"A woman has the legal power to rape a man or underaged boy and sue him for child support."

Did you know this? I don’t know if you knew this, bu it's 100% true. The woman can also accuse YOU of raping her even if she's the one who did it.

I asked a question a few months back asking whether men can be raped by women, and most men said no. If you continue saying no, do you understand that you're encouraging this privilege to take place? A woman can randomly tie you up, rape you, get pregnant and sue you, and then get your money. Just like that.

I hope most of you are not okay with this, because most men don't take this idea seriously. It's like you're taking a blind eye towards the real issue here, and you're self-sabotaging as a result. If you want women to stop being so privileged in society, then why are you encouraging that exact thing to happen? Why are you telling society that women can't do anything like rape men, because "women are helpless creatures", but look at the consequences of that mindset.

Just wanted to share. I feel like wrongful beliefs over time can turn into very big issues that harms your rights over time.

Yes, feminists encourage female privilege, but so do you, in many ways.

Also the link of the video:

Men, your mindset is encouraging female privilege!
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  • Mystic_Nova
    I agree. Howevef, a better example is the concept of sex with a minor. As to why an older man having sex with a. young girl is seen as a bigger deal then the revered scerio.

    Look on any news video about a male student having sex with their female teacher. And what do you find in the comments? MEN wishing it was them and how they wished teachers like this were in their school. Or the experiment where a young girls and boy where taking fake wedding photos with the opposite sex. The people stopped and protected the girl from the fake adult groom, and men literally gave the boy a high five and the women where the ones to stop and ask wtf was going on.

    Men like to blame women for so much that's wrong in the justice system. When it was men who started it and continue it. Why do women get off easier brb in court? Because for years men believed women where to weak to commit such things and stupid ideas like that. And most judges, are men, makin these things possible for women to get away with.

    Same reason why male rape victims are more likley to come forward to a woman than a man. Because a good chunk of men dont even take male victims seriously! For many, its "why didn't you fight back?".
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    • Thanks for the MHO!

    • Well why didn't they fight back?

    • 6suejsjsj

      It makes no sense to blame men. They aren't one entity. Plenty of sexist women out their.

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  • MannMitAntworten
    I am aware of this and men can be raped by women. The theory that an “erection” equates willingness and climax is merely an autonomic response of the body whether willing or not. Most women who are raped experience getting “wet” and yes, climax. Which if going by the same metric of autonomic arousal that men experience with erection and climax would be no difference would women experiencing wetness and climax. Men being foolish enough to believe they can counter an erection during sexual assault if one day themselves are sexually assaulted - which is more commonly of the homosexual form, would equally mean that they are at the very least, “bisexual”. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The body reacts to sex as it is designed to regardless whether by desire or by force or even ‘form‘ of sexual activity.

    Both sexes are capable of raping/molesting the other sex and their own sex and have.
    Is this still revelant?
    • navyrobin

      This is probably the only sane response to my Take.

    • Thanks. Your my take encouraged a response from me as I know there does exist notion of men not being able to be raped. I did not touch upon the child support issue as a result of a rape but that is every bit true as well. Mary K. Letourneau being one example of an adult perpetrator upon a 14 year old who herself became pregnant as a result and this minor became liable for paternal support. Again, this is merely one example.

    • navyrobin

      Sociopaths take advantage of any benefit they have over others

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    I'm not suggesting that men don't encourage female privilege, but its not because of what you think. These men are raised by women, they go to school and are taught by women, if they want to have sex, if they want to have romantic love, if they want to reproduce, they have to obey women. Considering they are already well into their indoctrination at that point, its no wonder that many fall for this.

    Now I'm not saying this is acceptable, it isn't, it just means that its not really as much on them as your suggesting, at least in this regard. I would say however that it is on men (arguably more so), allowing women to behave poorly and mistreat them because they are willing to price themselves lower in order to get sex and affection. Many men will simp for a woman just so he can pretend like she loves him and that encourages this behavior. Or "orbiters", that is the guy who is friendzoned by a woman who keeps him around only to boost her own ego, that is something men are responsible for because they allow themselves to be used by women like that.

