My Most Controversial Opinions

This is a long myTake. If you don't want to read it all, I completely understand, you can just skim or read about the topics that interest you. But I would like it if you read it. Also, I completely agree that I could have made this into four or five separate myTakes, but I'm impatient, so here we go.

1. Money does buy happiness.

Do you need money to be happy? No. Does it help? Sure it does. A good amount of money gives you the opportunity to indulge in the things you love, makes you economically stress free, and is often a plus for finding or staying in friendships and romantic relationships.

Can money make you sad? Of course it can. And so can anything else in the world that is abused. That's not the point though, right? The point is that it can and often does increase quality of life.

2. No, Donald Trump is not a disaster for America

Am I Pro-Trump? No. Did I say that he's the best candidate? No. Did I say that he's going to make America great? No.

My Most Controversial Opinions

But he's not going to mess America up. Sure, he has a couple pretty controversial policies. Sure, he has voiced some outright false or unpopular opinions. But he often goes back on them, and never acts on the extremely unpopular ones. Remember, he's hasn't been a politician for very long. It's just that many people has stopped really listening to him, and started focusing on the "micro-aggression's", or the brief mistakes that he makes. However often they happen, they don't truly affect the future of America.

I notice and don't like how some people get some sort of "thrill" by joining the bandwagon of hate. It's often very pretentious. They hear people around them spread hate and talk like they're superior to Trump, so they do it too. Yes, it feels good to feel like you're better than the president of the United States. Yes, you feel smart when you look at him speak on the news while shaking your head at every word. But you've got to pay really attention to his plan and intention. I'm not saying you have to support him. I know I don't. I'm not saying you can't speak out against him. I know I do. I'm just saying, stop all this hatred. Yes, he may not be the most appropriate presidential candidate. Yes, he may say some inappropriate things. But no, he's not mentally ill. No, he isn't going to ruin America. The worst that can happen is an economic slowdown or maintaining America's current state. Remember, it's not easy to ruin America in four years, even if you were trying to.

Also, he wouldn't have become a billionaire or the president of America without intelligence, good strategic judgement, a plan, or a love for his country, all of which he has. Again, I am not pro-trump. It's just that no one notices or thinks about the policies that have actually been approved by some experts, such as:

- His plan to rebuild infrastructure (roads, schools, airports hospitals) which will result in more jobs in the long run and more jobs while actually applying these changes.

- Tax cuts - small businesses have been struggling to rise for a while, especially throughout the recession, which have negative impacts on America's economy. The high taxes were not making up for that, especially since the point of taxes is to benefit from thriving businesses, which is a catch 22 (a self conflicting situation) because the high taxes are preventing many businesses from thriving in the first place.

Trump is trying to invest in the future. I'm not saying he has all the right visions or policies. But he shouldn't be hated because he said an inappropriate word on tape 12 years ago, or because he's going to cause a couple dozen (sad - I agree) deportations that will be exaggerated and given a spotlight on the media. Honestly, although I do not agree with those policies, it's not going to terrible for America. Yes, it's morally wrong. But don't listen to the exaggerations on the media. No, America will not fall into chaos. Yes, a few thousand Muslims won't be able come to America anymore, and that's wrong. Yes, many Hispanics won't be able to stay in America (only around 1-2% of the population by the way, and he's planned to start with the criminals), and that's wrong. But it isn't the end of America, and it won't have any long term negative impact on the US or any other countries. The only aspect that will really be affected are a minority of the people, which is morally wrong (also just plain wrong). But it's not bad for America in the long run.

Historically, the world and it's governments have not and are not even morally righteous anyways. Why start causing hate and chaos now when we can think a bit more positive? Stop focusing on:

- Oh no! He tweets so much.

- Oh no! He said something inappropriate.

- Oh no! Look at how sad that family on T.V. looks! They were stopped for hours at the airport...

Don't listen to everything the news says. Their purpose is to make you feel like small incidents are the worst things that are happening, because it makes them money. You have to balance the good and the bad, and understand that many of the inappropriate things he says or does have virtually no effect on the future of America whatsoever.

I am not Pro-Trump. My opinion is not Pro-Trump. I am simply against the all too common pure hatred of Trump's existence, often based upon issues that aren't really "issues" in the long run.

Nobody is forcing you to like or vote for the Trump. I don't and wouldn't. But this hate bandwagon has gone too far and it needs to stop.

3. Nice guys finish last? False. So nice guys don't finish last? False.

Nice guys, or guys that portray themselves as gentle, compassionate, and/or friendly are not bad in and of themselves. Being a nice guy is not a bad trait, girls actually often crave it.

My Most Controversial Opinions
However, the reason that they have often been portrayed badly in our society is because those guys are often resorting to kindness or having a very giving nature to compensate for other flaws, such as lack of confidence, being physically unattractive, being bad at flirting, etc. which are unappealing qualities. Because of this, they are perceived as nice guys (as this is their defining quality) and are perceived as unappealing because this quality is displayed to compensate for their lack of other qualities. It makes that nice-guy quality, which is a good thing in and of itself, seem desperate or unappealing.

What we as a society are not perceiving correctly is the correlation. Specifically, the existence of one. There is no correlation between choosing to be a nice-guy and being unattractive because of that.

