My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It


The only reasons why I joined fetlife is because I heard that the site is also a good place to talk about society and politics. The other reason is because I wanted to see if some women have the same interests as me. In this take, I'll be telling what I've noticed about the site so far. By the way, Fetlife is for adults only (18 years and older)

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

1.) It's a naughty version of Facebook

The layout and the purpose is very similar to Facebook but it has more lenient guidelines. Members of fetlife are allowed to post uncensored sexual photos and videos, curse words are also allowed. You have a section to talk about yourself, you can post statuses and "journals". You can join groups(create groups as well) and associate yourself with various kinds of fetishes and you can "friend" people. There are still rules that must be followed. You can also block other uses and report users who break the rules.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

2.) It's politically diverse

You have people from all political points of view on there. So yes, people often get into heated debates on there. I'm independent-moderate with some sympathies towards the right, so I have gotten in heated debates with various far left wing people(feminists, far left liberals, pseudocommies etc) on there, so far I haven't noticed any far right or neo Nazi users on fetlife. There are multiple groups(sections) where people can discuss politics.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

3.) You can stay anonymous

You don't have to use your real name or be honest about what country you live in. On fetlife, I don't use my real name or say what country I live in, I don't show my face but I do post things I'm interested in such as trivia, quotes, hobbies, music links and socio-political posts.

Yes, some people don't care if their faces are visible. They post pictures and videos of themselves. I will never show my face on there.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

4.) Ranting

Ranting is acceptable, maybe someone got locked out of their car or failed a college course or other personal issues. However, people will always talk trash to the person ranting which can turn into a heated argument.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

5.) A lot of people don't identify as a straight on that site

I'm straight so I selected straight when customizing my profile on that site. There's 12 sexual orientation choices on that website. So far I've talked to mostly "pansexual", "bisexual" and "lesbian" women on that site, straight women are rare on that site for some reason. While most men are straight on that site, the second most common sexual orientation on that site for men is "heteroflexible".

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

6.) You must upgrade your account to view videos

Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but that's the major flaw of the site. Considering how most people would rather watch videos over viewing pictures. Users can watch their own videos though.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

7.) The groups I'm interested are inactive

Unfortunately all the groups revolving around the fetishes/kinks I'm interested in have been inactive lately. The kinks I'm interested are tame compared to the other stuff people on that website are interested in. This is why I mostly use my fetlife account to discuss socio-politics.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

8.) My favorite section on the site

A very large and active group is a group where users can share trivia on movies, books, video games and music or simply talk about those subjects. Aside from discussing socio-politics, I like talking about entertainment on that site.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

9.) People show their true sexual interests on that website

Regardless of their sexual orientation or sex, everyone is very open about their sexual interests on fetlife. A lot of women claim that they only say they aren't "visual" in real life because of the social stigma but they openly admit on that site that they ogle men in public.

The "heteroflexible" men on that site say that even though they are straight, they occasionally see a "cute looking man" in public they wouldn't mind having sex with.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

10.) Some advice

Don't use that site if you are easily bothered by sexual material. It's not a regular social media account, it's a website where people can primarily share their sexual behavior with the world. Yes, the following picture is from one of the sex scenes in "007 Die another day".

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It

11.) Overall opinion

I personally think it's an alright website. It still has room for improvement, but it's a decent website. I personally give it a 8.2/10 rating, if they ever make videos available to regular users, that would raise the rating to 9/10. I personally don't know if I'll always use fetlife. I might delete my fetlife account in the near future or at least temporarily deactivate it.

My Experience With "Fetlife" and What I Think of It
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  • sovetskii13
    Never heard of it but will do research. Sounds interesting. It should be easy to avoid topics you're not interested in, right? - Like the Political stuff. I don't like reading or talking about that.
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    • ADFSDF1996

      Yes, you can choose what topics you want to interact with.

Most Helpful Girl

  • fauchelevent
    Sounds interesting, might take a look at it
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Sounds interesting but I don;t have the time to become involved in another potentially consuming activity. I was not aware of the site so I appreciate the free education!
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  • BaileyisDarcy
    The videos aren't free to view because that would cost the site owners more money than theyre bringing in through adverts. And more adverts would just be damn annoying.

    Besides its only 5 bucks a month to support them. Totally worth it.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    "I haven't noticed any far right or neo Nazi users on fetlife" they dont go there because they consider it degeneracy.
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    • ADFSDF1996

      I kind of agree with that, most people on that site post too many "naughty" pictures.

  • mamamai
    Well when I get bored of this site I'll try it. Every website gets boring eventually. First was MySpace, then Facebook, then reddit now I'm here, and frankly I've been wanting something new
  • Wwwyzzerdd
    Never used it. Had someone recommend it, visited the page and it seemed like another Adult Friend Finder.
  • John_Doesnt
    You're a hopeless person if you can't understand how to use that site.
    • ADFSDF1996

      There are many ways of using that site. Discussing politics is one.

    • You're just using it as a space to rant incoherently like you do on this site.

    • ADFSDF1996

      I don't rant here.

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  • BronzedAdonis
    I've seen the site and I guarantee you most users are sex offenders
    • wagsingle

      Damn that's bigoted. Most kinksters are committed to the principle of consent. Just because you personally object to kink is no reason to slander those who are into it. Bland, straight monogamy is not everyone's cup of tea.

  • ElizaPam
    My ex liked that website. I think it's degenerate.
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    So it's basically like GAG, but more diverse.
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  • dogfish
    its gag's competition
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for posting this. I'm not sure if i wanna join now. I've seen screen shots and it seems like a bunch of mentally ill pervs, including the founder. I was kind of expecting not to find too many Conservative on there. It's so hard to find someone who is sexually Liberal, politically Conservative. I thought it would be a good place to find people to sext and swap nudes with, but really, you could be talking to ANYONE on that site. I don't like not knowing what the person lookz like or where they're from. And i figured there wouldn't be too many straight conversative girls. Don't know why someone would use a site like that to discuss politcs.
    I also wish there was some way to view the content before signing up. I don't like diving into the unknown
  • Anonymous
    I absolutely love Fetlife!
  • Anonymous
    One other really great part of Fetlife is that real-life events that people really go to are posted regularly - the search functions for these events are not as well defined as I would like, but the site is essentially free and very well maintained, so I can't say I have much complaint.

    It really doesn't work as a dating site since there's no way to indicate if you are receptive to new relationships or not. Many people there are NOT interested in dating. But yes, you can meet people there, similar as Facebook that way. The best way to meet real kinksters is to go to the events listed and meet us in person.
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    • ADFSDF1996

      True but I don’t really trust those events, they are complete strangers. I also stay anonymous on that website.

    • Anonymous

      Why wouldn't you trust those events? Like a munch at a restaurant? No one knows you're all kinksters. You usually look like a church group or a co-ed softball league. Events at actual dungeons are even more discreet. No cameras allowed, everyone there for the same reason, you can usually wear a mask.

      You're paranoid dude.

    • ADFSDF1996

      It’s not that, I don’t know what kind of people the kinksters are.

  • Anonymous
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