    Again, part of this is due to men not having strong male rolemodels (thanks to feminism), and its important for older men who have learned these lessons the hard way to educate younger men who may have not been taught these things and taught to have self respect or taught that women are human beings just like them and as such are just as self serving, self centered and cruel and manipulative as men can be (and in many cases more so (its hard for a woman to be a good person when no one holds her accountable for her actions and makes excuses for her when she does wrong so she never has to face the consequences of her actions or learn to grow up).

    But, in the end, regardless of who carries more of the blame, its only going to be rectified when men finally stand up to women and stop them from behaving this way.
    • "They have to obey women"? Since when only men who obey get sex?

    • navyrobin

      @ThisIsMyOpinion He meant that men have to follow the standards of women to be in relationships from them, but it's the same vice versa.

    • navyrobin

      I understand what you're saying, but a lack of strong male role models is not a part of feminism, it's mostly due to a long history of society being okay with men impregnating a woman and leaving her with a kid.

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  • triff
    Men have only recently started to admit that their female partner beats them It's the macho image Historically a husband was allowed to rape his wife a she had to provide sexual intercourse within a marriage as a point of law Unfortunately this ha not been a 2way street
    • navyrobin

      Imagine! They have just started admitting this, imagine what other horrors they've been hiding because of how society will judge them for it

    • triff

      Exactly my point I wouldn't know what to do in an abusive relationship I know I wouldn't want to hit back it's just not my nature

  • abc3643
    Be careful of the "documentaries" you watch.
    This one apparently from a MGTOW is to provoke shock and misogynistic hostility.

    The way you are interpreting it is like this:

    Did you know your parents can take your baby teeth from you, stick it under their pillows, and then this fairy will come and give them money... FOR YOUR TEETH!
    • 6suejsjsj

      Lol, just inform yourself.

    • abc3643

      @6suejsjsj I am informed. I have to be. It's my job. I get paid to be informed.

    • 6suejsjsj

      Try harder.

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  • Celtero
    Oh, I'm painfully aware that female privilege soley exists because of men.

    Men are desperate for sex and they see being a simp as a way to get it. They're blind to the fact that women can be just as sinister as men, and the only reason that doesn't play out more oten is because men are stronger and can easily fight off women.
    • navyrobin

      I guess, hence the whole "no simp September" thing.

      It's of course a good concept, but men don't have to be assholes to women for the sake of not being a simp... Just respect yourself, don't bend over for a woman's approval.. that's it

  • RolandCuthbert
    You should have cited the case. No one does because it is the State of Kansas.

    Upheld by the Kansas State Supreme Court;

    In 1993, at the age of 15, Seyer appealed this decision to the Kansas Supreme Court, arguing he should not be liable for these payments. He maintained that his babysitter (Hermesmann) took advantage of him sexually when he was too young to give consent.

    The Kansas Supreme Court ruled against him. The judgment stated that because Seyer initially consented to the sexual encounters and never told his parents what was happening, he was responsible for supporting the child.

    This court case set a precedent for male rape victims to make child-support payments. The financial needs of the children outweigh the court’s interest in deterring sexual crimes against male minors, even if statutory rape is the cause of conception.
    • mistixs

      Well I don't think a rapist (male OR female) should have custody over a child to begin with.

    • @mistixs Understood. I just wanted to cite actual cases of this.

  • Unit1
    I'm just glad this didn't happen to me or anybody i know.

    yes, there are evil women out there and there are evil men out there too. Our job is to detect them evildoers and avoid them *if possible*.
    • navyrobin

      It's crazy how people can’t even do that these days, like even the most amazing person can be the most horrible person

  • VanillaSalt
    Lmao... women control everything in life. Let’s be fair a mix of men and women isn't good for anyone. Outside a relationship like you said women can accuse men of rape and even without proof their removed from school, tried, and even if found innocent they usually lose their jobs, family and friends, and honor.

    When you as a man start looking understand this. Your expected to be 10 different kinds of shallow before you even approach them or 9/10 it’s a no. If you have these then it’s prob still a no. Men will fail an average of 20 times I believe the story I read said before getting chosen as her date... then the date. You pay. You act a gentleman. You do what she wants.

