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Noise Cancelling Headphones could be the most important thing you'll ever buy.


How Valuable is our Time?

Noise Cancelling Headphones could be the most important thing youll ever buy.

Time is the most valuable thing we have. It is often said and it's true in general. But how valuable is your time when you're completely exhausted? You're limited in what you can do because you need to rest first before you can do anything else. And when you've rested you've used up a lot of time. So if you only had one day off most of it is gone. What's really valuable is time where we have the capacity to be productive. We need time where our needs are taken care of and we are focused and full of energy. Time+Energy = Capacity.

Noise Cancelling Headphones could be the most important thing youll ever buy.

You're losing Energy constantly

That Energy is limited and to me even more valuable than time because I have so little of it. If you have enough energy in the right moments to get the important things done time won't be that much of an issue. Noise is insanely damaging to us. You don't realize it when you're surrounded by it everyday but it takes a lot of energy just to resist and try and blend out the noise. We were born to live in a silent world and notice the slightest sounds that's how we evolved but we live in a completely different world now.


I'm autistic so I'm even more sensitive than most. When I went to Zürich to see my doctor and maybe do something afterwards. I planned in a rest day the next day just because I noticed how tired I got and that it threw off the rest of my week if I didn't recover from the assault on my senses. But yesterday I went to Zürich with my noise cancelling headphones for the first time and I feel completely fine today. It was so peaceful walking through the city with or without music and just having quiet for myself. It's the best in the train/bus/plane or of course on the street because vehicles make consistent noise and can be filtered out the best. I also feel like this kind of noise is the most damaging to us. The constant loud noise that just dulls your mind and makes you wish you were home already. If you work in a noisy open office they could also help out a lot.

Noise Cancelling Headphones could be the most important thing youll ever buy.

Drawbacks/ Risks:

It takes some adjustment the first time I wanted to go to Zürich they started more construction and now you have to take a bus for half the distance that my train was supposed to go I didn't know about it and didn't hear the announcement so I was back where I started way too quick and didn't know what happened. But this kind of stuff often happens when changes happen in my life so I'm used to it.

Getting into an accident, in theory it is riskier but you can still hear cars close to you it's just a lot quieter if you pay attention and use your eyes you'll be fine.

There's a slight pressure on the ears when you use the noise cancelling. The first time I used them it was quite noticeable but now it's very minor and doesn't impact me at all. I think you could even sleep with them if it's really noisy in your area and you can sleep with headphones :D

When I didn't wear them I was more conscious of the noise than before because it wasn't just normal anymore I had experienced the other side so every car passing by was even more noticeable but I don't think the burden was higher it was just more in my mind.

Noise Cancelling Headphones could be the most important thing youll ever buy.


I bought the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 2 for 204 Franks. First of all I have to say they're great headphones and they'd be worth 200 without the noise cancelling. But the noise cancelling is the feature that gives insane value to this product. If I can cut one rest day out per week in ten years that's 1.5 years of extra days that I'll be able to do something where otherwise I'd just be lying in bed. So it's not hyperbole when I say I would have paid 2000 for these headphones and they'd still be worth it for me. And I'll be moving back to the city in about 9 months so I'll be using them every day. I firmly believe that even if you don't have autism you'll be more alert, energetic and productive if you use these headphones, especially if you live in a city. Otherwise it depends on the situation. I also want to add, they have a battery life of 20 hours and from my experience so far it's been pretty accurate so that's also a huge deal to me.

I'd recommend trying them out to anyone and see if you can benefit from this technology!

Have a nice day :)

Noise Cancelling Headphones could be the most important thing you'll ever buy.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • AmandaYVR
    Good take, Lynx.

    I agree with you about the taxing effects of noise that exists in our urban lives. I used to know an A/V specialist with his own company installing high-end audio set-ups in luxury homes in LA, and he taught me about acoustic fatigue. (I was asking for advice on headphones at the time.)

