A Thanksgiving Prayer for Americans

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A Thanksgiving Prayer for Americans

Most Heavenly Father

We come to You with gratitude for all You have given us on this day.

You have given us a beautiful day to join together in fellowship. You have given us families in which we give and receive love. You have made us strong in body and in spirit. You have set a feast before us.

You have given us a country which is so strong that it tolerates division and dissent. You have made us a strong nation and You have given us freedom. You have given us a light which guides us as we journey through our life. Truly we are blessed!

We pray that you will remind us to give thanks not just today but every day. We pray that you will help us to follow You through this life and into Your heavenly kingdom. We pray that we will have the wisdom to show our thanks by living our lives as examples to others. We pray that we will have the wisdom and perspective to know that we should make ourselves become better people every day, for without gratitude, thanks is simply another word.

Please watch over those who cannot be with their families today. Protect our sons and daughters who serve our country and help them to perform their duty with pride so that they might return home safely with whole bodies and whole spirits.

All of these things we pray in the name of Our Heavenly Father.


A Thanksgiving Prayer for Americans
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    Are you familiar with the Akathist of Thanksgiving? It was composed by a Russian priest while in the gulag, circa the 1940s. It is available on iTunes, from St. Ignatius Orthodox Church. I would recommend it if you are interested in learning about the liturgical worship style of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
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    good post!
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    thank u for sharing
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    Very good. Amen.