    Let’s say dating works great and you guys fit... now keep it going because after dating it comes to marriage or cohabitation. During this time the woman controls approximately 80% of the household finances most of which you made. Hopefully she keeps up her appearance and doesn’t turn off the sex. Because if you leave or stray there goes the marriage. Same if she does but the key difference is when it ends regardless majority of the time you will pay alimony... god forbid you had kids. Hope you don’t like them because mothers are twice as likely to get the kids in the divorce.

    After this your paying child support or alimony so your not fit to provide for the next relationship to try again.

    Female privilege don’t exist...
  • just_legit1998
    Finally, a woman who cares enough to say this! I wish society hears this as we're not quite there yet when it comes to gender equity. And just like men, women also have the power to harass and rape depending on the physical strength on both humans.
    • navyrobin

      I know this will sound mind blowing, but it's not women who deny this happening. For the most part, it seems like men are the ones criticizing and blaming men for being victims. You'll see some of them in this post.

    • I know, those men who claim themselves as alpha are the ones who advocate toxic masculinity!

  • ttnnkkrr
    there is a bit of a problem or short site here. it is physiological ly impossible to force an unwilling man to orgasm or ejaculate. the opposite is not true for a woman. in fact it is why vibrators were invented as forced female orgasm was used to treat hystaria at the turn of last century. i have actually challenged 2 separate partners to force me. men can resist it but most of never would even try
    • navyrobin

      100% false.

    • ttnnkkrr

      why do you say that?

    • navyrobin

      This is probably super rare but male rape victims can ejaculate if the female rapes him using viagra

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  • hellacray
    Alright the scenario you presented isn't very likely. Yes it could still happen, but women generally don't rape men.

    I mean for one men in general are stronger than women. And women aren't as horny as men since they lack the testosterone.

    And of course there are guys that's probably ok with it. Can't call it rape if he consents.
    • navyrobin

      Well yes I know, but there could be scenarios. I've heard of girls raping guys at gun point. You don't really need physical strength to force people to do stuff.

      I know there's a lot more to that, and maybe I just touched the surface, but I didn’t want to make it such a long take

    • hellacray

      Well I mean you're saying men's mindset is encouraging female privilege. First off I don't think what you're saying exists.

      And I wouldn't call women raping men a privilege... Especially when there's way more cases of men raping women than the other way around.

    • navyrobin

      I think you should re reas the Take

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  • db684
    I've seen that video before. He makes some good points. But some are a reach. Some feminists act like all men have some amazing life. We really don't. We're way more likely to be killed for a number of reasons and get longer prison sentences for starters. Men do have some advantages sure, but its not like women don't either.
    • navyrobin

      So did you read the Take?

    • db684

      Yes. But I wasn't sure if you were for real or not. So I just gave my take.

    • navyrobin

      Why would I not be for real?

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  • Anpu23
    I'm well aware of this, I've even written about this The reality of female on male rape
    But certain groups have fought hard to keep the status quo.
  • John_Doesnt
    This shit doesn't happen very often, if it ever happens at all. I doubt that some youtube loser would ever be touched by a woman.
    • navyrobin

      How do you know? This shit isn't talked about very often, true, but that doesn’t mean it does not happen frequently. You just don't hear about it because people don't yet understand how this can happen to a man by a woman

    • I know because people on the Internet make things up all the time.

    • navyrobin

      How would you know when it’s true and when it’s fake?

  • IAMNathanael
    This seems like such an underrated take but It should've been obvious. Of course that can happen to men. Doesn't happen as often but it's still a problem. Good mytake
  • Don-_-Don
    I agree with the issues in the video, but I don't see how this makes me, (Don-_-Don) encourage female privilege.
    • navyrobin

      Did you actually read the Take?

    • Don-_-Don

      Yes, I did and I'm not turning a blind eye to anything that I see as wrong. Nor do I think it's okay for women to rape men or any of that moral wrong crap.

    • Don-_-Don

      Like what? You think all of us men are for this stuff?

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  • JSmith925
    She can sue him for support but it would have to be from prison.

    An underage boy cannot be considered to consent and so it would be rape in the eyes of the law.

    As far as raping a man, it would be rare that she could do so by force unless she used a weapon, which would also constitute a crime.

    Besides, most men are all too willing and worry about pregnancy later.

