I Know Change Is Scary, but Please Stop Instilling Fear in People Now That Trump is President

I Know Change Is Scary, but Please Stop Instilling Fear in People Now That Trump is President

I understand change is a scary concept to people, just in general terms. So, I'm sure having a President elected who's a businessman and not a politician is probably scary for people. I'm sure they wonder how it's going to work out and if he'll ran it like a business and how that will work out for the rest of us. I can understand how scary that could be especially, after being use to a certain way after all this time.

I understand hearing what people said about him and making him out to be the devil, probably scares people too. I understand hearing all these things said about a person and seeing bits and pieces of clips of things he said himself ( which could have been taking out of context, simply to make him look bad. It is politics and people play dirty), probably scares people too. People seem to think he's a racist, woman hating, sexual deviant, homophobic hater. Which, is scary to people. However, who people make you out to be and who you are behind close doors and no one is around to witness it, is two different things. We're flawed, Trump is no exception to that rule but that doesn't mean just because he made some comments, that he actually hates all those people. You really don't know that, do you? I do get though that hearing all that stuff about him has made people fearful, that's understood.

With all that in mind, just because no one expected him to win and everybody is freaked out that he did. Does not mean they get to go on social media and put the fear of God in people like Ted Bundy rose from the dead is taking over Trumps body and going to kill us all in our sleep. There's no need for that.

I Know Change Is Scary, but Please Stop Instilling Fear in People Now That Trump is President

There's no need for dramatic statements from celebrities or regular people, such as "Kiss your loved ones and hug them tight. # never stop fighting" or, "We will never back down, we will never go away. We will always fight. Love will keep us strong". I swear, people weren't this dramatic when 9/11 happened and that would have been a reason to make those statements, not Trump being President.

There's people who didn't want Obama has President but got 8yrs of him and sure they were upset but I don't remember them being this dramatic and acting like the end was near. The President is one guy who has to get his ideas approved by a whole bunch of people and if no one likes it, it's not getting past. So, where's the fire? Why are people spreading fear all over instead of just waiting to see what happens when he actually takes office?

I'm writing this as a person with an anxiety disorder, who's already riddled with fear and anxiety and doesn't need anymore. I already fear everything and everyone, that's no joke. I'm scared of everything. So, the more fear people put out in the universe, the worse it is for me and people like me.

I have a trip coming up in just 14 days and I already have fears and anxiety about it because of who I am. I've talk to people that traveled and it's calmed me down a bit and now I see all these things people are saying and people protesting his win and people who supported him showing up at a gay persons house wanting to kill him. People saying no wants to leave their home because they're scared. Yeah, well now I'm more fearful now too because of all this fear people are putting out there.

I Know Change Is Scary, but Please Stop Instilling Fear in People Now That Trump is President

So, I'm advising people to please stop with the dramatics. Please stop with the fear. Please stop scaring people and making it seem like the military is going to break into our house and kill us all, like they did back in history.

There's no need for that. Like I said, change is scary. I understand that better than anyone. However, sometimes change can be a good thing and if one way wasn't working anymore, maybe a new approach will make things better. Until you know, why panic?

Please stop the fear and over the top social media posts and just wait to see what happens, please?

Thank you,


I Know Change Is Scary, but Please Stop Instilling Fear in People Now That Trump is President
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  • AleDeEurope
    I'm more "scared" about the anti-Trump crowd, who are beating up people that voted for Trump, or just white people just because of the color.
    There was a woman interviewed in CNN who said people will die... seriously? This is what the media has created. This fear is causing people to act like savages.

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    • And all this developed during the obama administration.. we've never had worse social issues than now and never been so divided ever since obama was president... trump must change this

    • @bedroomdweller Unfortunately, that's true. Obama let this happen.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    But... you DO realize Trumps whole strategy is to instill fear in people so they'd vote for him, right?
    Is this still revelant?
    • You really want to talk fear mongering? You think Clinton's campaign was all about positivity? BS! All they did was call Trump and his supporters names. Evil, violent, sexist, racist, JUST FOR NOT AGREEING WITH THEM! Not once did they offer any new ideas to improve the situation all they did was fear monger about Trump and anyone who supported him. Now Clinton's supporters are the ones rioting (not protesting, but rioting!). Tell me again who are the one's fear mongering?

