Debunking Feminism: 5 Privileges Women Experience Over Men

Women are clearly the more privileged sex.
Women are clearly the more privileged sex.

From dominating the social welfare network and receiving the most government handouts to the biased divorce courts, alimony, and draconian child support laws, women have it pretty good in Western society. There are few, if any, privileges that men are afforded over women while the list of privileges that women are afforded over men is almost unlimited. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that the entire state revolves around the welfare of women. If I could sum up feminism in a single sentence, it would be the fact that women are now entitled to all of the traditional benefits and privileges of femininity without absolutely any of the traditional responsibilities or obligations whatsoever. Below is a list of five female privileges that, while in no way comprehensive, is a good starting point for understanding the position of privilege that women occupy in society.

#5) Small Privileges in Everyday Life

Women enjoy a broad variety of small privileges on a daily basis.
Women enjoy a broad variety of small privileges on a daily basis.

In high school, gym class included both genders. The last person to finish our warmup run had to go an extra lap, and it was expected that whenever that person was a female, one of the males would purposely trail behind her so that she did not have to run the extra lap. Not only was the coach aware of this, but he expected it from us and spoke openly of it in class.

Compiling a comprehensive list of female privileges would honestly be impossible. But suffice to say, women are afforded a broad variety of small privileges in everyday life that are often ignored. Nobody really speaks about these privileges, but they are certainly there, and I honestly wonder if women are even aware of their existence. In high school, for example, our gym class was integrated. That meant that both genders participated in all physical activities together. Our warmup always included a brisk run around the field, and the last person to finish was required to run an extra lap. Whenever this person looked as if it were going to be a female, a random male student was expected to purposely trail behind her so that she did not have to run the extra lap. Not only was the coach aware of this, but he expected it from us and spoke openly of it as a matter of chivalry and honor. Similarly women often have doors held open for them and are able to get out of speeding tickets for their beauty.

The state exists solely for the benefit of women.
The state exists solely for the benefit of women.

In my household growing up it was common to hear statements like "leave the new pack of cookies for mom and the girls. The guys can eat the old one." Or to be told to be nice to our sister because she was a girl and therefore entitled to special treatment. Other examples in society include being chosen to come to the front of the line, never being denied entrance into any club, and receiving special treatment in the workplace. The latter is one that I find especially troubling because while feminists like to bitch and moan about their imaginary wage gap, it is taken as an unspoken rule that as one of the only males in the workplace, I am always the one expected to gather shopping carts, lift heavy items, and perform the most physically demanding tasks while female employees almost always avoid ever having to do them except when a male is not around.

#4) Always Having a Social Life

Women will never truly understand what it means to be alone.
Women will never truly understand what it means to be alone.

Wording this one was difficult because neither phrasing quite communicates my point, but women will never truly understand what it means to be alone. From always being approached by random men on an almost everyday basis to being granted exclusive access into the hottest nightclubs and parties, women can always find something to do. There will never be a moment in a woman's life when she cannot find somewhere to be or have something fun to do. Even an activity as simple as being bored at the mall together with a few of her friends is more than a large portion of the male population is able to do on a regular basis. Women will never truly understand what it means to be alone, to literally have nowhere to be and feel like their very existence is a nuisance upon the world.

Instagram models have the easiest life imaginable.
Instagram models have the easiest life imaginable.

Even a stupid, basic post about liking tacos or pizza will probably receive more likes than one of the few great "prince" moments in a man's life like graduating college or serving in the military.

Being a young, nonfat female is the easiest life imaginable. If you do not believe me, then just examine the lives of any Instagram model. These women are literally famous for the sake of being famous, having contributed nothing useful to society whatsoever. Their entire life consists of partying, going to the gym, and shopping. Never will these girls have to work. Never will they have to encounter any sort of responsibility. They are given exclusive access into the finest nightclubs as are almost all women, and given free hotel rooms, designer products, and concert tickets for no reason other than the fact that their posts garner a lot of likes. Granted, while this is still a little bit over the top even by female standards, the point still stands that women are given a much easier time in life and will never truly understand what it means to be alone. The only thing a female needs to do in order to feel like a celebrity is start her own Instagram page and share some revealing photos. Women will always receive more likes than men. Women will never have to be alone. Even a stupid, basic post about liking tacos or pizza will probably receive more likes than one of the few great "Prince" moments in a man's life like graduating college or serving in the military.

#3) Not Having to Work For a Living because Men will Pay

Women can make a living off of selling their panties.
Women can make a living off of selling their panties.

Women do not need to work because there is always a man willing to pay for everything. In many cases, women do not even need to sleep with this man let alone date him. There are always beta orbiters willing to pay and receive nothing in return.

Make no mistake about it, women do not need to work for a living. Rather, women choose to work for a living while others use work simply to supplement their living off of men. I am not referring to the massive welfare state that is built upon male tax dollars nor am I referring to the fact that men are expected to pay for the first date, although each of these are good examples in themselves. I am referring to the fact that women do not need to work for a living because there is always a man willing to pay for them. In many instances, women do not even need to sleep with these men alone date them or send nudes, although it does sometimes help. There are always beta orbiters around willing to foot the bill for women while expecting to receive absolutely nothing in return. If a woman wants anything at all from help with her bills to a new designer handbag, the only thing she realistically needs to do is approach the orbiters in her life and ask them to buy it, and sure enough, she will receive exactly what she wants from these men while not having to give anything in return.

Theoretically a nonfat, college aged woman does not have to work a day in her life.
Theoretically a nonfat, college aged woman does not have to work a day in her life.

Similarly women can make a living off selling their used panties and being camera girls. If a woman really wants to supplement her income, she only needs to become more sexual. Theoretically a nonfat, college aged woman does not have to work a single day in her life. While not all of them are lucky enough to be able to live in luxury like certain Instagram models, the majority of them would at least be able to have all of their bills covered until they reach the age of 30. No woman is truly in danger of going hungry, becoming homeless, or not being able to pay their bills. While not all women may choose to resort to this option, the point still stands that there are always men out there in the world willing to spend their money on women and receive nothing in return.

#2) Being Able to Make Money Off of Their Bodies

Women always have the option to become strippers or prostitutes.
Women always have the option to become strippers or prostitutes.

Sex work is a virtual goldmine exclusive only to women. Whereas young men like myself have to work miserable, minimum wage jobs just to get by, a young, nonfat woman can make more money in a single hour as a stripper or prostitute than I can make in a single week.

Perhaps the greatest privilege of all, women are afforded the privilege of being able to make money off of their bodies. Though similar to my previous point, it needs to be acknowledged that sex work is a virtual goldmine exclusive only to women. Should a woman choose to become a prostitute or stripper, she can make more money in a single hour than I can make in a single week at a lousy minimum wage job. Whereas young men like me have to work these terrible jobs just to get by, young women always have the option to resort to sex work as long as they are not fat. I wish that I had the option of being able to make thousands of dollars off of my body for doing nothing more than taking my clothes off or having sex. Hell, the majority of these women do not even need to become actual strippers or prostitutes. They can become camera girls for a fee, charge money for nude photos, and be phone sex operators. There are professional dominatrixes who are literally paid to financially dominate their clients without ever even having to meet or speak with them apart from messages.