  • Sparda20xx
    I didn't know some of this. I remember reading a sign when I was in grad school that said "Jill and Jack were drunk and hooked up. The next day Jill filed rape charges because she was drunk." But if they were both drunk technically she raped him too. Smh
  • Msgaïj
    Thanks. Sincerely. With womens like you we can build a good society
    • navyrobin

      A lot of women have this mindset. Men often are the ones who shame other men for being victims. I know women do it too, but far less

  • RickPen
    I have often spoke out of my experiences in many of these topics. It's largely ignored. People will believe what they want, and it's unfortunate.
  • grega239
    This has actually happened. A babysitter raped a 12 year old, got pregnant , didn't go to jail and was granted child support.
    Women can also steal sperm and get away with it.
    So much for rape culture...

    Yes a lot of men encourage female privilege because we are told to do so from a young age. Chivalry and all that. Men are told to be chivalrous towards women. Kneeling in proposal also comes to mind and " women and children first"
  • emmily2396
    That is why I believe men should have the right to abort thei parental rights and obligations during the first 3 months of the pregnancy. It's simply unfair for the woman to have the right to give up on the baby and the man to have to pay for whatever she chooses to do with her body.
  • t-8900
    their are a lot of men who know about this but we are silenced by feminists and the courts who profit at our expense. There is a reason that MGTOW, MRA, and Incels exist. Different reasons for each by the way and I hate when Incels are mixed in with MGTOW and MRA. Both MGTOW and Incels can be in MRA but an Incel can't become a MGTOW because MGTOW is a choice and being an Incel is not.
  • cth96190
    That is one of the reasons why males should refuse to have anything to do with females.
    Feminists have made it too legally and financially dangerous to be in the same room as a woman.
    When a false allegation is made, few men can offer evidence that something did not happen.
    Do not date women.
    Do not even speak to them, unless it cannot be avoided.
    • navyrobin

      Lol... you’re seriously traumatized

  • cj623
    Its all just designed to destroy the family stucture... truth be told a bitch needs to be slapped at least once in her life. Im talking like getting out of line w ur child type of shit
  • jadspop
    I'm all for wemons privileges... But equil rights means being treated equilly. And I think a lot of wemon don't get that cuz they see what men have and they don't... Witch I'll also add that that lost is getting smaller all the time... But they don't look at what they have them men don't and just complain... Some even take it to the extream saying that those privileges they DO have are empowering and if you try to lvl the field or take away there advantage it's sexist... I'm not saying that wemon are like that as a whole... But I know there are some like that...

    They want the benefits of being equil and keep there privileges over men... I think most don't see it that way... But it's worse for the one that c that and still continue to act that way...

    Anyway... I guess that's all I have to say... I'm sure I'll think of more later that I'll wish I had added
    • navyrobin

      Did you read the actual Take?

    • jadspop

      I didn't get to watch the video. But yes. It's about how wemon can get away with rape and even make him pay for her deed. Witch is appalling on multiple levels. My reply was just how I feel about some wemon not wanting the actual accountability that they claim to seek.

  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    First, women can't get child support from a guy that raped them everywhere in the world. So countries have laws to prevent that from happening.

    Second, yes a girl can try to charge the guy that she raped as the rapist, but considering that less than 21% of rape accusations end in convictions and 80 something % of rape victims are women I don't see that happening.

    Thrid, good luck for the average women to just tie up the average guy. And get the luck to get pregnant ON THE FIRST TRY.

    It can happen depending on where you live? Yes it can. Still it's so rare even where it can happen that I don't concern myself to much with it.
    • navyrobin

      Yeah you make some valid points. I didn’t really make it a longer Take because I didn’t want to be so detailed (I'm too impatient 😂). But I hope you understood my point.

    • That sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot? Sadly we do.

    • 6suejsjsj

      The stats are obviously not correct I mean shouldn't that be obvious?

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  • She can’t rape an under age boy. How many hot teacher trials have there been? Stop being influenced so easily.
    • navyrobin

      You thought you did something there?

    • OddBeMe

      Women don’t have the right to rape young boys.

    • navyrobin

      You think anybody in the world has “the right” to rape?

      Your ignorance is seeping through the cracks.

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  • hahahmm
    That’s why there’s a movement of men who are against misandry. But yea, there’s a lot of simps, cucks, white knights out there!