    But I'm not in total agreement about noise-cancelling technology. I've experimented and had many kinds of headphones over the years. Here's my takeaways/conclusions:
    • Noise-cancelling are extremely sound-isolating, and this is quite dangerous in busy locals. I, as a woman, can much more easily be jumped, as I cannot hear any subtle sounds around me. If I wear a hat (as I often do), or have a hood up on my coat because it's raining, I'm very vulnerable. Not that I actually do have a ton of anxiety about this. I'm on high-alert when these are the circumstances, but even being on that high-alert is it's own kind of fatigue.
    • I can't hear traffic/cars/cyclists, and every other type of environmental danger.
    • I don't like muff styles, in comparison, because they put too much pressure on the ear cartilage. Makes me ears hurt, even as they are pretty small and I would prefer if they fit neatly inside, but then the headphones are massive, and the weight, bulk, and visual cue to others is just too great.
    • I've recently done a tonne of research about bluetooth, and after days I did select two pairs, and ended up returning the lesser. But sound quality is really, really dependent on how well you can seat them inside your ears. I always fit the standard/default tips, but still, I have to re-seat them often to get more bass and fuller sound. (Overall, I'm happy with my Vankyo though. They're a good quality for a very reasonable price.) Then you've got the problem of them always falling out of your ears, with any physical contact from something like a scarf being adjusted; They are also sound-isolating, quite significantly, even though they are not technically noise-cancelling. This is a problem. I want less sound-isolation, and it's difficult to get nowadays.
    • The only time I want noise-cancelling is on planes. It is absolutely ideal. You are safe, stationary, and the noise around you is consistent and steady - the key to its success. Intermittent and higher-frequency sounds (like a baby's screaming) will not be removed. The refresh rate just doesn't match up to the intermittency of that sound.
    • I know of someone else on here, forget her name though, who is autistic and wears hers every time she goes out. She loves them, and finds them so effective, just as you do. For her, she deliberately purchased them large, because she wants people in retail, etc., to know not to try and talk to her. So, different goals, here, with you and her and me.
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    • MrOracle

      I was going to say most of these things. For planes, car trips, or other places where you are more-or-less stationary and safe, noise-cancelling headphones are great (though the Sonys are better than the Bose). But I see people using them out on the street in the city, and that can be VERY dangerous. Car traffic, construction, bicyclists, skateboarders, electric scooters, and criminals can all be extra dangerous because you won't hear them coming and they might have given you some verbal warning ("on your right") that you didn't hear.

      I recommend that people use these with great care - or not at all - in places where such dangers exist. You could easily be maimed or killed if wearing them at the wrong time.

    • Lynx122

      @MrOracle I've only had them for a short time but I feel very comfortable and confident that I can move around safely. I'm pretty aware of my surroundings and I'll take extra care to look around more but I can still hear cars because it's not completely silent. Where crime is concerned I live in a very safe country and I've never been stopped or attacked by anyone so I feel very safe. But @AmandaYVR I totally understand if it's not for everybody for me the benefits are overwhelming but I don't wanna push it on anyone. I just wanted to inform people who could maybe benefit from it. My doctor asked me about them a few times and that kept it in my mind enough so that I bought them and I'm glad about that :).

Most Helpful Guy

  • HawkPerception
    Great take!

    I absolutely love using noise cancelling headphones for the same reasons. I don't really have anything to add. I'm not much of a city person, and hearing all the noise makes me a little anxious, so being able to cut it out all out makes life that much better.
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  • ChrisMaster69
    The Sony’s are better than the Bose, had Bose took them back and have pair of Sony
    WH-1000XM4. I had a pair of the XM3’s prior to them, gave them to my Daughter and bought latest ones. l

    for a good deal go for WH-1000XM3’s brilliant noise cancelling and music at a very good price.
    • Lynx122

      I'm happy with the ones I have but I'll look into Sony next time :)

  • imthequeen
    I own 2 noise cancelling headphones , Airpods max and the Bose qc35ii and I have to admit , they're fckn amazing ! especially for long trips , they totally insulate you from the outside world haha , tho the quality of materials used in bose is b. s compared to airpods max
    • Lynx122

      Well apple also charges 3 times as much so...

  • Flower7
    I bought some from Amazon a few years ago, but they didn't even work. I could still hear all of the outside noise. So now I don't trust them and would worry I'd be wasting my money if I ever wanted another set.
  • djfhsjk
    Many of the nicer headphones also have an "ambience mode" where they use the mics to let you hear what's going on around you so you can stay safe in traffic or talk to people without taking them off.
  • Screenwriter
    Nice to know how well these work for you. However, since I walk around and have to cross los of streets, noise canceling headphones would be dangerous.

    While stationary, sitting at a bus stop, or on a bus, they could be helpful. Even at home I can hear street noises and sometimes, while reading, I want silence.

    I actually have noise cancelling headphones to use while hunting. I've used them to go to sleep sometimes, but the ear pressure issue is troublesome. Getting your ears squashed is painful.

    Maybe other manufacturers have large medium small to cover a variety of ears. I haven't researched it.
  • The_Sal
    I don't like them.
    feels like it's sucking air out of my head.
  • Likes2drive
    That’s interesting mytake and very informative, maybe I will try them someday
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Noise cancelling devices if eoren for long time you would build pressure in your ears also it messes up your air balance in ear
  • Not really! You will miss out on everybody's arguments.
  • MrJMM
    That’s why I own a pair of Noise Cancelling headphones.
  • Anonymous
    I agree, I own a pair and they work great on planes with screaming babies.
  • Anonymous
    Nice Mytake