Omarosa - Trump's Lapdog

Trump and Omarosa are so much more alike than you'd think.

Omarosa - Trump's Lapdog

- narcissists

- racists

- homophobics

- liars

- love dodging direct questions

- love answering things they weren't asked at all

- love focusing on themselves in every conversation

- when all of this doesn't work - petty insluts at the party that's actually saying something remotely intelligent

On The View she insulted the person twice her age who is extremely logical and intelligent - she dodged questions, refused to acknowledge the fact Trump never showed his 'tax returns'...and then attacked Joy when she asked her if Trump will apologize to all the people he's hurt... After the whole interview she took one last shot at Joby Behar by saying she hopes she's one day as happy as she (Omarosa) is with her fiance... What does that have anything to do with anything?! o.O She's got some real issues...and she is most probably a bit touched in the head - which seems is what's in these days.

Omarosa - Trump's Lapdog
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