    Keep preaching.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Please mention the fucking country you are talking about. Austria and germany has laws that protect perpetrator, namely "Täterschutz", instead of the victims. Rapists only get 6 months -2 years jail time in a fucking hotel room looking jail. If any man do not like the so called female priviliges, they can fuck off to muslim countries where they can get their priviliges. I can't stand this victim mentality of mgtow boys here on gag.
    • Nilanjan

      Wtf is taterschutz

    • Protection for perpetrators

    • Nilanjan

      I mean please elaborate it why anybody wants to protect perpetrators

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  • Daniel3035
    Well as a lawyer these things wouldn't be rape in the eyes of the law while I can see what you are saying though from an evidentiary standpoint.
    I don't know how though our mindset is causing it or encouraging it can you explain like in an example?
    • Daniel3035

      If this is the case there will just be this giant gap of men not speaking to women because of fear I mean this only ends one way millennials the most single generation.

    • navyrobin

      Stop saying you’re a lawyer please. A lawyer is not this uneducated.

    • Daniel3035

      Funny because I am a lawyer so the fact you call me uneducated when in fact I'm not says a lot about you doesn't it?
      PS here's some education for you in law rape doesn't exist for men.

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  • DWornock
    I read about the statutory rape of a 14-year-old-boy that was ordered to pay child support. The reasoning of the court was that the boy had consented to sex. Can you even imagine that a court would rule that a 14-year-old-girl could give consent to sex with a man in his 30s? Obviously, 100% of the time the courts will rule that she is a child and unable to give consent.
  • startingfitness
    Yes the simps who promote it are the biggest part of the problem.
    • Yup. You ever go on a date with a chick and tell her no, that chick is yours for life. Simps don't get it and never will. You can't be too eager, interested, or giving. Regardless of what women and society say, women want a man that can protect them, they want men that will make them be better people, frankly most women want a father that they can fuck (contrary to what most women claim that men want). There's a reason that over time men have developed to be the things that we've become. It's easy to become jaded towards what the animal kingdom calls sneaky males, but there's no reason to. Those guys end up getting rewarded with sex a couple times a month for the rest of their lives with one or two women; whereas guys that don't put up with the shit, well those guys fuck as much as they want. And if they're not banging a woman or multiple women, it's because they really don't want to. We give women way too much credit when it comes to having the power to sexually select, when the reality is that men are either a bobby pin or a lock picking kit. You get to choose. If you want better from women, demand better from them.

    • navyrobin

      @DeltaCharlieEcho To be honest, women also are and should continue being encouraged to not put up with men’s shit. We as human beings just have to do what we feel is best regardless of what approval or disapproval we get. It’s not just men. This mindset of “men going their own way and not listening to women at all ever” will not make you happy in the end. You have to honor and respect the people you love, whether they’re men or women, but of course have boundaries for yourself and assert them when necessary. It’s called being a decent human being. But rebellion and going the opposite way of everything women tell you to do is actually quite immature, not something evolutionary beneficial. Women often choose good people— good men. NOT simps, NOT “soyboys” and not white knights. Just self respecting men who understand the rules of society and follow them. Basic rules to be a decent human being. You don’t have to rebel completely and act like womens words mean nothing. That’s like feminism in it’s reversed, male version form. We don’t need more of that toxicity.

    • You're out of your league. This is an area I've spent over a decade researching, I know without doubt, that what I've said it's true. We are living in a giant shit test and society is failing it

  • Snakeyes7
    Your blame on men for this makes no sense. What makes you think that men as a whole wanted this? The court case was hermesmann v dryer. This case was decided by just one moron who was too big of a simp to let her (Hermesmann, the babysitter who raped the young boy Seyer) take any punishment for it. I personally blame our gynocentric culture for this.
  • postaldudePL123
    Like women pray they don't want to be raped.

    Similarly men pray they don't want to be accused of false rape allegation.

    So both gender are insecure about it.

    But you gotta agree women have plenty of legal advantages over men.
  • Tedee18
    Why a "cis man".

    A man is a man.

