Intolerant Left Show Their True Colours Again By Attacking Free Speech.


The leftist narrative is imploding, they know that their only chance to try and maintain hegemony over the discourse is through violence and intimidation.

The violence seen at UC Berkley in the US is a classic example of what Herbert Marcuse wanted from the naive and gullible students and social misfits that fell for his rhetoric. He wanted absolute intolerance shown to all political and ideological opinions that did not conform to the left-wing narrative. He condoned and encouraged the physical suppression of political opposition to advance the goals of his own ideological worldview.

Intolerant Left Show Their True Colours Again By Attacking Free Speech.

This is exactly what we see across the West when so-called 'anti-racists' show up to physically attack and shut down Nationalist speeches and marches or even mild speeches given by Conservatives.

They are not interested in debate or challenging the opinions of others, they want to silence them and intimidate people into not expressing their own thoughts and opinions.

Expect riots like this to increase as the left act like cornered rats spewing their venom everywhere ready to bite. The Cultural Marxist ideology is falling apart, the rise of Nationalist Populism will push back the insane agendas forced upon our nations and socities. The only answer the left have is violence which only exposes their own real agenda.

Intolerant Left Show Their True Colours Again By Attacking Free Speech.

Why do they use violence to silence political opposition you may ask. The answer is very simple, the lefts ideological narrative is built on unstable foundations and they know it. They know that the general public given the opportunity would embrace Nationalism at the drop of a hat. That's why they do everything possible to silence their opponents.

These social misfits are your modern day Bolsheviks . A mish mash of criminals and psychologically unstable rootless nihilists who do the bidding of the establishment they claim to hate without even being even remotely aware of the fact. They are dedicated to the destruction of the social order of the West and its racial and cultural identity, they are the enemy within, the useful idiot fifth column of nation destroying Globalism.

Intolerant Left Show Their True Colours Again By Attacking Free Speech.

Another rather amusing aspect of this puerile riot, is that it was organised to prevent a Jewish homosexual who boasts about his ‘black lovers’ from speaking. Are they now the new ‘homophobic anti-semitic racists?’

The point is that this is how the left operates. Whether it be a Conservative they don’t want to speak, a Nationalist, a historian with an alternative viewpoint of history or anybody else that does not conform to their worldview, they will attack in exactly the same way.

Expect more of this as the left continues to devour itself. They are lashing out because they know they are losing the information war and the culture war.

Intolerant Left Show Their True Colours Again By Attacking Free Speech.

Intolerant Left Show Their True Colours Again By Attacking Free Speech.
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  • cth96190
    I wish that I had been there, but I am on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.
    It is time that patriots such as myself (former soldiers and students of martial arts) met violence with violence and took these gutless young punks apart.
    I would be interested to know what Californian law said about the use of lethal force in defence of the self, or others.
    In most jurisdictions, the law's concept of the reasonable person would have reason to fear for their life if they were set upon by a mob. Under such circumstances, in most jurisdictions, the use of lethal force would become legal.
    The piece of shit who maced the blonde girl, if he was still alive, he would need a proctologist to recover the can of mace, which would have been emptied down his throat, or up his arse, or both.
    The red filth need to learn that actions have consequences and that they are not untouchable.
    They are poking a bear that is comprised of millions of men who used to kill for a living. That will not end well for the reds.
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    • goaded

      You want to be like the guy who shot a protester at University of Washington?

      After which Milo claimed it was the protesters doing the shooting in the hopes of silencing him.

    • cth96190

      I do not need a firearm to kill Marxist filth.

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  • Rissyanne
    It is ridiculous isn't it. And a lot of the liberals will defend this.
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    • Rissyanne

      I notice on liberals are commenting... lol

    • TheFlak38

      Yeah as always.

    • Rissyanne

      Now they are saying freedom of speech pertains to the government

  • Dred1614returns
    The left believes in and protects free speech, only if you agree with them.
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  • mike5150
    The tolerant left. That is unless you don't agree with them. In which case they will riot, burn buildings, murder police, etc.
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  • Soteris
    ... You do realize that technically "freedom of speech" is only protecting you from the government trying to censor you, right? It has nothing to do with private people and pretty much nothing to do with private organizations either.

    Besides from where I stand this is a common reaction from when people are ignored and suppressed. When people are pressured they get emotional and emotions can "run high". Their "identity" does not really matter. As a society we all more or less respond the same. Its called "group mentality".
    • TheFlak38

      Who the hell said anything about seeking protection by freedom of speech?
      And it has very much to do with private organisations and people since they are being sponsored only from politicians with the same ideas. Or from the professors of the corrupt, marxist dominated universities of the Western World.

    • Soteris

      It matters because "Freedom of speech" does not exist outside of this context, especially since people like you seam to think its a constitutional right to ensure you can gobble on uninterrupted to anyone you wish.

      But again even if you think its sponsored by politicians or whatever it really does not bring freedom of speech into the picture. Your lack of understanding of your own constitution is scary.

    • TheFlak38

      You clearly miss the whole point, or maybe you dont miss it but merely prefer to create a false trail and draw the attention away from the topic. We are talking here about a group of people that for decades is busting our balls about free speech, equality, equal rights and a dozen other terms that are nowhere to be found in nature and all of a sudden they expose themselves as the liars and hypocrites they always were, by proving that "certain" people are a bit more "equal" and have some more "equal" rights than other people, depending on how much you agree with them or not.

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  • Iraqveteran666
    And the police did nothing
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