#1) Being Able to Have Sex Whenever They Want

Debunking Feminism: 5 Privileges Women Experience Over Men

Some call it Bateman's Principle while others refer to it as the Elliot Rodger Dilemma, but regardless of what we decide to call it, women are capable of having sex whenever they want. In fact, the only reason they are able to make money off of their bodies is because men cannot have sex whenever they want and therefore have to pay when they are desperate. But women will never be desperate. Never will a woman be in danger of dying a virgin. Never will there be a shortage of men willing to have sex with her. If a woman wants to have sex, all she literally has to do is approach any man in any public venue, ask if he wants to have it, and sure enough, more than a few of them will say yes. On the other hand, having sex as a man is much more difficult. Only the top percentile of males are capable of having sex whenever they want while the vast majority of us either have to pay or fight an uphill battle in order to have it the regular way.

Women talk about being lonely, but the truth of the matter is that they will never understand what it truly means to be lonely. Being lonely as a woman means having to choose from an endless supply of average males because you could not have the perfect prince of your dreams. Being lonely as a man means being afraid that you will die alone as a virgin, and knowing that this is a very rational and plausible fear. Women will never understand what it means to be a virginal autistic loser whose greatest moral dilemma in life is trying to reconcile his white nationalism with his inevitable mail order bride from Asia.

A lot of women are going to deny this point and get angry, but look at it this way: how many of you have that dorky coworker who has a crush on you? The loser classmate who asked you out last week? The male friend whom you know has feelings for you that you do not reciprocate? Chances are if every woman thought hard enough, she could recall at least a few males in her life who would be more than willing to have sex and/or start a relationship with her if she consented. Women are never in danger of dying alone or not being able to have sex. Women are simply extremely picky. The average male would do absolutely anything to be able to have a basic, average woman while the absolute losers would even do anything to be able to have a fat, unattractive woman. When I really think about the future as an aging, 22 year old male, the thought occurs to me that there is a very real and plausible chance that I will die alone as a virgin, or else otherwise have to resort to a mail order bride from Russia or Eastern Europe (since I am not attracted to Asians). Women, on the other hand, will never have to experience this same sort of fear, nor will they understand what it means to be sexually frustrated or to have to pay for sex when it is always available to them.

In conclusion...

Male privilege actually does exist, but it pales in comparison to female privilege, and women are stupid for thinking that it applies to all males. The truth of the matter is that only the top percentile of males benefit from what I like to call a jock culture that enables irresponsible - and often illegal - behavior such as sexual assault, not having to work or serve in the military, and getting away with things that other members of society would get in serious trouble for. It is only a small, top percentile of males who are able to have sex whenever they want whereas the vast majority of women and even overweight ones can have sex whenever they want. The jock culture does not benefit males as a whole but only the top percentile, those whose rich daddies can buy them into and out of everything, who benefit from social prestige and status, have never been rejected. If anyone is to blame for this culture, it is women themselves for becoming groupies to these men and allowing them to indulge in such behavior. The only reason these guys believe that it is appropriate to masturbate in front of women, engage in sexual behavior without explicit consent, and not take no for an answer is because their groupie whores told them that it was acceptable.

The only privilege I was ever afforded as a man was being legally obligated to sign up for selective service in order to obtain my driver's license should there ever be another draft.

Debunking Feminism: 5 Privileges Women Experience Over Men
Debunking Feminism: 5 Privileges Women Experience Over Men
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Most Helpful Girls

  • lumos

    1. The lap thing is not really a privilege. As a woman you're automatically viewed as weak, dainty, and incompetent. Personally I'd prefer a gym teacher that expects me to perform and pushes me to do so, rather than one who thinks I can't do it and therefore would rather have a boy do it for me. It's a gross way of thinking and in no way something I'd take as a compliment. And boo fucking hoo about the cookie thing. I'd rather have a stale cookie than be groped by a stranger in the street.

    2. Always having a social life? Are you forreal? As if women can't be lonely/depressed/isolated too? Get fucking real and stop being so self-centered, god. I know tons of women who have felt isolated and lonely. I have suffered from depression before and I contemplated killing myself because I felt so alone. So fuck that. Fuck all of what you wrote there. I have also been approached by a man like twice in my entire life and the second time it was a guy who tried following me home at 3 am. So I don't understand where this notion comes from that literally every single girl has a queue of men wanting to pamper her and take her out. That's just not true nor realistic. That would have to mean that all men would be queueing for several girls at once. And who the hell even has time for that? Such bullshit. I also don't give a shit about "hot clubs" and I've been to one once in my life. The reason why some girls get in for free is JUST to attract more customers, because where the girls go, a group of desperate guys will go too. Also not a very flattering system, neither for girls or guys.

    3. No man is paying for me, nor do I have a single man who WANTS to pay everything for me. I make my own fucking money. End of. I've not heard of a single woman my age who doesn't have to make her own money.

    4. Sex work isn't a privilege. It's often something some women get into because they have exhausted all other options and have no other choice but to become (for instance) a stripper or sex worker. The few who CHOOSE it are in the tiny minority. So no, not a privilege to have men view you as meat that they can pay for.

    5. Just because a random guy in the street *might* want to bone me, it doesn't mean I want to bone him just for the sake of having sex. It also doesn't mean the sex would be good or satisfying for me. For guys it might be enough to go in and out a couple of times but for girls it's more work. So fuck "easy" sex. I want GOOD sex.

    What a dumb take. Full offense.

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    • Your offended are you. Good your obviously guilty of them all.

    • MlleCake

      @stevenjohnson "you're"

    • lumos

      @MlleCake 💀💀💀💀 omfg

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  • MlleCake

    You know, some of the things you mention are basically the products of a system of patriarchy which men and women are upholding.

    And I don't think being able to make money as sex workers is much of a privilege.

    Ultimately, it doesn't sound like you have much experience talking to feminists about what we are really looking to change in the world.

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    • Leafpool2

      lmao for real though

    • frontyer

      You know, if you can actually point out WHAT he mentioned that is a product of "the patriarchy" and how it is so I would actually consider your comment serious.

      I see it as a huge privelige to work as a sex worker and make millions of it. Its not like you're forced to it. Some are, and that needs to stop. But pornstars and escorts do it all willingly.

      Theyre also paid hundereds times more then men. SEXISIM MUCH?

      I think most people are fed up with the bullshit feminists manage to force on to us via all sorts of channels on a daily basis.

    • TheUglyMan

      @frontyer you asking for too much she just does what most feminists do. Throw out blanket statements indirectly blaming men and trying to form an illusion of female victimhood

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Most Helpful Guys

  • dantetheexplorer

    The Asker is talking about Instagram models, women getting out of tickets with their beauty, and women having the "privilege" of being a stripper/sex worker, the latter which he considers, in his own words "the greatest privilege of all."

    Because of course, women everywhere are Instagram models. Why, you can walk down the streets and you know that all the women on the streets are Instagram models, including all the women who take subways to work, all the women who get shit money working as waitressing jobs, all the women who have to work two or even three jobs just to make ends meet. Yeah, all these women are idiots because they can be working as Instagram models instead.

