U.S. Open Women's Finale!

U.S. Open Women's Finale!

Hello everyone,

I play tennis myself but I usually don’t watch it often on the tv and wouldn’t call myself a fan of a certain star player. It was also more of a coincident that I watched women’s US Open final yesterday. It was Saturday evening and I was out but my sister wanted to go home early so I ended up on my couch at 10 pm on a Saturday evening with nothing to do so I turned on the tv and saw that the final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka just started. I haven’t seen Osaka play before so I thought Williams will probably win but I was so wrong.

Osaka dominated the game from the beginning to the end and I started to favour her after I watched the game for a couple of minutes. It was really impressive how cool she stayed in a stadium full of people wanting Serena Williams to win. I don’t really want to write about all the drama of the match because it’s a bit sad that it was such a great match and everything the news are talking about is the drama Serena Williams caused. The coaching rule is stupid but it is an official rule. Also, Serena Williams did not have to smash her racket so the point/game loss wasn’t unfair.

If two strong players play against each other the game is usually won by the player with the stronger mind. That Serena Williams mindset wasn’t on point was greatly visible when she made two double faults in a important game in the second set. Naomi made only one double fault in the whole match and I think she also made an ace with her second serve and it seemed like she was playing better in high pressure situations which can be statistically shown with the number of break points she was successfully able to defend.

In the end, I was afraid that all this drama might affect Naomi‘s gameplay but it didn’t. She stayed focused and distant towards what was going on with Serena Williams. It was an exciting and very great match to watch. If you haven’t seen it I’d recommend you to watch it somehow but to sum it up: Naomi Osaka made more points, won the important points and had the stronger mind so she deserves the victory in my opinion. She is the first tennis player I’m a fan of now and the game made me want to actually see her play live in person.

So something we can all learn from this is: No matter who your competitor is always play like you are the champ. Success is all in the state of mind. (And a lot of practice etc.)

So have a nice day and maybe watch today's finale.

U.S. Open Women's Finale!
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
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  • linds34
    Osaka played really well! Whether people think Serena should have been penalized or not, she still wouldn't have won. Any time a player loses their temper, they risk being penalized.
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  • Pineapple_Boy
    I can't believe Serena threw a tantrum which overshadowed Osaka victory. The people in that stadium should be ashamed for booing Osaka during the trophy ceremony. Osaka is only 20 and getting booing for winning your first GS and having to apologizing for winning is so disgusting.

    Also the committee lady who said "this is not the result we wanted" right before Osaka got the trophy is disrespectful af.
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    • they were booing the ump, not osaka... also, japanese culture is very different where they'll be like Canadians and apologize for basically everything. it was an unfortunate circumstance. the committee was saying they didn't want the result of being so controversial and taking away from what osaka did...

      you really know how to take things way out of context, or have the intuitive skills of a half eaten potato chip, i'm not sure which one is less insulting.

    • sorry, the intuitive skills of a pineapple :D

    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau Oh so the crowd was booing the umpire, where was he? At which point did the crowd applaud Osaka? The girl was in tears, which proves that you are wrong. If, you actually watch tennis, you would know that the umpire did nothing wrong, and the result wasn't controversial. Everyone in the US made it "controversial" , because they wanted Serena to win, and she didn't. They are trying to blame the umpire which is a way to deflect the fact that Serena acted like a spoiled child and lost the game. Even if she didn't get a single violation. She was gonna lose.

      Osaka was a class act. If being nice is only a Japanese and Canadian thing, maybe Americans should adopt that culture.

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  • factualexit
    I don't like tennis so much now but when I did follow it Serena would always lose her cool at every US Open. Now she says the umpire is sexist... So ridiculous! Congratulations to Naomi Osaka!
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    • Dingsbums

      Also don’t follow it much. Was more a coincidence that i watched it. And yeah she should just admit that she was in the wrong and end of the story^^

  • ImSoSquishy
    do you think she is making excuses for her loss, or is she serious?U.S. Open Women's Finale!
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    • Dingsbums

      Well sexism doesn’t make sense. Naomi is also a girl^^

    • She claims the umpire is sexist.

    • Dingsbums

      Ah well like I said I’m not very interested in all the drama
      But well I don’t think he was

  • worldscolide
    I found it funny that Serena was trying to cry sexism and racism.. My wife is an official, you NEVER treat officials like that if you want to be in the game.
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  • Kiran04
    If anything was stolen in this match, it was Osaka's moment and spotlight. During the trophy presentation, the commentators and event staff made it all about Serena. One lady even said something like, "Even though this was not the outcome we all wanted..." Fuck you, lady. The outcome we all wanted was a fair and decisive winner, and we got that. It's not the outcome YOU wanted. Osaka had to cover her face with her visor to hide her tears of shame and sorrow. No one hides tears of joy. All the U. S. Open did was make all of us Americans look like bitter, conniving, poor losers. We're an embarrassment to the tennis world.
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    • Dingsbums

      Yeah made me want to hug Osaka 😄 but at least Serena did. Maybe she got aware that her drama was ruining her moment

  • monkeynutts
    Supposedly name, she was booed by the crowd, that is so fucked that collectively so much bad sportsmanship can be exhibited at a major sporting event, I have no respect for Serena anymore. And her fans are cock suckers.
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  • LeoMessiAndre
    thank god the beautiful mixed girl won so so so happy for her
    serena is the most disgusting tennis player i ever seen, no wonder nobody likes her
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  • MarketData
    I'm sorry I said those nice things about Serena the other day. She's a whiney bitch and she needs a good spanking.
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  • PsychoKiller
    Serena just showed, like many times before, that while she is a good tennis player, she is a whiny brat, a bad person and a VERY sore loser. Show some class, for fucks sake
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  • Logorithim
    Great win, Naomi
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  • Massageman
    Good take, and, good job, Naomi.
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  • OfDeath
    The Australian open and Wimbledon are better.
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    • Dingsbums

      Looking forward to watch her play in those finals

  • pooper89
    She's just being a "strong black woman"
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  • John_Doesnt
    Teniis is boring for me. I prefer vaginiiis.
  • Anonymous
    Yess!! I believe that Naomi Osaka literally MADE history as the first Japanese player to win a Grand Slam, and her big moment was overshadowed by this argument between Carlos Ramos (the umpire) and Serena Williams. First, Serena's coach fully admitted to coaching her; his "thumbs up" meant move towards the net. However, players do get coaching all the time, so it may be unfair, BUT NOT ON THE BASIS OF SEXISM. Carlos Ramos has given behavioral violations to both men and women, including Venus Williams, so this whole thing was not about sexism but about umpire preference. Along with this, Serena bringing up her daughter was unnecessary.

    Also, Serena handled it incorrectly. The correct tennis rules are to call over the referee if the player does not agree with the umpire.

    (P. S.: I do actually believe that it was unfair that the coach would give her a penalty for breaking her racket; multiple players have done it over time and not gotten any sort of conduct violation.)
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  • Anonymous
    Congratulations to Naomi Osaka on a great win! It sucks that Williams' poor behavior was such a distraction. It made me embarrassed to be an American.
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  • Anonymous
    I'm glad a non White dark skinned Asian woman beat her otherwise it would have been seen as racist cheating.
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  • Anonymous
    Good take
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