What's the furthest you'd be prepared to walk?

We know our ancestors thought nothing of walking vast distances to trade or just visit an important site. Out of curiosity, I used Google maps to see how long it would take me to walk to Rome from my home in South West Wales. I was surprised it was only 17 days. I can even walk to Beijing in 130 days which doesn't seem that long.

Now I regularly meet people who are walking the entire welsh coast. It takes about 2 weeks including sleeping time and stops for ice cream so I'm guessing walking to Rome in the same time is optimistic. But we do know it's easily achievable.

But I want to know, given enough time how far would you be prepared to walk just for the experience of doing so?
Whats the furthest youd be prepared to walk?
What's the furthest you'd be prepared to walk?
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