Modern Feminism is Only About Special Privileges for SOME Women, It's Not About Equality

Modern Feminism is Only About Special Privileges for SOME Women, It's Not About Equality

100 years ago, feminism was about getting equality, quite legitimately. But in its modern, they may SAY that, but really it's about getting privileges by manipulating the courts, men, and also other women if they get in the way.

Its most blatant form can be seen in the recent Fox News case. Like ALL Fox News females, this particular one looked like a Miss Universe contestant, and it's quite clear that was a major reason she was hired. In fact, she WAS!! A former Miss America.

But when she wasn't given a new contract at age doubt because of being replaced by someone younger with the same 'qualifications'..she ran screaming to the courts, alleging that the boss, a Mr, Ailes, was a mollester and so forth.

Now, I dont' know how much of a molester Mr. Aides was, (Given that Fox News looks like a Miss Universe contest ,I have no doubt there is a sexist atmosphere in the newsroom, and that elite males like Ailes nearly always face no criticism for it.).

BUT, ahem, my sister, you never said ONE WORD against him for decades, so long as you rose in the Fox News hierarchy. Your silence meant that other women would be afraid to speak out, since they'd be left to swing in the wind by sisters like you;.you enabled Mr. Aides, if in fact he even did what you are alleging in an obvious retaliatory accusation.

Modern Feminism is Only About Special Privileges for SOME Women, It's Not About Equality

As always our feminists use sex, use their looks, whenever it's convenient for them, are silent about whatever the elite men do....ENABLE and cooperate with those same men often by sleeping with these same 'sexists' to advance their careers..

And then scream sexism if it isn't getting them what they want.

Or, as in a recent Take, a feminist argues that women shouldn't be given points for modesty, because such a judgment values them for their looks. They should be free to show cleavage and dress in skin tight jeans all they want, because I am WOMAN, etc.

But ALL of us, men and women, are constantly judged on our looks! Men are also supposed to be modest at work...few jobs allow tank tops or muscle shirts...

Why should women have some special privilege to avoid this judgment???? It sure doesn't smell like equality, to say the least.

Modern Feminism is Only About Special Privileges for SOME Women, It's Not About Equality
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  • Darkfairie17
    Please don't let one woman's experience paint all feminists in the same light. I am a feminist, but I do not think women are better than men. I think we all should have equality and I actively challenge things that hurt men as well (ie. men being shamed for crying, people looking down on men who are caregivers to children, and women misusing the courts to get back at their ex's). I think there are definitely issues that men face that are unfair, but the type of feminism that I subscribe to challenges those issues as well.
    I think the problem is that SOME women back in the day did do some hardcore hating on men. But feminism is not about hating men. It's simply about equality. Please do not use the men-hating women who say they are feminists define the whole movement.

    I personally hate both beauty Pagents and Fox News. They do nothing but hurt society in general. I am not surprised that the lady was having a bad experience at fox. Just look at how racist and sexist they are! Apparently they had a debate about women wearing makeup in the olympics, and the comments are cringeworthy. Seeing this made me sad, but not surprised as fox has a history of stuff like this.

    Like you, I do find it kind of ironic that she is only upset now that things aren't in her favour, but honestly we don't know the full situation. Perhaps now that she is out of there (I'm assuming she is no longer with fox). That she feels she can finally speak freely about it? Perhaps she worried that when she was at fox, speaking out while she was still there would hurt her career. I personally have no idea. I do kind of wonder, but I have no idea on how she was thinking or feeling at the time.

    I don't think people should be given preferential treatment at all. I think we should all have a fair chance. Unfortunately that is not how society works.

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    • And mod3rn feminism sure isn't abut changing that unfairness, unlike feminism 100 years ago. Like this Fox woman, she plays along until SHE isn't getting what SHE wants.

    • But you are using one woman to define ALL feminism. To me that isn't quite fair either. And do you really think that a feminist would want to work at fox? Like a real feminist who actually cares about equality?

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  • ThisDudeHere
    Or in other words, grass is green.
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  • outmyroom
    Good take. I'll say it in the right way: feminism benefits only fat women, lesbians, or atheists and nobody else.
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    • Not necessarily only those, but if you're sayingi t's mainly touted by the elite women, which those groups tend to represent, yes, you are right.

    • NanaXXXX

      Excuse me? How does it only benefit fat women, lesbians or atheists?

  • jcoldstream
    Well, I never went to the Police about a certain man until he broke into my house and stole money and my TV set. I don't really grok your argument. Mr Aides didn't break the law until he allegedly refused a woman a contract on grounds of her age, which (in Scotland) is an offence.
    • You duck the questions I raise here and bring up irrelevant things.

  • Jehovahkiin
    Yeah, pretty much spot-on.

    Feminism only benefits feminists.
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  • modeve
    I wonder how innocently you have applied one woman's, or a group of such women's cry to feminism as a whole concept. I agree that there are women who under the umbrella of feminism want sex free open and a world to exploit; crying at the same time that they have been denied their tights and also blaming bosses for sexual harassment. It is concept of a minority of women. Majority who claim to be true feminist demand equality in education, political share, employment, no-discrimination of pay structure and respect.
    You must have read various "waves" of feminism. Your statement relates to one feminist wave, that too at a limited scale.
    • Decentguy

      denied thier rights?

    • modeve

      You exclamation suggests as if in your view women have no rights.

    • The current 'wave' is a hustle, just as I described. As I said, 100 years ago, it was actually abut equality, but now that's a smokescreen. AFter al, formal legal equality has long since been achieved in most of the developed world!

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  • NanaXXXX
    No wonder you sound so cynic, if you seek for arguments in Fox News. . . ;)
    • That's just an example that's all over the news here in the US. I've seen the same thing elsewhere, in places where I've worked, but what happened there wasn't such BIG news! NOr did the girls involve have a Miss America title...

  • TokyoGhoulLover
    Preach dude. Preach :)