Gentlewomen Need To Step Up! Being A Gentleman Should Be Considered Sexist In Today's Society Unless Women Are Held To Similar Standards


Gentlewomen need to step up! Being a gentleman should be considered sexist in today's society unless women are held to similar standards.

In general I think the idea that a man should be a gentleman is sexist. The idea of being a gentleman was established a long time ago when sexism was at a hierarchy and women weren't really viewed as equals.

Today's society expects men to do all the driving, open the door for his girl, plan romantic dates, get her flowers and chocolates, give insane high school promposals, and even the idea that a man has to do the proposing is sexist. Why can't a women decide she wants to be courageous and ask a man to marry her? Can she not handle rejection or something?

In general I would love it if a girl bought me flowers or took me out on a date. I'm all for equal rights but I believe we need to stop the stereotype that men need to be in charge of everything in relationships. Nothing would be better to me then if I could find myself a nice young gentlewomen.Men in general need to treat women well in an relationship but sometimes with all this stuff I just feel like you expect to much from us.

Can you please give us a bit of a break? Were not perfect!

Gentlewomen Need To Step Up! Being A Gentleman Should Be Considered Sexist In Today's Society Unless Women Are Held To Similar Standards
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Yes, very good take - I don't know the correct word but I would scrap gentleman and gentlewoman expectations just behave with gentleperson attributes. I would love to see an era where social interplay roles were not clearly defined and a person can do something if they feel like it (within reason of course) but the obvious things are what you mentioned a guy asking someone out, looking after a girl, flowers and chocolate etc. Why can't this be mutual, all it really is when it comes down to it is showing each other consideration which is one of the basic tenets of any relationship.
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  • thewanderingme
    your idea of a gentleman is false. it isn't about being a pushover and always being the one to plan everything and the sole romancer. it's about being respectful and gentle with your woman. and yes women can do this with their men too. stop thinking of it as a one sided thing.

    also, being a gentleman isn't just about how men treat the women in their lives, but how they behave overall. being poised. dressing neat. using good manners and good social etiquette, etc
    • I get what your saying. I'm saying their is nothing wrong with it. But women it shouldn't be expected for the man to pay when a couple goes out to eat. Last time I checked both sexes make similar salary's. In order for our culture to grow as a whole this gender biased stereotype needs to be dropped.

    • ok. you're arguing over nothing. like I said you're confused as to what it means to be a gentleman.

    • Its not my view that's society's view