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  • TripleAce
    Hillary and her infrastructure are once again to blame for what is going on - they patinted a picture and pushed the media to persuade the citizens through below the belt dirty tactics that seem to resonant with hillary activists. Now she has left a division

    On a side note - unpredictability is part of change.. especially change that to this extent
  • meowcow
    People are judged both on their actions and their words.
    While Trump is now the president elect, that does not mean that everything he has said and done simply goes away. He does not get off with a clean slate after all the terrible things that he said.

    As a Canadian and a minority myself, I and most of the people in my country are primarily saddened by the election results. While the US elections have little influence on my daily life and the sun will rise again tomorrow, watching the rise of American hatred towards all minorities makes me appreciate the acceptance that I have in my own country.

    Trump defenders say that he is not a racist, not a bigot, and not an overall terrible person. Yet, every word out of his mouth contradicts that. The fact that Trump will now become the next president seems to have validated his racist and bigoted supporters across the US.


    When white schoolchildren, white university students and the general white population are taking to the streets and attacking, robbing minorities... WHILE CHANTING TRUMP, and graffitying "White Power", "White America" and Nazi symbols all over minority establishments (and often non-minority establishments like university doors), it's not hard to see that Trump's campaign was really selling racism to white america.


    Read this, and you'll see that Trump's campaign is a mirror image of the definition of a demagogue. Then look at the examples of past demagogues. And you will see what America just voted for and the direction their headed.
    • You really want to talk fear mongering? You think Clinton's campaign was all about positivity? BS! All they did was call Trump and his supporters names. Evil, violent, sexist, racist, JUST FOR NOT AGREEING WITH THEM! Not once did they offer any new ideas to improve the situation all they did was fear monger about Trump and anyone who supported him. Now Clinton's supporters are the ones rioting (not protesting, but rioting!). Tell me again who are the one's fear mongering?

    • meowcow


      Oh how ironic that a Trump supporter is pointing fingers about name calling.
      Nobody cares about what public supporters say. Out of the 50 million Trump and 50 million Clinton supporters, people are bound to make false statements. Nobody cares about that.

      What IS important is the fact that Trump himself is the one making violent, sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-religion statements. Clinton never made such statements.

      When Trump says "Make America Great Again", there are those who will believe him.

      When Trump says "Mexicans are a problem. Chinese are a problem. Islam is a problem. Pregnant working women are a problem for businesses. Punch that guy in the face and I will pay for your legal fees". There are people who will believe him. As I indicated above, shortly after Trump's win, racists (adults and children) across America started attacking minorities. They already existed, but Trump has now validated and empowered them.

    • meowcow


      The very reason why people claimed Trump should not be president is coming true. All across America now, but mainly in rural America, towns are being spraypainted with Nazi swastikas, the KKK are holding a pro-Trump parade, white kids in school are chanting "Build the Wall" and countless hundreds of whites have robbed or assaulted minorities while chanting "Trump".

      Yet, it is the GOP who is speaking out against this. Trump has remained silent... which is unusual given his outspoken nature on Twitter. One can only assume the president-elect wants to make good on his claim to wipe out minorities from the US.

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  • JudgmentDay
    The only thing to fear MORE than Trump himself are the people that are protesting and rioting and inciting violence. And if they create enough chaos nationwide then it's only going to become worse.

    They can protest, but if they only use nonviolence such as civil disobedience then that's still fine, otherwise it's going to be bad, and could get even worse eventually for everyone.
    • If it's a new Civil War we need, then let's have a new Civil War... it would be so much easier.