    The title suppose to say a "man".
  • JesseCraft07
    That's genuinely scary, never thought about that. Hopefully the legal system gets improved so that can't happen. Bad people in the world smh. Great MyTake
  • insatiable_curiosity
    You’ve brought up interesting points, but the information in the video is skewed and the logic is flawed. I watched the posted video, and it presents an alt-right perspective of the world via gross generalizations and oversimplified blanket statements that misrepresent the facts through sound bytes that allow others to accept what is said, turn their minds off, and stop being responsible consumers of information or practicing critical thinking upon the information presented. Small claims need small proof, and large claims need large proof. Thus, what does the evidence demonstrate with regard to the topics mentioned. Unlike what the video tries to cast as being reality, the evidence supports that the claims are mostly unsubstantiated but stated as being factual without evidence to support it.

    For example, the video mentioned that women bring rape/sexual assault charges against men without evidence and with the respective man being tried in the court of public opinion.
    • While it’s true that there are some falsely accused men, the data demonstrates that many rape/sexual assaults are underreported and without charges or disciplinary action involved. The number of men that are falsely accused of such things is minimal in comparison to the sheer number of instances of rape/sexual assaults that women encounter.

      Simply, I’m not trying to tell you what to think, but I’d urgent your to be a responsible consumer of information and critical thinker.

      As a white male, I will (statistically) earn
      more than a white woman for the same work, with a greater disparity existing between how much I make and the true wages of minority women.

      Keep thinking for yourself, with skepticism and the pursuit of truth, and allow genuine evidence to support your conclusions rather than what sounds/feels right.

  • zeitgeist057
    I don't take this "100% true" issue of women raping men seriously because while what you say might technically be true, the incidence of it being an issue in our culture is extremely low.
    On the other hand, the issue of men raping women, is extremely HIGH and deserving of attention.
    If I had dozens of my male friends throughout the years crying to me about how they had been raped at some point or other, I would be more inclined to support your sentiments.
    But it has been the opposite, with literally dozens of female friends, lovers, and family members reporting to me the multiple instances in which they were raped by men.
    • navyrobin

      How do you know if there are not many more males who've been raped, but the difference being that they just don't talk about it, because they know that society will not take them seriously?

    • I don't really know, what you say is remotely plausible, but EXTREMELY unlikely.
      Just like I don't KNOW that women are all secretly aliens who drug me and when I am unconscious take off their human skins and prance around in their reptilian underthings.
      It's just not something I have witnessed. I have, as inferred, had dozens of females relate to me instances of being raped. I have had a plethora of intimate conversations with men of various demographics and NOT A SINGLE ONE has reported, inferred, or confessed to being raped by a woman. I am aware of men being raped by other men, but not by women. (not saying men aren't raped by women, since they are. Just that it is not common. Internet search reveals: "Rape of males. A CDC study found that, in the US, 1 in 71 men had been raped or suffered an attempt within their lifetime. The same study found that approximately 1 in 21 or 4.8% men in a survey had been made to penetrate someone else, usually an intimate partner or acquaintance.") <- although the study does not specify the gender of the rapist, so that is men raped by both males and females.

      So, again, regarding more men raped than women. Just highly unlikely. Just like the alien reptilian women thing. Not that either one is impossible, they are just not something I have had even the remotest evidence of in my life.

      I also don't agree that society wouldn't take them seriously. I just saw a report of a female teacher in Australia who molested her underage male student who reported it and that was taken very seriously.

    • Another result from same search: "90% of adult rape victims are female..." which again was my original point: females being raped is a much more common and therefore more prevalent concern to me.

      Not that ANYONE should be raped, or that the discussion should even be about the gender of the rapist/victim. Rape is wrong, no matter who is doing it and to whom. I mean, if I found out that 90% of adopted dogs were being tortured and 10% of adopted cats... and I had $100 to donate to either helping cats or dogs, I would donate to the dogs. But really if I could donate $100 to helping abused animals, that's the best choice.

  • Kaneki05
    Yup aka why i didn't report it didn't want her saying well he did it to me.
    Women 100% have way more privileges than men in my eyes.
    • navyrobin

      Well, there's a lot more to it than just that. There's a whole other side of the coin and I can easily argue other ways men are benefited in society over women, but that is another topic.

    • Kaneki05

      Oh i am not denying men have lots too. But in my eyes i see women having more than men recently. Would 100% be men had more privileges if we went back to when women were burnt for been witches. But Right now? And things i've experienced i would say women have more privileges. But of course you could say personally in your eyes it's the other-way around still but we don't have the exact stats to really factually say which is true so kinda subjective.