    Women are also out there in droves getting out of tickets with their beauty, and MALE Police officers are so stupid that of course they can't resist and have no principles and accept bribes in the way of... BOOBS. Our Asker here really thinks so lowly of male police officers - men who have chosen to wear the badge and protect our cities.

    And yeah, you heard that right, the Asker says the greatest privilege a woman can have is being able to use her body for sex work. THAT's the greatest privilege a woman can have.

    You know what?
    It's really great that men like the Asker so freely want to share their opinions on how women are so privileged.

    It's really, really great.
    Why, you may ask?
    Because they're delighted to be holding huge, honking red warning signs over their heads as a warning sign for women to stay the hell away.

    It's much easier for women to find partners and spouses when they can immediately weed out the weak and ill men from the herd.

    It's evolutionary selection working as it should be.

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  • madhatters4

    the fact that there are privileges women have doesn't debunk feminism. every demographic on earth experiences privileges it doesn't mean they also aren't oppressed in areas

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    • naijagurl

      Well said

    • ThisAndThat

      @naijagurl You're full of crap.

    • ThisAndThat

      You're full of crap indeed Mr. White night.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • ladsin

    Lol this seems to be very focused on one particular issue XD

  • Dinorider

    Holy dandelion fluff, Batman. Of ALL the genuine privileges women have in life, THESE are the ones you chose to write about? Are you kidding me?

    5) Women are afforded small privileges? Great. So are men. I hold doors open for men and women, all the damn time. This is common courtesy. Your little story about your gym class? You can't use that as evidence of privilege, just because your gym teacher had his head up his ass. That NEVER happened to us. In fact, I was subject to misogyny in more than one class in high school. Also, never got out of anything because I'm a chick.

    4) God, before I met my partner, I NEVER had people to go out with. I always struggled to find people to even go to a movie with. I really don't see why you think girls have this so easy. We don't.

    3) Wut. I mean seriously... Wut. Why did no one tell me I didn't have to work? You mean to say, I have been busting my ass, along with my partner, to pay my rent, and my bills, when I could have been sitting on my ass, having guys pay for everything? I'm honestly upset no one told me. Wait... Oh right, that's because that's not a thing and we need two wages to pay our bills. Idiot.

    2) Ok, I mean, you kind of have a point here, but making money in the adult industry is hardly glamorous. Women are degraded, taken advantage of, and mistreated in this industry constantly. It's hardly a first choice for most women.

    1) Sure, it's not hard to find a guy to have sex with. I mean, you run the risk of being murdered if he's some random, and then you get labelled as a whore/slut if anyone ever finds out. But hey, yeah it's easier to have shit, unsatisfying sex. Great.

    Now, you could have said:
    5) Alimony in the US.
    4) Easier to get custody of kids.
    3) Waaayy more paid parental leave.
    2) Getting away with spousal abuse/domestic violence. (On the flip side, you're more likely to die of spousal abuse as a woman).
    1) Getting more choice in fashion. We can wear mens clothes, but not vice versa.
    Or countless others, and I would have been on board.
    Seriously dude. Wtf.

    • Actually you have some inaccuracies here. One, women are not more likely to be murdered, in fact almost all violent crime victims are male so if you go out with a random guy you actually have an insanely low probability of having something bad happen to you (well physically). It is true that she will more likely be labeled a slut or what have you however in that you are correct. As for women being more likely to die from spousal abuse that is also incorrect, in fact we know statistically women are far more likely to use a weapon then a man is. The only reason why its claimed women are more likely to die from spousal abuse is because they are less likely to die from literally everything else comparative to men which is how this is usually concluded i. e. she is more likely to die from spousal abuse because men are 80% of all violent crime victims and the more violent the crime the more likely it is that the victim is male (so over 90% of all murders),

    • more likely to die in the workplace (97% of all workplace accidents and deaths are male), etc. so for men homicide by spouse is the tiniest portion of deaths while for women who are almost never murdered, almost never die due to workplace accidents, almost never die in combat etc. it is inevitable that domestic violence would be the most common form of unnatural death for women (in fact men are even more likely to die from a shark attack then women, more likely to be struck by lightning etc). This also ignores the fact that women are rarely ever sentenced for crimes and when they are its usually a reduced sentence (women are rarely convicted of crimes, for instance Andrea Yeats killed her 8 children, she was not viewed as a murderer but more like a victim, another woman killed her 5 and 3 year old children and she was put in a mental hospital, meanwhile a man did killed his family and even shot himself and he was not given such luxurious treatement.).

    • Though I do agree their where better points to make then what he presented. Also I think the sex thing is more along the lines that women are given preferential treatment in this regard while men are forced to fight a rather uphill battle when it comes to sex and relationships in general (I would agree that prostitution is not much of a privilege but again, its still an option for a woman to do that a man cannot, to out earn men who have degrees and are busting their ass while they only have to have casual sex (its rather frustrating to see a woman posting a picture of their ass online and knowing that she probably makes more money doing that then I do working 40 hours a week).

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  • weasley8

    All of the things that you listed are because of men. Also, they're mostly insignificant, and have no bearing on someone's actual well being in life.

    Small Privileges in Everyday Life:
    The example that you gave in gym class was something that guys just did. No one asked for it. Also, it stems from the assumption that women are weak and incapable, which harms women more, as it prevents people from taking us seriously, and from hiring us. The same goes for the example with the cookies. As for speeding tickets, that's because of the perverted male officers who only view us as sexual objects. Again, we didn't ask for this, and it's detrimental to our daily lives. It's not a privilege, and it's actually harmful.

    Always Having a Social Life:
    Do you think that we just spend all of our time at the mall or clubs? We don't. Most of us actually prefer not to be approached by strangers. If we wanted to be around people, we could have organized that ourselves. On that note, men are also capable of making plans. It's called communicating, and it's very simple. As for your Instagram model argument, most women aren't Instagram models, and there are male Instagram models too. Neither of these are female privilege, because men are perfectly capable of doing them as well.

    Not Having to Work for a Living Because Men Will Pay:
    This point is just plain ridiculous. No woman I know has ever approached a man just to ask him to buy something for her. Also, even if she did, it would be his own choice to do so. That isn't a privilege. Everyone has free will.

    Being Able to Make Money Off of Their Bodies:
    The only reason that women make money off of this is that men pay. That's how business works. Also, there are male sex workers too. The only reason that there are more female sex workers is that again, we are viewed as sexual objects, rather than competent people. This makes it harder to get a regular job. Finally, many sex jobs are physically demanding, require significant effort to stay in shape, and in many cases they can be dangerous. This is not a privilege, because it's business, and again, the cause is harmful to our lives.

    Being Able to Have Sex Whenever They Want:
    No one is entitled to sex. Your statement implies that women should not be able to turn down sexual offers. Free will is not a privilege. It's a basic human right. Guys who have a problem with that are free to watch as much porn as they please.

    • weasley8

      I ran out of space, but I would also like to address the problematic image that you posted underneath the sex point. What do you mean by neglected, and what do you mean by bored? You're essentially implying that it is a woman's job to satisfy her partner, but men don't have the same obligation. Why is it her job to satisfy her partner, but he has no obligation to satisfy her? Bored and neglected mean the same thing. The only difference is that when you use the word neglected, you place the blame on someone else.