This misunderstanding is happening because when being a "nice guy" is used to compensate for other unappealing traits, it starts seems unappealing itself. This happens often when guys feel the need to be really nice to a girl because they feel like it's their only hope of winning her over.

I do believe that the people voicing their opinions against that trait are being logical to an extent. However, what we need to do is change the word that is used, because it sure is confusing a lot of guys. Let me try to explain this. When the "nice-guy trait" is displayed excessively, it will be viewed as unattractive, but so would any other trait if displayed excessively!

I'm sure you've heard of over-confidence, over-chattiness, being over-emotional, being overly sexual, being overly-clingy, I can go on and on about traits that are normally good things but are unattractive in excess.

There's nothing wrong with being a nice-guy. But since being overly-nice happens often (especially with guys who are compensating for negative traits), our society now thinks that these guys are often unattractive because they are nice. Our society now thinks that there is a connection between being nice and being unattractive. This is the correlation misunderstanding I was talking about earlier.

You might ask then why is being overly nice such a common issue among guys? Because it's easy. It's difficult to learn to be confident, to be a smooth talker, or to become attractive. You know what's easier? Buying a girl gifts, showering a girl with compliments and smiles, never being mean, basically being really nice to whoever you're trying to attract. It doesn't work. But that's only because in that particular case, it's used as a defining trait and/or in excess.

What everyone needs to understand is that guys can and often should try to be a nice-guy. Just like you can and often should be confident, easy to talk to, loyal, and talkative.

However, it doesn't mean you should be overly-nice (the term that should be used instead of "nice-guy" when talking about something bad). It doesn't mean you should be over-confident or overly talkative or overly clingy.

Being a nice-guy is not a bad thing. Our society has to change what we mean when we say the word "nice-guy". No, nice-guys don't finish last because they're nice guys. We have to change the way we talk about nice guys in our society. We have to learn that being a nice-guy has nothing to do with being unattractive.

4. No, McDonald's is not terrible for you.

P-p-processed meat!? Oh no! P-p-preservatives!? Oh no!!

My Most Controversial Opinions

Please, please just relax. Honestly, give McDonald's eaters a break. Did you hear about Stacey Irvine? She's a girl that at nothing but chicken nuggets since she was two. She was never overweight and it took her fifteen years to have side effects. Fifteen years of nothing but McDonald's nuggets and fries until she had real side effects.

So just take it easy. Just forget about that article you read that called McDonald's food poison. They do that to make a living. No, it's not poison. Yes, it's terrible for you and your mood if you eat it constantly. So don't eat it constantly. Ta-da! You're fine.

5. Why all this hate against feminism?

I think there is nothing wrong with feminism. Also, just as I think there is nothing wrong with extreme right wingers or extreme left wingers, I think there is nothing wrong with extreme feminists either (don't bring in Islamic extremists, these are violent people - different topic). They are hurting no one and I don't see why there is so much pure hatred. Just pure solid hatred for their existence. I am so against that. I personally don't agree with some of their views, but I am not groaning in pain whenever I hear someone voice strong feminist opinions. It is free speech on something they care about, and I respect that.

My Most Controversial Opinions

Sure, they have strong and often unpopular opinions. But we have nothing to worry about because most their views will never be acted upon in society because of their unpopularity. So why are we hating then? Bandwagon.

I personally hate the bandwagon effect. It grinds my gears so much. To clear things up, by bandwagon effect I do not mean forming opinions based on what others think. That's not what I'm saying.

The bandwagon effect I am referring to here is the feeling of pleasure derived from outwardly conforming to thoughts voiced by people around us, in this case, hatred of feminism or extreme feminism. Honestly, nobody's forcing you to agree with them, just let them be.

6. Why are some women acting like they need to be brash to be heard or respected?

I love girls. Maybe it's just the hormones, but I really love listening to girls speak and hearing what they have to say. I respect them and their opinions just as much as I do guys' opinions. Most men out there are like me, whether the media or feminist frequency agree with me or not.

My Most Controversial Opinions

There are three reasons why I don't like it when some women act like they need to be loud or border-line aggressive with their words to be respected, or if they need to voice the fact that they are strong women who can have views.

1- Aren't they doing this for equality? Isn't standing out from the crowd in an over-aggressive way the

opposite of that?

2- It is counter-effective. The reason they act like this in the first place is to be listened to and

respected, but this actually provides the opposite. Many people see it as either rude or

unnecessary, furthering the issue that they are trying to solve through this.

3- 99.9% of people agree that you can have and voice your own opinions. Most people take these

opinions seriously. I fully agree there are some men out there who aren't taking women seriously,

which is completely wrong. But acting like this is going to do the opposite of fix that. Staying

composed and voicing your opinions confidently is going to help (and this goes for all genders).

That being said, I am not saying that women can't speak out about the inequality that exists. I am all for that. However, when it comes to being brash or over-aggressive (and by overaggressive I don't mean aggressive - it's completely fine for both women and men to be a bit aggressive while speaking), it actually serves against the purpose that many women are righteously fighting for.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read that. I know it's long. If you have anything to say or any questions to ask (negative or positive) about anything or everything I had to say, please do. I often respond. Also, I would like it if you didn't hate on me or my opinions, especially if one of the opinions ticked you off (which is likely. ehm number #2).

My Most Controversial Opinions
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