Starbucks Will Hire 10,000 Refugees


Throughout the World!

Starbucks Will Hire 10,000 Refugees

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, announced this as Trump's immigration ban in an open letter to his employees.

These changes will happen within the next 5 years and it will being in the US - focusing on those who have served in the military.

These opportunities will work as a refuge and promise of a better tomorrow to those without hope - feeling from war, poverty, abuse, inhumane circumstances.

Starbucks has its stores all over the world in over 70 countries worldwide.

Starbucks Will Hire 10,000 Refugees

Starbucks Will Hire 10,000 Refugees
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  • Dred1614returns
    The should hire another 10,000 vets or 10,000 American homeless people.
    I hope Trump deports all the refugees here before Starbucks can hire any.
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    • I sincerely doubt that's physically and legally possible in such a short span of time.

    • I know, just some wishful thinking.

    • His ban will only last 90 days.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Blonde401
    Think Starbucks need to start paying tax if they want the moral high ground.
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  • Dipsy
    I'm sure they're enjoying their drop in stocks lol
  • AleDeEurope
    Welp, time to buy a new outfit for when I go to Starbucks.
  • Unit1
    Now they are hiring based on origin and skin color? Ain't the job market a rigged gamble indeed especially at Starbucks now.
    Is that preference or white discrimination?
    • *No... they're hiring based on need... and survivial of those who are under threat of death... IS there a better reason?

    • Unit1

      Fair enough...

    • Lol, a temporary restriction on non US citizens from 7 countries is now a "death threat"? What a load of crap! It's just attempted justification.

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  • cth96190
    This is another compelling reason to boycott this nest of traitors.
    The coffee is shit anyway.
  • yourmom89
    as long as they're qualified of course. just cause they're refugees doesn't mean they automatically get the job
    • It's pretty difficult not to understand and be qualified for a job at Starbucks - they'll probably get training, of course.

    • yourmom89

      i meant, going in, like, background checks and all that

    • Oh, definitely.

  • YaBaba
    That is good to hear.
    Before I thought Starbucks supported Zionist or something like that, thus did not even step in the store for a few years. But now it's good to know that they are helping out people.
  • 1truekhaleesi
    I don't know why people are getting bent out of shape about this. Starbucks has made promises to hire veterans but the media doesn't talk about that. Personally, I don't intertwine food with politics. I don't care that Starbucks is anti-Trump. I just want my damn coffee. I also don't care that Chick-Fil-A is pro-Trump. I just want my food.
  • Blitzkrieger
    They got fucked so hard.
  • Waffles731
    Good, Another American Company sending a fuck trump message.
    Also to any whiners,
    4 years ago they pledged and did hire 10,000 veterans.
  • martyfellow
    Schultz is an imperialist jerk, but I guess he feels guilty about the refugees that these policies that he has supported has created, and will create.
    • NEVER_PC

      Good point. He has his lefty bunch to thank for their bad decisions and any crises that apply.

    • @NEVER_PC And people who have triggered these waves of refugees OFTEn feel guilty about it, and sponsor a few themselves, advocate for programs like the Starbucks example, and so forth... even while they cheer for US arms for the Syrian jihadist groups that have frightened millions of people out of their country!

    • NEVER_PC

      On point!

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  • WriterAndPainter
    Starbucks needs to stay out of the political world because they don't realize their consumers are sick and tired of hearing about the crap. They also need to make coffee that doesn't make you want to take a giant crap. Just like the celebrities, Starbucks needs to get a handle on how they handled themselves in the public eye. They can hire whoever they want, but it's funny they just now recently lifed a ban that didn't allow employees to have colored hair that wasn't a natural color.
  • Paris13
    Better Hold off. Not only to make Sure they are Legal to Work, but President Trump is Coming Out with a New EXEC Order today in Regards to the Refugee Ban deal.
    Most Qualified and Legal, should Come First, No Matter Who it Might be. xx
  • abundantlyrich
    When I was in the USA, i was told illegals (from all around the world) are commonly hired by businesses and the accountant would help them out by giving them a fake social security number and fake tax number cos these people will work for much less than a hired local and they would do anything to keep their jobs than be jobless and do nothing.
    That's about as anti American as it gets. Would you care for a pink cup of coffee?
  • FolexGT
    Schultz is trash. Looking for publicity. More low wage jobs.
  • Izumiblu
    I saw this announcement and sold my starbucks stock immediately... i couldnt give a sell order fast enough
  • Jager66
    Ya don't hire the homeless vets.. bring in people from other countries instead.
    • Izumiblu

      These guys are just the guys for you

      After Starbucks announcement, they cme out and announced they would be hiring veterans... and their business is booming.

    • Jager66

      @Izumiblu cool that's good to hear, now if only Starbucks would hire the inner city people who need decent jobs.

  • TripleAce
    Great exposure for them... just waiting for a potential terrorist to now use a starbucks as a part of the operation
    they won't have any to hire in japan because refugees are refused entry by the government because they want to protect the country and the people from crime, disease, etc.
  • ColinHarvey
    Starbucks has a good marketing team, and poor hiring standards.
  • Kuraj
    The only valid reason for hiring discrimination is occupational qualification.
    Unless these refugees are better at the job than the other applicants and have skills that are necessary to perform the job that the other applicants lack, this decision is in violation of the federal law which states that an employer cannot discriminate in its hiring process on basis of the applicant's race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, age, disability, or religion.

    But hey, for leftards positive discrimination is no discrimination, right?
  • RedThread
    Awesome. It's great how many American companies are standing up to political leaders lately.
  • ClauseViter
    Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth
  • jacquesvol
    Trumpos will start drinking tea in posh saloons with pink chairs.
  • kickme
    its unfortunate but i can only Boycott Starbucks once
  • starryeyedkitten
    I hope they make their coffee better then
  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    That's fair, Starbucks rule :)
  • Nadzzz
    Too much love and hugs for Starbucks <3
  • KiaTate
    People like boycotting stupid shit.
  • Soniant
  • helloitsmethere
    Starbucks is awesome!
  • ShayanMortazavi1998