    • Female mentality: If a woman is to blame for something, then blame a man.

    • weasley8

      @stevenjohnson None of the things that he listed were caused by women. I could rephrase every single one of them. Case and point:

      5. Men choose to do small things of their own free will that they think benefit us.
      They don't.

      4. Men choose not to make plans with friends.
      The writer apparently thinks that we should make the same decision, despite the fact that our social lives hurt nobody.

      3. Men choose to pay for things for women.
      Again, I have never seen this actually happen, but even if it did, men have free will.

      2. Men choose to pay for sex.

      1. Men choose to have sex.

      If you have an actual argument against any of my points, then please make it. Saying that it's typical female mentality proves nothing, because I've brought facts to the table, and you haven't.

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  • MikeAndMolly

    I'm a feminist, and I'd like to reply.

    1) What makes you believe that the privileges that you elaborate on are widespread and common among women? Do you think it might be possible that most women don't experience these privileges on a regular basis or benefit from them in any real way? What facts and statistics do you have to back up your claims?

    I've attended a lot of schools and worked a lot of different jobs with women and men in them. I don't see these patterns that you describe. I believe you when you tell your Gym Class anecdote, but I feel like men treating women as too fragile or weak to run an extra lap is a tad misogynistic and doesn't really benefit anyone in the end. Except maybe the men who got in an extra lap worth of exercise and a heap of praise from their male Gym Teacher.

    2) I'm sorry your dad made you eat stale cookies. He shouldn't have done that.

    3) I'd love to see some evidence to back up the claim that no woman ever needs to experience loneliness. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, women experience depression at a rate of about 20-26%, twice the rate of depression in men. I personally think that if I was surrounded by people who saw me as a valueless sex object, I'd be lonelier than when I'm hanging out with just two or three really good friends.

    4) A study by the Center for Disease Control done in 2010 found that 1 in 5 women will experience a rape or attempted rape in their lifetime. Most of these women are between the ages of 12 and 34. That's not including the frequency and prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in a study in 2016 that over 25% of women will experience sexual harassment in the workplace.

    5) On bias in the courts: In most states, a man who asks for custody is guaranteed half custody unless it can be proven that he is a threat to the safety of his children. The burden (financially and otherwise) of proving this falls entirely upon women. Men end up with less than half custody during divorce for one simple reason: They don't ask for it.

    6) Finally, on violence against men: Women who hit or abuse men are guilty of assault and should be persecuted. Women should be required to sign up for Selective Service. Women who grope men without permission should be arrested and face charges. These are all feminist beliefs. Equality means equality. Empowerment means responsibility.

  • Repa33

    I would respond to all these false claims and gross exaggerations but it would be a few paragraphs so

    • ... So you don't have shit, okay then.

    • Don't waste your brain cells on someone who doesn't have that many.

    • Aiko_E_Lara

      Sure they are false and gross exaggerations.

      Except for the laws, punishment men get, statistical facts (suicide rate, divorce rate and homelessness) and news.

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  • MermaidMotel

    Wow... I must be fat and ugly as fuck. Maybe that's why I'm not experiencing any of these "privileges". Time to hit the gym, I guess. I'm missing out on all the privledge..😂🤣

    • melodysong

      lol that's exactly what i was thinking

  • ashleyb93

    I agree that a lot of women have privileges that men do not have. But men have privileges women do not. That's just par for the course seeing as men and women are so different. Its a result of the old viewpoint of women being weaker and less capable which isn't always the case. I would say holding doors open for people, giving up seats on the bus and things of that nature come from politeness not so much being a woman. I hold doors open for men and other women all the time and give will my seat up to the elderly. I've never encountered anything like the gym class story but if I had it would anger me a lot and I would refuse to run. That's just ridiculous. Now when it comes to money I agree it is much easier for a woman to get by financially without working. But this too comes at a price. It's harder for women to obtain high paying jobs.. especially without a college degree. Jobs that are high paying are usually jobs that require physical strength and stamina.. which men naturally have more of. Also, fields predominately occupied by women (nursing, teaching, hospitality etc.) Pay less. So it kinda evens out when we use our bodies for money. The only reason we have the ability to do so is because men value us for our bodies and little else. Same goes for why women get more likes and have better luck socially than men do. It all circles back to the behavior of men. If you want us to be treated the same as you men need to stop treating us as like helpless objects and more like people.

    • ashleyb93

      As for priveldges men have over women a few include, better paying jobs in average, not having to worry about what you're wearing or where you are in fear of sexual harassment and assult, not having to bear the physical burden of pregnancy and childbirth, proper representation in media, less restrictive beauty standards, the ability to be outspoken and assertive without negative connotations, not having to deal with menstrual cycles. Obviously not all of these can be helped but they're privileges none the less. Men and women are different so it's only normal we have different problems and advantages.

    • Benedek38

      "I would say holding doors open for people, giving up seats on the bus and things of that nature come from politeness not so much being a woman."
      Ok, then when will a woman give me her place on a train or a bus? Or are men not entitled to politeness?

      "It's harder for women to obtain high paying jobs.. especially without a college degree."
      Sorry, what?
      1) It has been shows that women in high paying positions earn more than their male counterparts.
      2) As opposed to men who GET high paying jobs without a degree?

      "Jobs that are high paying are usually jobs that require physical strength and stamina."
      Oh yeah. Can't forget all those jacked managers at Google lifting briefcases all day and hitting keys on a keyboard... Surely a woman can't do that!

      If you are referring to physical jobs - a construction worker earns under a month what a stripper or a whore gets on a single night.

    • Benedek38

      "fields predominately occupied by women (nursing, teaching, hospitality etc.) Pay less. "
      Well, who told you to be a nurse? Literally anyone can be a nurse, it's useless. It's not men's fault women are not selecting useful degrees, or working hard enough to get good, high paying jobs. The difference between a doctor and a nurse is dedication.

      "So it kinda evens out when we use our bodies for money." no it doesn't. Even the uglies woman can become a hooker and make as much as the most successful managers in downtown New York just by getting fucked. If you call that even, I'm sorry, but you are wrong.

      "The only reason we have the ability to do so is because men value us for our bodies and little else."
      Yes. That's called gynocentrism, a social value system that feminists adamantly deny existing. This is what many men, including me, stand to dismantle one day, since feminists seemingly aren't interested in real equality.

