Obama, Sanders and Clinton Should Step Up To The Plate And Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes! President Trump Paid More Than All Of Them Combined!


Thank you Rachel Maddow, the brainless loony liberal shill masquerading as a journalist, for breaking the news that President Trump not only pays enormous taxes, but pays more taxes (Including a much higher TAX RATE) than the fakes, phonies and frauds in the Democrat party who have been claiming for more than a year that he illegally pays no taxes combined. That includes Obama, Comrade Sanders, Hillary Clinton AND MSNBC, which is the phony, communist fake news network Maddow works for.

Not only does President Trump pay more taxes than all of these phonies combined, but he paid a higher tax RATE than the average person with a similar income and a much higher rate then ANY OF THEM DID.


Now that we know what President Trump paid, we are waiting for these phony socialists to step up to the plate and pay THEIR fair share ... President Trump paid a 25% effective rate in federal income taxes. That's nearly twice the rate that the phony communist Sanders paid.. the guy who is always blathering that billionaires don't pay enough taxes. Sanders is a TAX CHEAT... he paid barely HALF the rate President Trump paid. Step up and pay your FAIR SHARE you fraud! Obama needs to step up too. What a FRAUD! Democrats ... PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE YOU FREELOADERS!

Once again, I want to thank Rachel Maddow, the dumbest liberal in media, who was salivating and drooling when she stepped up to the camera to break news she assumed would hurt President Trump. In fact it did just the opposite... it VINDICATED him. She has to be the be the biggest moron on television (and that's going some when you see the competition she has in the liberal press).

PS: If one "i" wasn't dotted or "t" crossed on any of President Trump's tax returns, do you think Obama's crooked IRS -- the same IRS that illegally targeted conservative journalists and organizations -- wouldn't have taken him to court the entire time of the campaign? If there was anything illegal there, Obama's henchmen in the IRS would have taken him out in a heartbeat. The entire tax issue is as big a phony scam as the Russia deal. The good news is, that thanks do Rachel Maddow, the Democrats LOST their phony tax return issue. No one will believe anything they have to say about it after this.

The Democrats said Trump was broke and wasn't "a real billionaire." I'd say a guy who made $250 million dollars in one year before writedowns is definitely a billionaire. So that was false.

The Democrats said Trump doesn't pay any taxes. If $38 million in taxes in one year isn't "any" taxes I don't know what is. Not to mention the tens of millions of additional dollars he paid every year in sales tax, payroll tax, etc.

If President Trump "didn't pay any taxes," yet paid $38 million dollars and a rate of 25%, then I guess Obama, Sanders and Clinton paid LESS than ZERO... they must be stealing money from the US treasury instead of paying it TO the US Treasury.

It's quite clear now. The tax cheats are the very people who are always pointing the finger at other people to try to distract you from the truth -- The tax cheats are THE DEMOCRATS.



PRESIDENT TRUMP WINS ********* AGAIN *********

You want to talk about fairness? There should be some kind of lifetime cap on taxes any individual person has to pay. Haven't people like President Trump shouldered enough of the cost of running the country? After you pay a certain amount it isn't fair to make you have to carry the entire country by yourself. There should be a lifetime limit after which you don't have to pay anymore.

Obama, Sanders and Clinton Should Step Up To The Plate And Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes! President Trump Paid More Than All Of Them Combined!

Obama, Sanders and Clinton Should Step Up To The Plate And Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes! President Trump Paid More Than All Of Them Combined!
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  • Starrk
    In the name of Ahura Mazda. Do you have any idea what those numbers mean or are you just looking at which number is bigger?

    First of all, you're comparing a 2005 tax rate system with a 2015 tax rate system. Even a caveman would know that you can't compare individuals tax rates with a 10 year gap between them. Our entire system regarding taxes was totally different in 2005 (under Bush and before the Recession) as compared to 2015 (under Obama and after the Recession). In 2005, Obama made $1.65 million and he paid 33% of taxes on it. Don't believe me, look it up, his tax return since 2000 is all online.

    Secondly, you can't compare the individual tax rate between Trump, Obama, and Sanders when they don't make nearly the same amount you dodo bird. Trump in 2005 made $150 million (after writing off $103 million in business losses which greatly lowered his tax payment). Since America has a progressive tax system, he is going to be required to pay more due to his high income.

    Obama in 2015 made $477,383, his federal taxes were $93,362, and his Illinois state taxes were $22,640. This equates to a state tax rate of 4.7% and a federal rate of 19.5% for a total of 24.2% which is perfectly normal for a household that brings in between $400,000 - $500,000 a year. Not to mention an additional 15% of his AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) went to 30 different charities.

    Not only is the premise of your argument wrong for trying to conflate 2005 tax year with 2015 tax year, but your rant is laughable because all your chart shows us is that Trump paid his taxes 12 years ago. However, unlike Obama we don't know anything about his tax return from 2006-2016.
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    • Thank you. I'll also add that his 1995 return suggests he would not any income tax at all in 2005, so it isn't a baseless assumption. He he released his returns, we wouldn't be talking about this.

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  • Rissyanne
    The liberals are not going to ever admit they screwed up on this. Maddow is such an idiot. Now she is the laughing stock on all the news networks.
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  • Soteris
    Well before you say this we should know what Trump pays in the first place.. Like release his tax returns already.
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  • Dred1614returns
    Trump only paid $38,000,000. What a savage.
    The left acts like taxes are charity, and they make it seem like taking all the deductions that one is entitled to is bad. That came out in the VP debate.

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