Cultural and Racial Appropriation


If appropriation is a bad thing - why is one appropriation worse than the other?

Cultural and Racial Appropriation

If a person dresses like another race - they're racist...If a white man wears cornrows he's appropriating black culture and is being racist, but if a black woman is dressed as Virgin Mary she isn't appropriating a religion (even if it is her own religion) she's just being creative...

Cultural and Racial Appropriation

Vanessa Hudgens got a lot of heat for 'appropriating' Indian culture because she wore a bindi, but Beyonce is adored for dressing up as Virgin Mary?

Cultural and Racial Appropriation

How is this fair? How is this logical? Does it make sense? Maybe for a stage anything is allowed?

Cultural and Racial Appropriation

You choose.

What others call appropriation some might find to be respect, love and admiration of that culture or religion > at least the aesthetics of it. It might be a homage, not a disrespect...

You decide.

Is this all about who's got the power, who's more loved, who brainwashes more people into submission?


Cultural and Racial Appropriation
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  • vishna
    She wasn't simply dressing as the virgin Mary. In the last album, Beyonce really started to display pride and representation of African deities in her last visual album, Lemonade. One deity in particular she has been channeling is Oshun, an African deity of sexuality, beauty, and more.
    Oshun and Beyonce's outfits are similar due to
    -gold/yellow (which she is heavily associated with in Africa along with green in Nigeria)
    -intricate headdresses
    -bikini type garments
    Yes, she had a headdress, but a headdress isn't automatically and exclusively the virgin Mary. As a Christian with roots from Africa, why can't Beyonce wear intricate headdresses? Why can't she channel the virgin Mary. The virgin Mary is known for her contributions to Christianity more than anything else... Beyonce is a Christian. Also, the halo things doesn't seem to belong to a culture, more like indicates divinity or something special. Doesn't seem to be appropriating a culture.
    Additionally, with her beging pregnant, she's may have been channeling elements from other goddess of fertility, love, etc-but Oshun is the main show here, the water, color, and that's backed up by her previous work.
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  • AleDeEurope
    Lol this cultural appropriation is bullshit.
    Cultural appropriation is saying something belongs to one culture, when it actually belongs to another, like saying chopsticks are part of White culture, for example.
    Wearing, or using something that was created by another culture simply because you like it, is not cultural appropriation. Is every non-White who uses the Internet appropriating White culture? Is everyone who uses light bulbs appropriating White culture? I don't see people saying that, but let a White person get dreadlocks and shit hits the fan XD

    This is just another form of racism. You hate certain people so much, you hate it when they use stuff created by your culture, even if they're actually praising those things.
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    • "This is just another form of racism. You hate certain people so much, you hate it when they use stuff created by your culture, even if they're actually praising those things."

      Say it one more time for the people in the back!

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  • front2back
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  • MazeOfLove
    This is easily one of the most difficult issues in our society today. Not only do we apply inconsistencies (as you're rightly calling out) to culture appropriations but we also over label everything and everyone as racist, sexist, etc.

    For example, take the white washing complaint. In Hollywood, money is the name of the game. If 'Ghost in the Shell', an expensive live-action adaptation of the popular Asian video game had an Asian lead character, it would VERY likely not make back its budget. How do I know this? The same way that studio heads and box office geeks do--past trends. The studio that cast Scarlett Johannsen in the lead role was deemed racist--I would deem them business smart.

    White washing, culture mis-appropriating, racist, sexist, etc. are all overused tags and there is one root cause for it: The power tilt. White, heterosexual, able-bodied, males (of which I am one) have had the advantage when it comes to opportunities and that has tilted the money and power in our direction. In this, when Hollywood casts a white person as a character that was historically represented as Asian or black, it is seen by Asians or blacks as racist. When a black or Asian person is cast as a character that was historically represented as white, it is seen as an opportunity to tilt the scales the right way. When a black person makes jokes against whites (like Nick Cannon recently did) it's seen as appropriate to the black community because whites already have the power, status--they can take it. When a white person makes jokes against blacks, it is seen as racist to the black community because whites already have the power, status--this is an example of them rubbing it in their faces.
    I am actually all for equaling the scales--I just don't like the overused, misused labels that go along with it.
  • Afro-dite9
    Actually.. She was imitating the African Goddess, Oshun! Research is everything!
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  • mutedaisy
    " if a black woman is dressed as Virgin Mary she isn't appropriating a religion (even if it is her own religion)" No, it's her religion.
    You can't appropriate things that are yours lol That's like saying an Indian woman appropriates her own culture while wearing a Beni.
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    • ProNWO234

      She wasn't appropriating your whorish religion.

    • mutedaisy

      @ProNWO234 what the fuck are you talking about you bag of monkey ass. I'm a Satanist.

