A New Dr. Who In 2018


Peter Capaldi will stand down from his role as dr. Who at the end of the year. The 12th doctor is officially retiring. Who will be the 13th, I wonder...

A New Dr. Who In 2018

It would be interesting to see who could be some potential replacements.

Billie Piper says it would be refreshing - and about time - to see a woman filling that role.

She says: "I think it would be great [to have a female Doctor] given the spirit of the world at the moment. I think it would be timely".

Speculation for the new doctor have become and some of the favorites include:

Ben Whishaw

A New Dr. Who In 2018

Richard Ayoade

A New Dr. Who In 2018

Emma Watson

A New Dr. Who In 2018

Tim Roth

A New Dr. Who In 2018

Hayley Atwell

A New Dr. Who In 2018

Andrew Scott

A New Dr. Who In 2018


A New Dr. Who In 2018
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  • Zorax
    Ben Whishaw - I don't know who he is...
    Richard Ayoade - Never heard of him, but if it's true, he would be the first Afro-Doctor, quite an interesting idea.
    Emma Watson - I know that Time Lords are able to change biological gender, just like some species of frog, it would look strange at first, but I'd like to see Emma as The Doctor.
    Tim Roth would be a great Doctor, despite the fact he looks a bit more like a villain.
    Hayley Atwell - Sure, why not, she has some sort of charisma, but I still prefer Emma.
    Andrew Scott - I don't think so, his role of Moriarty in Sherlock wasn't very impressive.
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  • Valkyrie1
    I can hear them now, "those SJW's ruined Dr. WHO!".
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  • fauchelevent
    I've wanted Ben Whishaw to play the Doctor ever since I saw him in The Hour years ago <3
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    • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - amazing movie with him in the lead role.

  • cth96190
    I used to be a strong Dr Who fan (since 1966), but the current effort lost me when the producers used it as a vehicle to push race mixing.
    Rose: black boyfriend
    Donna: married black man
    Clara: black boyfriend
    By the time that we got to Clara, it was blatantly obvious that a narrative was being pushed.
    At that point, I turned off my television.
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  • JayGarrick
    I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Who. The Master becoming a woman was interesting but the Doctor might be a little too much. The Doctor's regenerations are the husbands of River Song after all. To user that mentioned the twelve regenerations, Peter Capaldi's doctor's regenerations were reset by the time lords so he's actually the Thirteenth if you include the other incarnations and disregard the Valeyard.
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    • Leos123

      14th if you include the war doctor

    • DrWhocool

      15 counting the tenth doctor's double and also River song dies with the tenth doctor and River marries the eleventh doctor so no she would no care

  • Zendrya
    It's time to stop doctor who... There aren't suppose to be more than 12 regenerations. It's going to be a huge plot hole that just ruins the whole thing
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  • Waffles731
    You know?
    Here's something, so when we meet the first doctor in the 1960s he's like 800 plus years old, now its the 13th doctor and he's only 900 plus years so that means that all the rest of the doctors besides the first are ridicilously short lived
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  • 1977Rob
    Not a fan of the pick a woman statements. Makes it seem like the person getting the job is getting it for a reason other than their talent, which undermines them before they even start the job.

    Ideally like all previous doctors, they will be cast because they bought something different/special to the auditions that fits with how the writers want to take the show forward.
  • ChocoLada
    Too bad, Peter was fantastic as Doctor Who. I guess the new Doctor should be Tim Roth, he is the most famous here, or Emma Watson but I don't think the Doctor should be a girl.
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  • FallOutBoy2001
    TBH, Sherlock ruined Andrew Scott for me. I cannot not see him as a chilling, psychopathic freak. But an adorably chilling, psychopathic freak, none the less
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  • GarySummer
    They shouldn't cast a woman or minority actor just for the sake of diversity. If there's a valid reason to the story or the direction they want to take the series in then fine, but they shouldn't just try to shoehorn one in.
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  • TheLuckyPizzaDog
    Richard Ayoade would be a good Doctor I think. He's quirky, like how Tennant was.
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  • gobsmacked3
    Watched the show since the 1970's and the Doctor always needs to be a male. They killed the mystique of the Master with 'Missy' and it will be the death knell for the show if they follow suit with the Doctor

    I think their choices with Matt Smith/Peter Capadi have been dreadful, made worse by the threadbare storylines. It is sad after Christoper Eccleston was truly brilliant and Tennant nearly his equal after
  • Blonde401
    I want a female doctor finally. But I would happily accept Richard Ayoade! 😍 Love him!
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  • Walrus_au
    Now while I have nothing against the idea of female characters, or female time lords.
    I think to do that to a single character would break the continuity.

    I'd be happier to see a storyline where the doctor discovers another time lord in hiding.
  • Leos123
    I think it's about time to have a female doctor. But I think Emma is too young. I want a more mature looking female doctor.
  • JuicyBrain
    I don't watch Dr Who even though I know I should, but I love Haley Atwell and never tire of watching her on screen. Loooove her accent. 😍
  • RealandGenuine
    Nope 😭😭 he was great. But I think Ben could be another good dr who.
  • Doffydood
    To be honest, I don't think it would be right for there to be a female Doctor Who. When I think of the Doctor, I think of a wise man, in particular, with a slight edge of defining humour in there.
    I liked Capaldi as the Doctor unlike most people, because he wasn't young. I don't think the Doctor shouldn't be young, but having an older man play the part fits the role better in my opinion :)

    Whishaw seems like an almost perfect choice, but almost too obvious for the role- might end up looking like a Matt Smith clone, which wouldn't do him justice :/ And I think I remember something about him not being too keen on the role? I'm not sure. Anyway, he's in Hollywood now. That also discounts Emma Watson.
    Not too keen on Scott taking the role, as I think DW is chummy enough with Sherlock.
    No idea who Haley Atwell is.
    Out of the ones listed, Richard Ayoade stands out as the most suited to the role. I would be okay with him taking up the role :)
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    • JuicyBrain

      Haley Atwell played Agent Carter on tv and in the movies Captain America. She now has a new show after Agent Carter was canceled.

    • Doffydood

      @JuicyBrain Oh right. She's probably a bit busy then.
      I didn't think I'd be getting downvoted like this ;-;

    • JuicyBrain

      You said something very unPC for today's standard. You said females shouldn't play the role...

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  • yourmom89
    i never got in to dr. who. i dont really know what it's about
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    • DrWhocool

      Doctor who. A alien from Gallifrey. two hearts has a Tardis carries a sonic ALWAYS has a companion.

  • hijusthi

    Thirteenth Doctor

    Doctor who lover?

    I loved Amy Pond 😭

    Best combination of all time A New Dr. Who In 2018
  • abundantlyrich
    Most of the English shows are always boring except for the comedies.
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