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  • mydogdoestricks

    I could easily counter every point you’ve raised with a reason why it is absurd, or more the fault of your testosterone brethren. For example, your gym coach wanted the guys to be chivalrous, so you were doing what HE expected of you. How is this the girls fault? We may play the game, but it was a man who made the rules. Aside from your coach having some old fashioned values, he was probably instrumental in getting a few guys laid, since many of the girls probably thought that the guys willing to do this were sweet and thoughtful. I’m guessing you’re not one of the ones who ran that extra lap.
    As far as your selective service goes, I doubt you’ll ever be called up, after all, there are plenty of women in our armed forces now, that are willing and happy to serve for those of you who wish to sit it out. Many of these women are even attractive, young and nonfat, which seems to be a thing for you. Here’s a little hint, a woman doesn’t need to be young or nonfat to be attractive. What does nonfat even mean? And who judges this. I have had guys tell me I needed to get “a bit more cushion for the pushin” and I’ve had others say I had child bearing hips or should rethink my diet. Still, I will agree, I’ve never had an issue getting laid if I wanted it, although with age, I’ve realized I don’t really want the physical orgasm as much as the emotional one of being with someone that truly cares. More often than not, that feeling isn’t going to come from the elite jock class you speak of, but from the average joe in the next cubicle who is so sweet and willing to run that extra mile for you (get what I’m saying here? Or more to the point what you’re coach was saying?)
    I’m not going into the sex worker field, you aren’t wrong that it’s an option, but there’s male strippers and escorts too. Maybe you consider yourself unattractive and ergo unable to do this work, but there’s a lot to be said for guys with a rockin body, a modicum of confidence, and a nice smile. Any guy, if they try, can have those things. Being respectful and polite goes a long way as well.
    Lastly, I’d like to say, just because a woman doesn’t want to sleep with you, doesn’t mean she’s picky. It probably means she’s unable to form an emotional bond with you, and that’s something you should work on. Remember your emotional shortcomings aren’t her fault, and blaming her isn’t likely to get your V-Card punched.

  • lilaqua

    5. Is a massive thing to unpack, isn't true for all women, dependent on your situation. There's also male versions of these, eg. being automatically more respected in the workplace, not being forced to de-sexualise yourself for the 'benefit' of others, boys in our brother school could get away with a lot more behaviour wise, stuff that we'd get suspended for they'd merely get a slap on the wrist. The club thing isn't as much a privilege as is a means to get a 50/50 gender ratio within a club, it's only personally happened to me once though
    4. uhhh what? how can you in any way confirm this? I feel lonely constantly, have very few friends and am not particularly social. But I acknowledge like a man in a similar situation, it is my fault. I could actually make an effort but i'm lazy. The men around me actually have much bigger social networks and tend to be more social than the women I know.
    3. Do you really think this actually happens? Not once in my life have I ever been in a situation where a man was going to pay for me and my life. It's not exactly sustainable in this economy. Men aren't willing to just pay for your existence that's not how actual women's lives work.
    2. Wow prostitution is an option for us. It's also an option for you might I add but of course you're going to ignore that. Sex work is legitimate work like anything else, it's hard and I probably couldn't do it. You do know men make this possible for us, if it angers you so then stop going to strip clubs, watching porn and buying nudes.
    1. Ok so women can get sex whenever they want. But you fail to remember why we're generally so picky. Men can always get off, 100% of sex for them feels good and will result in an orgasm. We just can't. For a lot of us the prospect of sex is 45% ok 50% horrible and 5% great. I mean you can get sex too if you want. Grindr exists and I heard guys are less picky.

    • lilaqua

      As a woman that is 'not fat' as you say and not ugly I have not experienced any privileges in my life because i'm a woman. I actually get interest from the opposite sex less commonly than my boyfriend believe it or not,

    • englisc

      When men say that they don't see male privilege they're told that the reason they can't see it is because they're privileged, and that's apparently how it works. Maybe that's why you can't see your female privilege.

    • lilaqua

      @englisc sure, but it goes both ways. You can't see your own male privilege. You get it

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  • Lish89

    I can agree with some of your posts but also have a different perspective for you to look at. For centuries, women have had less rights then men and have worked hard to be able to do what they want to do. Birth control meant a women could choose when to has children and it wasn't expected for her to just be a mom and housewife. Next, women now could be doctors, lawyers etc. Next came welders, military etc. As men, you've always had the privilege in the career category. Women only did the house wife thing for centuries because that's all they were seen as.
    Second, you could work as a porn star, prostitute or stripper too. You'd also probably make more because your competition is lessened by the fact that your male and like you said it's a female dominated area. It's also an illegal and degrading way to earn money.
    Third, not all women are the same. Yes, some women milk their looks because they use what they have and their looks is all they have. I don't personally respect a woman who plays games, uses her looks to get her way, manipulates for financial gain or gold digs. But some
    Men also enable this behaviour. Like you said, a man will pay for a woman without any favors rewarded to him. So if those men would stop enabling stunning and beautiful women, this wouldn't be an option for women at all. So are we the problem? Or are we the consequence?
    I do see your points, but keep in mind, men have always been seen as the superior sex. They have always had freedom of choice where women haven't. Women also have babies, periods, breastfeeding, menopause etc and even things like having yearly Pap tests and mammograms that men don't have to worry about. We have our privileges but we definitely have our shit end of the stick too. Men can burb, fart and have a bowel movement (as we all do as human beings) but women have to hide things that are naturally built in our bodies because we get decreased sex appeal Marks if you show it.
    Society has made women feel that we have to look a certain way. They created make up, skin cream, fake nails, eyebrow waxing, bikini waxing, manicures, pedicures, high heels, tighter fitting clothing etc. Men have shoes, basic clothing, hair gel, shaving kit and if we're lucky they trim up the pubes. So maybe something to consider when making your takes about women privilege. Speaking as a woman, the only thing we have going is that we get multiple orgasms and you don't. Plus you pee standing up dude! 😂

    • nathanp97

      Women stayed at home because it was easier, and it was hard for both to work when most had big families. Birth control did give women more power, but it has never been balanced out for men. If a woman gets pregnant he has not say, and has to pay child support if he doesn't want it. In many states women can give a kid up for adoption after weeks of having it with no loss in income. Their are even cases where they gave the baby away even though the father wanted it. You say men have always had a choice, yet they never had the choice not to work and not to be a parent which many women have.

    • nathanp97

      You also mentioned men are the enablers, in some his examples, while I don't disagree one could say the same to your fashion standards examples. And many men don't really care about lots of the fashion stuff women do. It is mainly women pushing it towards other women. Most men don't care if you fart or burp, that is just women being agaisnt it. Most men think it is cute😂. + if anything women look done on men for doing it. Being seen as a superior sex in the past shouldn't play a role in women having more privilege in the present. Oh, and women can pee standing up; they have invented funnels to help them do it 😂😂. I'm not kidding

    • Lish89

      I agree whole heartedly and have actually gone into great detail about the fathers get totally screwed over. So I understand. But you say you don't have a choice. You can choose to use a condom or not have sex at all. You do make that choice to have sex, so you can't say a gun was pointed at you to have sex with a woman and got her pregnant. It's that kind of attitude that men get a bad name for being irresponsible.

  • So that's all it takes to debunk feminism?

    So yeah let's just throw female illiteracy, child marriage, female infanticide, wage gap, dowry violence, burkha ban/burkha enforcing, increasing sexual violebce out of the window because men are not getting laid. Excellent. You are the exact kind of people why this world still needs feminism.

    • Everything you just listed is being either ignored, downplayed or lied about by Feminists. And please don't put words in people's mouths. It's wrong.

    • lumos

      @ronaldo75 100% bullshit and you clearly do not pay attention to what feminists actually do, you only pay attention to clickbait headlines about manspreading because that's what people get all riled up about

    • Yes, we need feminism like we need World Wars and the Plague.

