My Trip to the Mall of America


This is where my anti unashamed catfishing skills get to shine :) This will be more about the pictures telling the story so more pictures with a light amount of text.

My Trip to the Mall of America

To be fair this trip really started out at a nature walk out in Minnesota.

My Trip to the Mall of America

Hey! There I am! No catfishing :) The walk was nice and I got to see some pretty cool lights behind trees as it got dark.

My Trip to the Mall of America

Going into the mall which was the main attraction, I found that there was actually four floors. Me and my friends were there so briefly that I barely got a chance to see them all.

My Trip to the Mall of America
My Trip to the Mall of America
My Trip to the Mall of America

Now there were some places worth mentioning along my visit. There was the food court which was pretty huge and was only a part of the food options that actually had in the mall.

My Trip to the Mall of America

A part of the food options was Wahlburger of which I got the turkey stuffing cranberry burger which was the best tasting turkey burger I had eaten.

My Trip to the Mall of America
My Trip to the Mall of America

There was also at least one mini golf course I saw too that was literally right in the mall.

My Trip to the Mall of America

I also found, of all places, a gas station store in the mall, with gas station prices.

My Trip to the Mall of America

before the big thing, there was also a pretty large Lego store display too

My Trip to the Mall of America

But the biggie of course was the amusement park.

My Trip to the Mall of America
My Trip to the Mall of America

among the rides I went on was fairly odd parents, orange Pepsi crush, SpongeBob, and ghost blasters. I think ghost blasters and Spongebob were my favorites. On ghost blasters, it was like a shooting gallery that made figures move when you shot them and with Spongebob, that first drop was intense as you were leaning all the way back against the track to get the maximum tilt.

My Trip to the Mall of America
My Trip to the Mall of America
My Trip to the Mall of America
My Trip to the Mall of America

As a final note, it was pretty fun having a Caribou Coffee in the park because I used to have that coffee place near where I live and it was featured everywhere in the mall, including the theme park.

My Trip to the Mall of America

Hope you enjoyed my trip review, jj over and out

My Trip to the Mall of America
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Most Helpful Guy

  • WhiteSteve
    Cool pics man, thanks for sharing. Didn’t know they had all that stuff, like the amusement rides, etc. I feel like I’ve been there before though because I’ve probably watched Mallrats a hundred times in my life lmao, which was filmed there, and even the floor tile is making me feel deja vu (deja VIEW? Since I’ve only seen it, not experienced?🤔😝), although I can’t imagine they haven’t changed the floors in over 25 years, haha.

    Just remember, the cookie stand is NOT a part of the food court! It’s an autonomous unit for mid-mall snacking!😂 not the same floors😖😂)
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    • Jjpayne

      I love the mall rats reference! So awesome!

Most Helpful Girl

  • DizzyDesii
    Looks beautiful. As a kid i always wanted to go for Nick Universe, Legoland and Wahlburgers. Lucky you got to go. I just rather not go there rn since i’d have to wear a mask all day
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  • jennifer_bloom
    That place looks amazing and you don’t look how I thought but you have a friendly face - never thought I’d see a mall so cool and I definitely wish I was eating a turkey burger too. I think chicken hamburgers taste way better than beef and have no idea why 90% of people seem to prefer beef when I used to go to burger buffets. Never tried turkey but I would imagine it would also taste better than beef.
    • Jjpayne

      Yuppers, thats me :) and the way the did the turkey burger was perfect too

  • I was there for the first time in August 2019. I only live a few hrs away in Wisconsin from there. We spent our wedding anniversary there and the mall was a side sight seeing trip.

    That place is huge and a big waste of good farm land lol
  • That sounds like a really unique burger with turkey/stuffing/cranberry. It's like a whole meal all in one! The rides look fun also.
    • Jjpayne

      The turkey burger was a brilliant idea because instead of you trying to make it taste like a burger it was more like a turkey sandwich

    • Flower7

      Was the stuffing cooked inside the burger or was it a separate topping?

    • Jjpayne

      It was a separate topping and they did use mayo too

  • JackSmy
    Did you stop by the Hooters restaurant? Best Onion rings, and deep-fried pickles ever!!
  • ArrowheadSW
    I was there once when I was visiting Minnesota. It was a nice mall. If I recall, it was a square and you walked in a square when shopping.
  • zagor
    Wow, a lot fewer people than when I was there, which makes sense as that was pre-covid. Probably a good place to hang out for the locals in the winter.
  • Daniela1982
    I don't even know how malls stay in business anymore because not only do they pay rent but many malls also want a piece of your profits. At one time they could do that and still make a tidy profit. Looking at your pics there was hardly anyone there. Stores have been closing like crazy because there is not enough profit for them to remain in business. Look at the pic of K-Mart in the 70's. K-Mart used to be a busy place at one time but now most of them are closed.My Trip to the Mall of America.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    That's an awesome super mall. I was there shortly after it opened in '92.
  • Wise4myage
    I've never been to The Mall of America. I really want to go but I'm afraid it would be sensory overload for me.
  • Deathraider
    Mall of America. One of the few things that are great in Minnesota. I used to go there always as a kid.
  • Levin
    Sounds great. Next time I'll come and we can get some of those nice American ladies I've hard about!
  • Likes2drive
    Looks nice and interesting, hardly anyone there I see
  • IHateBeingaMan
    largest mall in the U. S. i believe, never been there since i've never been to minnesota at all
  • Fromdusktilldawn
    That looks like a true dream to me haha. No standing in line for the roller coasters
  • juliaanita
    how fun!
  • Flakey-Flake
    Looks like a fun place
  • Lliam
    Very cool. Thanks for the mini tour, Jj.
  • Visit mall of Asia
  • msc545
    Very well done = thanks!!
  • Anonymous
    Go to Dubai mall 😍