  • Brian___1731
    Cuz men tend to be stoic and don't argue or complain much. Playing a victim card is not the common mentality for men. We tend to be responsible cuz in the end we are providers and protectors of family and if we complain all the time it would make society chaotic. But sure there are some men's rights activists whose arguments do make sense but we usually ignore those cuz we don't want to get involved in all this mess, we'd rather focus on our goals or how to get a good job cuz in the end life must keep going. But the fact that a woman can ruin my job, my respect and hardwork that I've earned with my blood sweat and tears with a false rape case against me does scare me sometimes
    • navyrobin

      This is not a question. Did you read the actual take)

    • Oh, my bad. But it's still it's my reply to these problems and why we act as we do

  • Smegskull
    Depends wherw you live. In several countries the definition of rape includes the phrase "forceful penetration" which women don't have the bodily organs to do.
    • navyrobin

      Penetration is not necessarily how you imagine it... Objects exist.

    • Smegskull

      Yep and murder is also assault but this topic is about the disparity in minimum pass criteria not technical capacity.

    • navyrobin

      It can still happen and it does.

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  • Chill_Meta
    Yes, I've known this for a while. There's a case of a female teacher who had sex with a 15 year old student, got pregnant, and took the boy to court for child support. I don't believe he was even 17 before all of that played out. His parents (dad) had to pay it until he turned 18 at which point it would be transferred over to him legally.

    Which i think is absurb especially given the fact she should be in jail for statutory rape/ sex with a minor. But obviously, the male is on the hook regardless of the conditions. I'm not sure the length of time one serves or should serve for any of these sentences. That kid would be well and grown if the court systems and rulings were fair and equal across the board and she wouldn't have beem able to sue a minor for child support.

    To top it off, that's not the only case i know of where this has happened and it's just sad.
  • YHL6965
    Agree. Without convictions and self-respect, men are only encouraging others to use them as door mats.
  • tiajoka
    Whoever said men can’t get rapped is a piece of shit. Men are victims too, and need to be heard.
  • AlexUnleashed
    Feminism is dead, right? All the good men are running away minding their business.
  • Josephx760
    I don't think you're correct, the standards and cultural values in America is more the problem , take domestic violence for example if a man so much as slaps a women sirens go off and he's of to jail even if she was charging at him we assume the female is always the helpless victim,.. first off women are very capable creatures agile strong and can cause just as much damage to a man. And as a victim of domestic assault by my ex wife being her lifting me off my feet and choking me because I was trying to encourage her to seek counseling in dealing with the loss of her father, i can tell you anytime I've told people that i had to punch her arms to get free they assumed I started the assault and that it was just a piece of a long series of abuse even though that was the only time I ever touched her in a hurtful way to defend my life.. all cause I am a man and even with me being 135 lbs and her being 330 lbs our perception of genders abilities is totally wrong.
  • genericname85
    if it's not "a law afforded to certain group of people but not to others", it's not a privilege.
    • as it stands, women have rights that men don't have but not vice versa. so men aren't privileged but women are.

  • NotKrispy
    One thing is like... How do you defend yourself with that when it comes to legal proceedings. For instance if a girl puts a roofie in your drink and you wake up getting ridden by some girl tired up to a bed. I mean it's obvious that's rape. But say you were to get free of her restraints and apprehend her. Do you call the police and tell them that you woke up with a girl raping you? How would they respond? I bet the girl when the cops arrive could fake cry and act scared as if she was the one who was so violently sexually assaulted as opposed to the guy. You think the guy would be arrested before the woman so that cops can "Sort" everything out? It's kinda like one of those situations where crazy white ladies call the cops on black guys when they don't get there way...
    • navyrobin

      Yeah exactly. It's like embedded in our culture so it's a very difficult thing to get rid of. No matter what, ultimately the mind is inclined to believe that a "weak, delicate" girl will be the victim in the end, rather than a supposedly "strong, macho" dude.

  • soleil6997
    True to a large extent. Not everywhere, not done by everyone - but certainly a thing that exists - entirely unfair, and emotionally damaging
  • mrgspoter
    Yes but is that the childs folt and is it legal to leave that child with that type of female if she did that