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  • ChloeInABun

    I agree there are many issues men face that absolutely need to be addressed and are overlooked, but women's privilege does not "pale in comparison" to men's. I am not from the West, so my experience is different, but I have been to the US many times and lived there for a year.

    5) I hold the door open for people and people do for me. This is expected of everyone if someone else is behind you. I know that was only one of multiple points, but I have never really seen the stereotype of a man holding a door open for one because they are a woman. The gym example I also ignore since individual examples are 100% meaningless in making a point. Women are often treated as inept at sports, and for every guy who might want to "help", there is another one smirking at you and thinking you should be in the kitchen. You say women are not aware of their privilege, but you seem completely unaware of the condescension they also face.

    In my culture there are certain areas where women are treated with more priority, but there are also many areas where it is the exact opposite. We must wear head-cover in a religious institution, and it's considered rude if you do not walk behind men. I know this isn't so applicable to the US, but this forum is not only for Americans.

    4) Women are not admitted into nightclubs for their beauty on a regular basis. Maybe one in a hundred, or a thousand. Being approached more often than we approach others is not a social privilege for the same reason being targeted by bullies is not a social privilege. You receive attention, but it's often creepy and they are not someone you would ever want to speak to or be around, but they follow you. Additionally, any charismatic man would not agree with you here, because they have the confidence and awareness to be social. That is an internal decision to be confident, not external. It is unfortunate, but not anyone's fault than your own if you are lonely.

    3) Here this is different, but I know well that there are most places in the West that are expensive enough now where women absolutely have to work too. Women who choose the coasting lifestyle are usually viewed the same way manchildren in their parent's basement are.

    2) Most women use this as a last resort because you sacrifice so much socially, and it's still hard work. Also, it was men in charge who stigmatised and banned brothels in the West in the first place because they didn't want women making too much money.

    1) Same point as 4.

  • madrddj101

    This is disgusting. The fact I have to carry a rape alarm and men don’t, the fact I have to worry about my career when I have a baby and men don’t, the fact that I get genuinely afraid of men looking at me in public and men don’t. All of those things are WAY more important than holding a damn door! The fact you’re trying to debunk a movement that supplied women with the right to vote and the right to their own voice is sickening. Do you just hate women? Do you not want them to be equal to you? Because that’s what it seems like to me.

    • ret04

      So your personal insecurities are more important than anything in the take?

    • madrddj101

      @ret04 what? It’s not about insecurities, thus proving my point. It’s being scared I might be raped!! You absolute fool.

    • Awww, poor you, you don't have to carry a rape alarm, you choose to and you are so entitled and full of bitterness. I suggest you don't go out the house if you feel this way.

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  • BrutallyHonest87

    Spot on

    I would like to see a list of male privileges though. Feminists like to mention male privileges but, can't list any.

    And I'll tell you why men earn more money:

    Drive and work ethic. Statistics have shown then men work harder, work longer hours, are more driven, fight harder, try harder, and work for more years.

    Men also have far less options for time off. A man cannot expect to take time off to be with his pregnant wife and find his job waiting when he comes back but, a pregnant woman can take a pregnancy leave and her job is required by law to be available to her when she's good and ready to come back. In addition, women can take a far longer period of maternity leave than men can take paternity leave.

    Men work more in our lives than women do in theirs. We typically start working at a younger age, and retire at an older age. And we're granted less time off.

    We're far more competitive in the work place. Men fight for the long game of their full career. Women fight for the right now.

    If all of these factors were equal, studies have shown then men are, on average, more productive. We stay on task better and get shit the fuck done. Men are also better at staying productive and finding work when there's no work to do. Even if we're just improving our work environment. Once again demonstrating that men plan for the long game and women don't.

    And don't give me any bullshit about blue-collar/physical/factory work. That's my line of work and there's no fucking money in it. In addition, women are given the easiest life possible in a blue-collar environment. Less is expected of them while men are expected to help the women in addition to doing our own work.

    In essence, a woman on the job in a factory is a fucking hindrance to everybody around her.

    And guess what, I've been at my job longer than the woman next to me. I'm better trained. I work fucking circles around her. On my worst day, I can more than double the productivity of her best day. She fucks up more than me. She doesn't catch her own mistakes but, I catch mine. I'm constantly babysitting her because it's expected of me, and then, I get bitched at by the boss when my productivity suffers. She's allowed additional break/rest times while I'm expected to give up my breaks and finish her tasks.


    Do you know why I have bigger checks? Because she works 40 hours a week, and I work no less than 50. SHE COMPLAINS ABOUT IT!

  • DevikaButts95

    You chose, almost exclusively, reasons that are dumb, some of which aren't even true. I literally opened this expecting to agree with you on mostly everything but the only one I'd give you on this list is "being able to make money off of our bodies"

    • Wolframium

      It's nice that you've writteny your reasons here though.

    • @Wolframium
      Yea I know I didn't really feel like taking the time to argue it. Like I said, I came in expecting to agree with him for the most part.

    • Wolframium

      OK, but do you know, your comment kind of fell on it's face, right?
      „You're wrong.“ Why? „I cannot be bothered to explain.“ Oo-oh. O-K. I guess.
      And by any chance this will go under your radar, in previous comment and in this one I implying my request for your reasons, arguments, etc.

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  • elizamichale2

    Wow quite a picture you painted
    Yes there can be small favours women can get like open doors, tickets etc but its not so much in other things as you said
    Women are often treated as weak and of some lesser beings
    And nobody pays women more than males honey
    If they can make money off their bodies its not so easy as you dont know what kind of male you are going to get on you plus how the society treats and looks a stripper let alone a prostitute

  • Benedek38

    Ok, first of all, the take is a bit whiny, and you drag some points too long, but I get it. We've all been there. In many aspects life as an average or over average looking woman with an average intelligence is basically a cakewalk. Playing on easy mode. An ex girlfriend of mine has been jumping from one relationship to another, and at this point can't even imagine what her life is like single. And then she bashes me for being depressed every once in a while...

    Anyway, my comment mostly goes out to MlleCake, who was so kind as to block me, being the wise feminist she is /sr/, so I wanted to address her points in my own comments. She will no doubt be a top comment as an influencer with a lot of manhating groupies.

    1) "some of the things you mention are basically the products of a system of patriarchy which men and women are upholding."
    If women and men equally hold this system up, and benefit from it, how does the feminist definition of patriarchy apply? For reference:
    "Patriarchal describes a general structure in which men have power over women. Society is the entirety of relations of a community. A patriarchal society consists of a male-dominated power structure throughout organized society and in individual relationships."
    If men and women equally contribute to and profit from patriarchy, then it ain't by men and for men, thus not a patriarchy.

    "And I don't think being able to make money as sex workers is much of a privilege."
    Of course you don't. And I don't think being male gives me privileges. But you would disagree, wouldn't you? The grass is always greener on the other side.

    "Ultimately, it doesn't sound like you have much experience talking to feminists about what we are really looking to change in the world. "
    He might not. I do. And feminists don't want to make the world a better place for everyone, that much is clear to me.