  • AngelDenna
    reagan was president and he was an actor and he was one of the best presidents so why not give Donald Trump a try just because he is a business man doesn't mean he doesn't have what it takes to make america a better place don't judge before you know exactly what is going to happen this goes out to those that think it is terrifying to have trump as president give the guy a chance
    • Very true

    • AngelDenna

      @bedroomdweller i know right

    • Part of living in American means I have certain rights, and one of those rights is the right to not have to give Trump a chance... therefore, I'm not giving him a chance (and no, I did NOT support Hillary, they both sucked).

  • Fathoms77
    The country IS a business, the biggest damn business on the planet, in fact... despite democrats desperately trying to prove otherwise for years. :P
    • In correct, the country is NOT a business, never has been and never will be, it's a conglomeration of individuals and states that have differing opinions and agendas. A business is out to make money for it's stockholders or owners, a country is not out to make money for it's citizens, but to lead them and provide a safe haven for them to live in.

    • Fathoms77

      @Idonotgivearatsass A country is run exactly like any big corporation. None of the opinions or agendas or rules mean a damn thing if the business angle doesn't operate properly, and presidents with zero business acumen have NOT done well in our nation's history. Where the economy goes, this country goes, and the economy IS business. All of it.

    • Then explain Ronald Reagan... and actor with ZERO business acumen or knowledge?

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  • Soteris
    I would say fear is the proper response to this though. I mean for starters there is a precedent of when things like this happens it is followed up by a period of increased violence. We also have an uncertain future and Trump is considering giving power to people who will have disastrous consequences for both the world and USA like appointing people who dont believe in climate change and so on.
  • Waffles731
    He did everything he could to divide the country, His entire campaign was based on fearmongering and the idea that he was some sort of chosen one that could send america forward.
    He is evil
    • l o l

    • rjroy3

      If you listen to the media, then yea his message could be taken that way.
      If you listen to the message for yourself and you'd see the message was we have real problems and we can't keep ignoring them, otherwise America is fucked. I don't think you and many others truly realize how many people got fucked over by Obama. Trump appealed to those people. When Obama shutdown offshore drilling, coal plants and steel facilities he fucked those people on jobs and what America could produce. And in states where they relied on that for income those people got passed over and ignored. Trump said he recognizes what happened to them and will correct that wrong doing.

      Imagine a President came along and universally fucked your life up personally, then moved on business as usual and no one said a damn thing about it for years and if you spoke up about it you were called racist. Now imagine after years of that someone comes along and says they'll make it right for you. You wouldn't resonate with that?

    • Waffles731

      We need to rely less on fossil fuels and if that affects the coal companies so be it

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  • gobsmacked3
    This is delightfully ironical considering trump's main platform was instilling fear in the masses
    • He dished it like he got it. Don't you get it yet?

    • TheSpartan

      What do you mean?

    • You really want to talk fear mongering? You think Clinton's campaign was all about positivity? BS! All they did was call Trump and his supporters names. Evil, violent, sexist, racist, JUST FOR NOT AGREEING WITH THEM! Not once did they offer any new ideas to improve the situation all they did was fear monger about Trump and anyone who supported him. Now Clinton's supporters are the ones rioting (not protesting, but rioting!). Tell me again who are the one's fear mongering?

  • madhatters4
    agree with your sentiment. you may not have supported him. you may have grave fears about the direction of our country but lowering ourselves fear mongering and cries of WWIII and other nonsense is totally unproductive
    • First reasonable comment I read from a liberal... it's ok you have worries just cause you didn't support trump but you'll your fellow liberals using fear mongering tactics and the victimization card, not to mention the violent ones and the people insulting those who voted for trump... he won already so drop it sjw's and liberals, violence and protesting won't do nothing to unite the country

    • @bedroomdweller i don't think labels like SJW's or even suggesting it's only liberals who are upset is productive. people rioted after Obama's election, people have routinely protested after an election. i understand their frustration.

      i think it's important for both sides to quit the childish name calling, we aren't liberals, we aren't conservatives, we aren't SJWs, we are supremacists, we are Americans. For america to ever be as great as it can be that is the simple label we need to all identify with.

