Football: English Premier league is Way Better Than La Liga!


I really do like football and my favourite league is Premier League by far. It's the most interesting league and anything can happen. Every match is interesting and from the top of the football world. I want to bring you some stats about how much are football teams worth in Premier League versus La Liga (Spain).

Football: English Premier league is Way Better Than La Liga!

In La Liga the total budget of the teams is slightly over 5 billion €. Here's what's interesting:

Barcelona (budget of 1.14bn €), Real Madrid (budget of 0.968bn €), Atletico Madrid (budget of 0.807bn €) and Valencia (budget of 0.427bn €) make about 3.4 billion € of that budget. It means that these four teams make about two thirds of the total budget and the rest 16 teams make about one third.

You can see these differences in the pitch as well. For example Barcelona won SD Huesca last weekend 8-2. Those numbers were actually really admiring for Huesca, since it could have been easily like 12-0. You can't blame them for that, because they have a budget of 31 million euros. It means that Barcelona's Messi and Coutinho worth together 10 times more than the whole Huesca team.

In the Premier League the total budget is slightly over 8 billion €. 4 the most expensive teams are City, Liverpool, United and Chelsea. Those teams have an overall budget of about 3.6 billion €, which is around 45% of the whole league's budget. So the rest 16 teams have 55% of the budget, instead of 1/3 like in the La Liga. There's only 2 teams (Cardiff and Huddersfield), which have a budget of under 0.16bn €. That really shows in the pitch and any score is always possible in the Premier League.

I hope you didn't find this boring, but those budgets are a really major factor behind results.

Football: English Premier league is Way Better Than La Liga!
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  • madhatters4
    i agree that the epl is better. the competition from top to bottom is far more interesting. la liga has about 2-4 teams that regularly compete (i mean really it is a two team league), a bunch of also rans and some teams that simply barely see daylight. the epl has a solid 6-8 teams that can compete annually and a few dark horses that surprise each year.
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  • Xylem1992
    i agree with you completely. its about how many real legitimate title contenders a league has, and also how many teams can put up a fight and display entertaining football.
    EPL has the most title contenders among the worlds top leagues, and with Leicester city phenomenon, Id say hell yes EPL is the most entertaining league by far.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • mezzymezzmez
    Woweee thats some interesting information, however bundesliga fan here, sorry babes :D ;)
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    • It's ok league, but not as good as Premier League. 😃 Bayern is great and they make about 22% of the league's total budget. These stats are in transfermarkt. com.

    • alrighty sir, whatever you say :)

    • Bundesliga fan here as well. Hate England lol.

  • Wowgirl10q
    O man candy o my...
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    • Wasn't about the subject, but still good enough answer to get a MHO. 😃

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  • Kilapan
    It's true, the English league is more disputed and that makes it very attractive to follow. However, when faced by Spanish and English teams, Spaniards generally win, and I do not mean only the richest.

    By the way, I liked it better when the English, Spanish and Italian leagues were at the same level, it was very entertaining to see how the European championships were distributed. I detest the recent reign of Real Madrid.
  • LimitedBenefits
    funny thing is 7th place la liga team can beat any English teams, la liga teams are better than EPL but epl is entertaining
    • They could make La Liga a league for 10 teams, because that bottom half doesn't stand a chance.

  • Pineapple_Boy
    I like the EPL because it's more competitive and entertaining to watch. A team placed 18th can upset a top 4 team on any given day.

    It really was a good strategy to distribute the TV money more equally among the 20 teams.
  • boredasf1
    Premier league’s my favorite too, cause i love English teams, i’m a Liverpool supporter :))
  • lpoots
    its the beautiful game
    the premiership is where can thing can happen
    we Leicester won the premiership three years ago
    what other league in Europe would this happen
  • WhitePanther88
    Probably true considering there are barely any English players in the league
  • Muhammad1999
    but Real madrid can crush any English club , indeed.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Nice take
  • TheUglyMan
    Wjen was your last champions league title again?
    • A while ago. That's kinda the point about Spanish La Liga. There are those 3 teams which are from the top of the world and can be successful at the Champions League, but other teams are not anywhere near that level. I would say that in theory, any Premier League team could go to the Champion League, without embarrassing themselfes.

    • TheUglyMan

      Seville, Villarreal, Valencia , bilbao will give many top premier league sides a run for their money.

    • Those are good teams too, but around a half of the teams can't really challenge teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid.

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  • MartaX00
    in my opinion LaLiga is better. ;)
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    The English league is better than every league
  • Giray
    it is obvious man