  • Angelina25

    This isn't even laughable coz half way through and I can't even read it coz it's so overwhelmingly offensive.
    Being able to make money by becoming prostitutes is in no way a privilege.
    Women cheat coz they're bored? And men cheat coz they're neglected. Wow. Legit seems like you're more of a woman hater than anything else.

  • ret04

    The saddest thing in this whole post which rings absolutely true, was the part about how the typical woman would receive more "likes" when she posts about eating pizza, than a man who posts about earning his degree. That's so true.

    People just aren't as interested in men as they are women, in a broad social sense. If you are a woman, you are by default have this Fonzie halo glowing around you. Unless you're a super attractive guy, you'll never experience the same.

  • Philyouup

    This is fucked up. You should have daughters, you’ll learn a thing or too. But you need to get woman to breed with you. This as misogynistic as it gets. Wow.

  • SkipStop

    100% We need more MRA's to break the misandry spreading around the world. And fire all the a$$hole judges in courts. Replace them with people who know how to think with their head and logic instead of feelings and fake ideologies. I heard that robots will replace judges soon. Then we will reach equality in certain areas.

  • 1. I can't control what people in YOUR gym class do nor I do care.

    2. I was severely bullied in high school and considered suicide because of it, but sure women always have social lives.

    3. I was expected to get a job at 16 but yeah sure.

    4. Male strippers dude.

    5. Have you never heard of prostitutes?

    I thought you were going to choose actual reasons like women almost always get the children in a custody battle because they're seen as maternal. Or that a lot of companies don't provide baby changing tables in men's bathrooms.

    • First of all, it's true that both genders can bet depressed. But do a little research on the percentage of male suicide compaired to female. Second of all the male stripper thing. Sure, a male stripper is a thing. But here's the thing, a male stripper will never get as much money as a female worker. The Japanese sex industry is shrinking because male actors decide not to choose that field because they make only 10% of what their female counterparts make.

    • @OracleLupus26 yes it's true males commit suicide more often than females. Never denied that. Men are told, frequently by other men, to surpress their emotions.
      And? I don't plan on throwing my money at a male stripper. Females are highly sexualized. I can't control that men willingly throw their money at them.

  • bente2

    So because women have 5 privileges in the western world we don’t need feminism? And its thoughts aren’t valuable? You’re thick.

    I can name you an equal amount of privileges men have, such as being able to walk alone at night and literally just live a life where thwy barely feel threatened. And if they do, it’s generally because of other men.. but sure, let’s keep blaming women for everything.

    • macnom

      Of course you can name an equal amount of privileges to being a man. Thats why we don't need equality any more. Also you mispelled women in your last sentence, it should be M E N

    • I can't just walk anywhere I want, men get robbed and murdered also.

    • InTimoreDei

      There she goes with the walking anywhere alone as a man myth. Lol
      They love bringing that one up yet men statistically cannot walk alone anywhere either due to being at risk of stabbings and robbery. I constantly am aware of my surroundings at night in a big city. I come home early to avoid being alone in certain areas.

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  • Wolframium

    OK, I have probably some confirmation bias, because you’ve just written here what I thought all the time. From what I saw in the world. I don’t agree with everything, like you say all women, I’d say like 99% of them. There are outliers everywhere. But other than that, I don’t have much to disagree with.
    Although… Women getting all the attention: that must suck sometimes, when you’re really not in the mood. Or, as you’ve mentioned, eastern (not central) Europe, Russia and probably other places as well, are dangerous for good looking women. They have way worse fate than just men’s life.
    OK, and I also don’t particularly agree with 3. I mean…I hope it’s not true. Sure, there are cases where it might be true, but for love of god, I hope guys have more sense than that…
    Number 4. Oh, I’d like to bash this over some girl’s heads. I would really like to do that.
    I say it all the time. Dating sites belong to women. There are always more men there, they can just…choose, don’t even have to bother answering… At that point, you are product in some eshop. Think about it. What’s the difference? Woman says you’re up, so…you go. There is no “no” in your world.
    Now, I’m about to read comments, mainly from women, because I really care what they think about this. I have idea (it’s all BS, women life is the most difficult etc.), but let’s see. I hope I’m wrong.
    In the end, I’d like to add that men probably have some privileges too. Although I haven’t found one yet. No, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it might influence my life, I just don’t know it’s a privilege to men only. And please, don’t get to me with that peeing standing up. Yeah, because that’s such a big advantage.
    Great article. Really. Again, probably my confirmation bias, but…it’s one of the best here. Against the current. Perfectly describing the feeling, I have. If you’re man, you don’t matter. If you’re woman…oh, boy. Does the society care…

  • CuChullan

    Try living your life as a normal, everyday woman and come back and tell us how these "privileges" actually worked out.
    Your take smacks of male bitterness.

    • ThisAndThat

      You smack as a total idiot. You'll wake up when you get the education.

    • CuChullan

      @ThisAndThat You're single, i wonder why :-)

    • ThisAndThat

      When you end up owned by the system or divorce court the answers will come to you.

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  • totallygeneric

    I'm genuinely confused as to why child support is such a big deal... Isn't it literally for supporting your child to give them the best life you can?

    • Pejtu

      because most ofthe fkn time this bitch is using this money to party , drink and buy stuff that she wants, and this is not for the kid

    • Philyouup

      @Pejtu Dude, get a new pair of glasses...

    • Yet men have no rights over their child.

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  • frontyer

    We can also list up:

    1. Get higher jail sentences for THE SAME crimes.
    2. Goes to jail in a much higher frequency then women.
    3. Always get blamed if a women accuses him of something.
    4. Men are ALWAYS the disposible sex. Were the one to enter the lifeboats at last, were the ones doing the dangerous work. Were the ones putting our lifes on the line for women.
    5. Basicaly no rights in family court. Divorce and family law is WRITTEN in favour in women. Which is extremely unfair. But no one cares.
    6. Men experience just the same amount of domestic abuse as women, yet its not even talked about.
    7. Much higher suicide rates, and theyre directly linked to the sexist family laws then so many men suffer from.

  • catinaonesie

    Contrary to most of the female commenters, I agree with you, most of these points are true (if not all). Definitely on the men's side to equality; the point of feminism is to get equal rights, but now that that is accomplished, women take feminism as a way of being more 'powerful' and have 'oh women are better than men and all men are rapists ect' attitude. SMH

    • madrddj101

      Women don’t have equal rights culturally. We may have political and economic rights, but we don’t have cultural rights. How come women are demonised more in the media then men? Remember nipple gate? Who got more hate? Janet or Justin? It was Janet even though it was Justin’s fault. Women are ridiculed, silenced when reporting on sexual abuse. even with this me too movement men are still calling it a war on men. That is misogyny. I am so sorry you don’t have the brain capacity to see that women don’t have equal rights culturally AND women don’t even have equal political and economic rights in countries other than the US. Shocker, feminism caters for women AROUND THE GLOBE.. the USA isn’t the only country in the world. If I were you, I delete this comment because it makes you look uneducated and quite naive, written to suck up to the loser males on this site

    • FakeName123

      "I am so sorry you don’t have the brain capacity to see that women don’t have equal rights culturally"

      Spoken like a true narcissist. Someone disagrees with you so he must lack in brain capacity. You know, did you ever consider you might be biased yourself and your own lack of empathy doesn't make you see the hardships that men face?