      We are Americans

    • protest is fine as long as it is peaceful and not attacking but rather simply voicing a targeted and specific message. protests ended jim crow, got women the right to vote, got us out of vietnam, so there is a place for protest

      there isn't a place for violence

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  • john52461
    The media did such a hit job on him that people literally thought it was going to be the end of the world. Turn off CNN and other media who donate to hillary cilnton and are run by liberals. They are the ones responsible for the people destroying property right now in the streets.
  • Toriiiii

    I'll tell people the truth. The only person instilling fear in Donald trump is himself.
    • TheSpartan

      Wow, this guy is one of the dumbest commentators I've ever seen.

    • Toriiiii

      @TheSpartan if that's what you think, then goes suck some more trump dick.

    • TheSpartan

      It has nothing to do with Trump; this guy's rhetorical skills are just the worst I've ever heard.

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  • nyalalam
    Well I do hope that Trump makes white girls too scared to sleep with black boys out of fear of deportation. Less interracial sexual relationships between white women and black men will be very good for the country and will remove a lot of social racial tension.
    • What's wrong with interracial relationships?

    • Let me guess, you're a black woman that doesn't like all the black men sleeping with white women (I'm a white male and I could care less who sleeps with whom)?

  • Righttobeararms83
    Id bet half the people protesting didn't bother to vote.
    • Melng

      You're right about that

    • @Melng if they didn't vote for Hillary or anyone else they should shut up and let Trimp get on with it.

  • pervertedjester
    I don't worry about him because I know he will be the most watched President ever and as soon as he messes up they'll try to impeach him.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Fair points - I would just let the protests go on to get it out of there system, the whole outcry will probably calm down by weekend.
    • rjroy3

      Sounds very "Purge" like. Just let them get it out of their system until next time. Fuck that. lol

    see all these antis?
    their true colors are showing
  • donaldtrumpswall
    That's right, help me pay for my wall trump supporter
  • Adigelunar
    thanks for sharingg
  • Anonymous
    Clinton supporters need to stop whining and throwing tantrums like babies and instead work together to fix the disaster created by their own people.
  • Anonymous
    Oh, so, he can do it himself, but, people can't?
    • He can do what himself?

    • Anonymous

      What do you think?

    • I don't know, if I did I wouldn't have asked you that question. If we're talking about fear, no one has a right to instill fear in people and create mass panic, that's wrong and extremely unproductive.

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  • Anonymous
    Its not fear, its the facts and they are scared of the facts
  • Anonymous
    Read this: metro.co.uk/.../?ito=facebook

    Now STFU
    • There's no need to be rude to me.

    • Anonymous

      Don't normalize trump and his supporters. Don't pretend he do what he said he'd do.

      People got sick of gridlock in Washington. Republicans were responsible for it. In fact, it was their stated goal. Then American lemmings, who think the president is responsible for everything (hint: don't forget congress), rewarded Trump with a Republican majority in Congress. He can pass almost anything he/they want.

      ANd now that he gave a key job to a white supremacist (Steve Bannon) and chose an anti-gay, Christian theocratic vice-president who believes in conversion therapy (torture of gays), Trump is making It clear that his administration is going to oppress minorities.

    • Anonymous

      ^ pretend he won't do

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  • Anonymous
    I agree Trump deserves a chance just mentally disabled deserve a chance at love
    • Guess what, this is America, and because you live in America you don't have to give him a chance... we have that right, that's what makes this country so great.

  • Anonymous
    People are this way cause look at this man he's openly racist and sexist how many presidents can you mention that openly had the kkk backing them. I appreciate your attempt to justify in this take but people really don't understand the magnitude of damage they have done by electing this man. Since his name has been in the news even before he got elected did you notice how police brutality spiked out of control and all the blacks getting assaulted at or near his rallies