  • Heirio
    People often confuse cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.
    An example of cultural appreciation is me eating sushi. I think it's good food. It's Japanese food and I like it. The person who made the sushi can enjoy a nice cup of tea. We're experiencing different cultures and we're becoming more interconnected. Cultural appreciation is a very good thing. I saw a story of a white girl who dressed up in a kimono on her birthday. She had taken extra care that everything she did (which surrounded the Japanese culture) was correct. She respected the culture and took part in it. That too is not cultural appropriation.

    An example of cultural appropriation is when a band (can't remember the name, maybe Led Zep, not sure) released a special album. The album was filled with African songs made by African people, but the songs themselves were played/covered by the band. The act of covering or playing the songs themselves isn't the cultural appropriation.
    The cultural appropriation part was when the band listed THEMSELVES as the writers. They took a song original written by African people and claimed it as their own. That is an example of cultural appropriation and that is what is not okay.
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  • Phoenix98
    You should probably tell that to the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeua otherwise known in Canada as Mr. Dress Up.

    Justin the Indian Chief

    Justin the Musketeer

    Justin the war hero

    Justin the Eskimo

    Justin the Scotsman

    Justin the proud gay man

    Justin the devout Muslim ( he later prays in a mosque wearing the same clothing )

    Justin the Arab

    Justin the Liberal

    Justin the Jew

    He's a one-man village people.
  • Blonde401
    She wasn't dressed as the Virgin Mary. She was dressed as an African goddess called Oshun who's a goddess of fertility. Also white people dont own the Virgin Mary. She was born and lived in the Middle East.
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  • TiffyPuff
    Yeah, that's B. S.

    Like, cultural appropriation is real... but it's not an epidemic and I'd say in today's world it's rare.

    An example of real cultural appropriation would be Elvis. He was a cover artist who stole black music already made and repackaged it for white people, since they didn't want black performers and artists.
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    • TiffyPuff

      But like, your example is just people whining and playing victim and stuff and being hypocritical.

  • rushthesand
    someone once had a really great answer to this, so I will post the link here:

    first comment
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  • natured
    I think they (and US ) are allowed to just wear whatever they want, we have the right to express ourselves in creative ways, we have that freedom, and we should use it, WITHOUT offending anyone... those pictures are not offensive, if it's her style COOL, but why would somebody offend her or call her off?
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  • Nice_Guy_Last
    Mary is Middle Eastern, and Christianity was stronger in Africa at one point than in Europe (See Ethiopia and it's +80% indigenous Christian populace). Not only that, religions are designed to be globablistic.

    Cultural appropropriation is another word for segregation. Now, if you take a symbol of another culture and make a satire of it, that's irresponsibly rude to the entire culture.

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  • BrileyCat
    Cultural and Racial Appropriation is fine with me . done respectfully .
    to say . i am not stealing your culture . i am admiring it .
    adopting and infusing its beauty and its essence into my consciousness .
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  • TheDevilInside
    Sooooo all Asians wearing colored contact lenses and dying their hairs other natural colors but black are racists...

    Only in America you have some "ethnic" individuals who have nothing to do so they get passed off at every insignificant thing and pull out the race card. Because... drama!
  • DizzySB
    It says she's she's dressed up as oshun, a Yoruba goddess. Not Virgin Mary.

  • RhythmBlack
    If one race can wear another race's culture and it can be called trendy/urban/edgy whereas the original is bashed for it then there is a problem.
    It's why black people are very annoyed when they're bashed for wearing natural hairstyles, and white people turnaround wearing cornrows/dreads and now they're called trendsetters.
    If a hijab is worn by a white woman (and she's not Muslim) and people call it cute/trendy/pretty, people are going to lose it.
  • helloitsmethere
    Kids, this is why research is important. -_-
    Beyonce's outfit was inspired by Oshun, the African goddess of fertility.
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  • KnightCross
    i think this whole discussion about race ant ethnic just shows off what a racist approach u do have with social phenomenas like that... really no wonder USA are full of racists, every damn thing they bring on the table something related to races... really let's move on we are all human beings
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  • spoonman2014
    Yes it isn't fair, however when a white person complains about these things is like the Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva MMA fight. I'm not using this analogy because they different colors. I'm using this analogy because Chael was kicking Anderson Silvas ass the whole fight because Anderson had a broken rib then he triangle choked him right in the end. But unlike Chael, a lot of white people complain about how unfair the one time something didn't go their way
  • cinderelli
    if someone tries to dress up as some other culture, I think that shows his/her admiration or likeness or respect to that culture and it should be approached with kindness and love, because this what leads to acceptance of diversity among all human beings.
  • FakeName123
    I find it ridiculous. On one hand those super liberal lefties claim that we are one human race, race doesn't matter, is a social construct, etc. - on the other hand when you behave like this you are literally Hitler.

    Come on. Exchange of cultures always happened. Whites don't start around telling other ethnicities to not wear jeans either. So stop making a non-issue into some butthurt issue.
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