      No, I don't want a pity party, but I also hate people wallowing in said self-pity. So you might as well get out of your bubble and consider that you and your gender isn't the only one in the world facing hardships.

    • madrddj101

      @FakeName123 if you deny something that is so CLEAR it shows you are either naive or dumb. I may be a narcissist but at least I’m smart enoigh to read up about a movement and think women deserve the same rights as men. Now go back to your basement

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  • acooke-13

    This is the funniest bullshit I've ever read - so thank you for giving me and my work pals a good laugh whilst were bored at work. But in all seriousness, get some education on women and feminism and you may come up with a good write! Have a nice day now

  • Pejtu

    Its mostly all true , if u girl do not have any of these priveleges u are basically ugly as fuck and not even 1 dude wants to have anything to deal with your persona
    I've seen it countless times , and u can believe it or not its true that this stuff occurs

  • Leafpool2

    These are all either things men can also do or are just things you've seen a couple people do and assumed everyone does because you think your experiences are universal so you've debunked feminism as much as I've debunked the sky being blue

  • IHateBeingaMan

    it's hard to explain or put into words but women basically are either forced or automatically have no choice but to improve their social-skills, conversation-skills, from the moment they hit puberty, and I've heard that evolutionary speaking, women are naturally more social than men are, so because of that, women don't have to put forth as much effort as men do to improve their social lives and their ability to socialize, talk to people

  • archiz

    I just skimmed it through and it was enough to know how retarded the content is🤦🏿‍♀️
    Can't believe some people think lole that these days🙄

    • can't believe you gave bullshit back in answer.

    • archiz

      @stevenjohnson tell it to someone who cares about your opinion babe

    • The same goes, typical feminist response back.

  • GreatnessBack

    1. You sounds like a whiney boy
    2. No one has privilege, everyone dies... screaming!!!
    3. Women make people, with some help from men. In your case, a little help. lol

    Making people is pretty much a win. All I do is end people. :(

  • Trista31

    I haven't experienced any off these privileges. Why?😢

    • nathanp97

      Did you read the whole thing? He mentioned if your fat you don't get many of those privileges 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Guess that means you're fat😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Trista31

      @nathanp97 I'm not fat. So I don't no why?😢😢😢

    • Aiko_E_Lara

      Then you know what being a man feels like.

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  • Ellie-V

    Hmm... alrighty then 👀
    I ate a pizza even though I’m lactose intolerant... so I’ve been having bubble guts all day. And my mood has been shitty.
    But reading this made me laugh for the first time today, and I gladly appreciate it ☺️💕

  • msg812

    Women have suffered too much in the past. they were treated like they are animals or more worthless than animals. They have still a lot of problems but their situation is surely better than their previous situation but it seems some men can't stand they are better now and they want to have power over them like their ancestors have over women in the past.

    • White knight cuckold alert!

    • msg812

      @stevenjohnson l am Turkish and there is a Turkish proverb Its English translation is like that. "The one who knows us knows us, the one who doesn't know us know us like himself"

    • msg812

      Or "The one who knows us knows us, the one who doesn't know us know us like he knows himself"

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  • kreamykraemez

    #5 kinda tru #1 only for the attractive ones #2 men can to lol #4 that comic is very true but the dialogue is the individual's fault for not being more out there. But the comic in #4 is the biggest unfair privilege a woman has over a man and makes me sick in my stomach

  • passinby

    Great take, a lot of effort, a lot of truth. You nailed em all I think.

  • MayBlythe

    Feminism is cancer, but the points you made are generalizing WAY too much

  • Glue-Sniffer

    Guess it is time for me to kick back and do nothing since everything is handed to me 😂😂😂

  • Daniel3035

    I have never seen a more perfectly written piece of factual information about male life in my whole life. Bless you sir bless you finally someone who understands and sees what I see.

    • Daniel3035

      4 girls disliked this 😂 says it all.

    • ThisAndThat

      All you men that are awake on this thread, MGTOW is on fire and that message needs to be spread to other unfortunate men that stand a chance of falling victim to women. MGTOW, get the word out guys.

  • ATuairiscean

    I agree a bit with point 5 but the other 4.5 points are completely off the reservation, you are as bad as any feminazi you rant about - I only answered this for the extra five points

  • pitzi

    We also have a right to choose parenthood lol

    Hmm guys have done s*x work as well, but okay... nice take...

    • FakeName123

      Male sex workers barely earn a fraction of what female sex workers do.

      Obviously it's down to supply and demand, but especially in porn the gap is huge.

    • pitzi
  • --Vi--

    I would say that a few of your perspectives are a little biased from your own point of view.

    However, I think some feminists are also biased about what privileges they think men have.

    What I mean is that most of your points are about things that are also given to very handsome men. Just look at male pop stars like Justin Bieber.

    And let's not forget or mention the strange men who consider peacocking girls a game, and try to manipulate them with their word play tricks like push and pull method. Yes, I've seen their weird YouTube channels where they try to teach guys how to "mind control" girls. That stuff makes me sick!

    And sex work is definitely work! One of the most dangerous in the world! It also defeats the point of sex, and just makes it a job.

    • Rangers

      Sex work isn't work, it takes no skill or knowledge and it tempts sad people to look in the wrong places for self improvement. Yeah, I hope you get kidnapped while doing sex work, that's what you get!😂

    • --Vi--

      @Rangers it's easier to say that than do... Sex work is incredibly dangerous and life threatening, and anyone in the field deserve their high wages.

      I can name many dangers in the field, including sexual transmitted diseases, rape, violence, murder, kidnapping, and many more. It pays well, but has its downsides, as any job.

  • Pink2000

    This is the only time I wish there was a dislike button for shit like this.

  • Schrodingerscat

    5. In many households, it happens with men. I know of many households where needs of men are given a preference. Besides, it's people in your gym class. We didn't have anything like that in our gym class

    4. Correction : Pretty women have that privilege. Not average or below average ones.

    3. Same. It's only true for pretty girls.

    2. Yeah, tell that to countless women who are FORCED into human trafficking and prostitution

    1. That's something an incel or redpilled dude would say. So I can't take this seriously

  • Pauliho

    This is just the way life is. Men have to be the best and provide. Men are strong mentally and physically which is why we don't need these silly benefits

    • ThisAndThat

      I completely disagree with you that we men don't need these benefits. Men may be stronger that's true, but that don't mean we don't hurt when we're oppressed which we are. Things need to change and MGTOW is the way to go for all men and boys.

  • Djaay

    God... debunks feminism entirely. Mans privilege over a woman's societal entitlement. Only a woman needs a privilege to feel an advantage above her own despair.

  • Aiko_E_Lara

    I couldn't agree more. What else do they even want?

    • Aiko_E_Lara

      They're denying men's issues. The suicide rate of men is 3 times higher than women's and they still blame the patriarchy and is the only reason for it.

    • ThisAndThat

      They want to dominate you, us, and they're well doing it too. Watch as MGTOW completely explodes within the next year. Then you'll see women begging for dates not guys anymore.