People need to stop policing the bodies of female athletes!


What’s up with people wanting to ban female athletes from being too good? If a woman does good people assume she's transgender so they want to make sure she's a "real woman" then guess what surprise she was born as a female. But wait hold up she's got a lot of testosterone so she's at an "unfair advantage" What? So being a woman and having a body that performs good puts you at an unfair advantage. Ok. So this woman has to alter her body from natural hormone levels to an unnatural one just to compete with everyone who can't keep up. That makes it fair for everyone who isn't forced to alter their bodies. The icing though is that these athletes are usually women from Africa, where people have higher occurring testosterone on average. So we're discriminating women's bodies, trying to ban them from naturally performing well, subjecting them to tests just to make sure their female bodies aren't too good, and it's usually due to people judging that a woman doesn't look feminine enough and assuming that "that's a man!" and it's mostly done to black athletes. Like Caster Semenya and Serena Williams. But it's ok we'll all just not educate ourselves and think about the rights of "real women"
particularly women of color. Ho gee we sure can be transphobic though.

Gold medalist Caster Semenya is in fact a “real woman”
Gold medalist Caster Semenya is in fact a “real woman”
People need to stop policing the bodies of female athletes!
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  • akihon
    So you've shot your own assertion here, first you've used Casta semenya as an example, an example of an athlete who was actually born a male with male hormones and male physiology, the fact then during her formative years competing she wasn't anywhere good enough to compete with men but when competing with women had destroyed the field.

    This is a funny example where it's actually women who are the ones complaining about it because most men just laugh and say how funny it because women want to compete with men in everything and now they are it's men showing them who's really stronger and faster etc.

    So why then are women getting upset about it well that's simple, it's to do with what's fair, if just by taking a few hormones means that you get to compete at a level for which you outstrip the rest of the field then rightly there are questions that have to be asked.

    This is no different to say sitting an exam where three people in the room already have the advantage of knowing what questions are going to be asked before the exam, if that were the case wouldn't you also want fairness. This is no different then to what other female athletes are asking for.

    From their perspective then no matter how hard they train or work they'll never be able to properly compete with somebody who is essentially male, regardless of how they present they are male, they may well have been taking the hormones for long enough to reduce their testosterone levels to acceptable limits but while they were not taking them they had the advantages that this hormone brings, an advantage that women don't have naturally.
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    • ElizaPam

      Caster Semenya was born a female. Did you actually read anything I wrote?

    • akihon

      The research pages state born a male but maybe they are wrong maybe I was wrong then j. That regard. However it doesn't detract from the rest of the facts stated that being born male gives a competitor advantages over others they are competing against when those others are female.

    • Caster Semenya was not born a female, Caster was born an hermaphrodite with both male and female genitalia. It's rare, but it happens. I actually feel sorry for these people as this is a biological freak occurrence, but Caster Semenya has XY chromosomes and high testosterone., thus, male. The Doctor did the wrong thing by amputating the male genitalia. Caster will never be able to fall pregnant as the female genitalia has to be highly under developed in the presence of such an abundance of naturally occurring testosterone.

  • 0112358
    Your assertion is absurd. Of -course- they have to police the bodies of female athletes. Female divisions are essentially 'protected divisions' for competition, no different from weight classes in weight driven sports. And just like in those sports, you can't just show up and say 'yeah, i'm pretty close to 65 kg', female athletes need to meet some standard to be allowed into the protected division, or else the division will seek to exist.

    Realistically 'was raised as a female' or 'assigned female at birth' are not great categorizations. Neither is the absurd 'how you self identify'.

    What should the physical requirements be? That's honestly still being pinned down, but it WILL be some physical line, and anything else is absurd. And the reality is, there will be intersex individuals (if not trans ones) hovering close to the line.

    Sometimes people will say things like 'Michael Phelps has genetic advantages, why don't we ban him then"?

    The answer is that the 'men's' category is not actually just for men. It's the 'open' category. It is not a protected category. The women's category is.

    Some others seem to ignore how significant the difference can be between male and female athletes. In track and field, top high school boys in U. S. state meets set what would be world championship times for women.
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  • morimeme1
    I'm sorry but it is not that hard to cheat in sports so it makes sense they undergo more tests and scrutiny to ensure the testosterone is natural and not chemically induced, let alone let a biological male participate in female sports cause they aere trying to be politically correct or smth.
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  • Catlover1999
    “They” have to make sure that it’s fair and no one has any physical advantages or has taken performance enhancing supplements or anything. It’s the same for men too.
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    • morimeme1

      Well, physical advantages are what the sports industry is based on as some just get a better hand in the genetics lottery. Artificial performance enhancing stuff is what they try to prevent cause it's cheating.

    • KaylaD24

      That's true morimeme1 its also very possible to get lucky in the genetics lottery and be stronger than most men unless they are bodybuilders.

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  • KaylaD24
    The thing is testosterone don't necessarily make you faster and stronger i have a boat load of testosterone yet i barely have much strength it is possible for a women to be faster or stronger than a man i jave the strength of the everage women i may even be a bit weaker than that and im not even on hormones yet.
  • Miristheiss
    If you were born male then you should not be competing against women who are born women.
    It isn't fair to them.
    Anyone with common sense knows this.
    Anyone who believes it is moral and just and fair for a man to go trans at age 15-20 or whatever, have a male skeletal frame and muscle development and testosterone and then declare they are female and take estrogen and then compete directly against women is insane and selfish.
  • MannySimms
    Please research the East German Olympic teams and the heartache of those athletes. Dick check? Why not?People need to stop policing the bodies of female athletes!When you find out her dick is bigger than yours...
  • Bananaman177
    I don't think teams should be separated by gender. There should be one team, if you're good enough, you get a spot. If you're not, you don't. Simple as.

    We don't need a WNBA so women can play basketball too. If they're not good enough to play with the men, who wants to watch them then?
  • Pipeliner87
    So I can strap my penis to my leg and get some breast implants and compete in women's sports and beat all of them hands down? Wow what a kick ass world. I can beat women at sports and have them crying wondering how come people like this poster could let this happen.
  • Izumiblu
    I’ve never heard anyone complain that biological women shouldn’t compete in women’s sports.
  • Gedaria
    This nothing new. I remember that the USSR back in the 70/80s were fielding athletes as women but really were male.
    All this for a unfair advantage.
    Sadly the same thing is happening. But not as to an advantage but to be equal...
  • MackToday
    Hmm African women with unique DNA because of their race you say? Who knew? I had no idea this crap was going on, I do not think men should be pretending to be women and competing but if a black woman has some kind of genetic gift because of her race, I hope you rub the race deniers faces in it every single day. Race is real and I'm glad to find someone who agrees. Oh ya and , black power! Hehehehe. People need to stop policing the bodies of female athletes!.
  • anton_dee
    People find fault with everyone. Human nature. They attack the gender, colour, race, intellect, body, beliefs...
  • Joe_Barbaro
    'Transphobic' is not a thing, being 'trans' is a mental illness, and every sane person is against that
  • BlueFlame14
    I am from Africa and we do take offense at the way people from other countries treat them
  • jessicarosen
    They do you're so right. Let women be women!
  • zagor
    Hah! She has semen in her name...
    That's they should just put them with guys.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    I don't understand why black the best athleticism
  • Anonymous
    Exactly!!! Thank you.. black women are naturally stronger than other women
    • Anonymous

      The men in hear sound jealous 😂

  • Anonymous
    Get over yourself.