Comey's public and under oath lands some fairly honest punches to the not so perfect Left

Comey's public and under oath lands some fairly honest punches to the not so perfect Left

Let's face they were slow punches but fair. Did Bill Clinton's tarmac meeting influence his reopening of the email scandal. His answer was a hard yes.

Throughout his carrer Comey has been involved ina Clinton investigation all three times. I'm not saying he's against them or witch hunting. He was part time f the whitewater investigation that ultimately found nothing. He's a moderate Republican who throughout his career has done his best to act in his positions ethically as opposed to politically.

When pressed as to why he didn't call a special counselor for the email scandal he said there simply wasn't anything there it would have been punitively unfair and given then wrong impression to the public. This is the man who started the ball rolling towards Bill Clinton's impeachment do not a friend of the Clintons'. He had good reason from experience to reopen based on the inappropriate tarmac talk.

He also revealed that Obama and the AG advised him to call the investigation into the Clinton Email Investigation as a 'matter' instead of 'investigation' which he found deeply troubling.

He also outed himself as preemptively taking detailed memo and wording them so that they would not be classified and free to public knowledge from his very first meeting with Trump. He turned these memos over to a friend with instruction to take to journalists once he became a private citizen.

He aired it all. Neither side is perfect. Anything that wasn't classified he let fly.

Comey's public and under oath lands some fairly honest punches to the not so perfect Left
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  • lizziepooh03
    My boyfriend and I woke up early to watch his testimony before the Intelligence Committee. I watched the first 75 minutes of it and then started work.

    I have been disengaged from the world of politics for quite awhile now so I had no previous knowledge of anything before listening to the testimony. Here are my thoughts...

    1) My impression of Comey is that he is competent and probably was very good at his job and was a very good Director and would be a very good high level executive manager in any field.
    2) That the Intelligence Committee, true to form of how our political world is now, were partisan in their question asking. I specifically wanted to watch this since I have watched a lot of senate hearings in the past and I wanted to see how this was handled. Unfortunately, partisanship is such a normal thing now that it even infects this committee even though they have all developed a respectful working relationship with each other prior to this hearing since they often would have briefings together and yet, they played the partisan game.
    3) There is nothing that can be prosecuted criminally and they all know this and yet, they all create this circus for their "team", whichever team it is. Now don't get me wrong, I believe Trump placed pressure on him to end the investigation. I believe asking if you like your job and saying there are many people that want your job was an attempt to pressure him. However, you can't prosecute someone for asking if they like their job and saying that many people want your job. You just can't... even if we all know it was an attempt to pressure him.
    4) I feel bad for Comey. Here was a man just doing his job and I suspect he did his job well and now he has all this drama to deal with. The bags under his eyes make me believe he has not gotten much sleep. I looked at the bags under the eyes of the Senators and I did not see any sleepless nights in them so shame on them.

    Shame on all us. As I told my boyfriend, we do not need the Russians to manipulate us or our news; our media and social networks do that to ourselves already. People need to learn to always investigate everything that is reported. Go to the source, make your own conclusions. Never trust a headline.

    But I am done with paying attention. People are too dumb to think for themselves and politicians know this and use it and truth just does not matter anymore to anyone so I am done. And I am glad I do not have kids.
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  • legalboxers
    Nothing will happen. seriously, if something does happen I will be in shock. I remember sitting as a kid watching Iran-Contra (me playing in my tv room watching this) and engrossed with this, and flash forward, and it repeats itself.
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    • Waffles731

      Reagan should have faced the gas chamber over Iran Contra

    • @Waffles731 Watergate, Iran Contra, now this. Do you think they would actually learn their lesson? I dont think so..

    • sjoes006

      @Waffles731 I'm just glad Comey had his day in court so to speak at this point. Even in October when everyone was pissed at him I couldn't blame him. I think he did the right thing. If Hillary would have won had he not opened and closed the latest leak it would have tainted her presidency.

      Honestly more than anything today I hear a public servant who so deeply believes in right and wrong and what is just and unjust speak.

      His record speaks for itself as you know. He stood bedside of Ashcroft when he was in ICU upon being tipped the Bush admin was coming to the hospital to try and get Ashcroft to sign a wiretapping extension.

      Ashcroft mustered the words no and Comey's 6'8 ass showed them the door.

      He is the person who can unbiasedly tell you how bad the Clintons are. He indicted Martha Stewart. He knows Bill plays it close to the cuff on certain legal matters but is undeniably not a criminal. Trump we shall see.

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  • inventboot
    if this was anyone other than trump, they would impeach them.. but because it's trump, they say "yes, lets keep this fascist dictator in office"

    lets face it, our democracy has failed
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    • sjoes006

      I listened to most of his testimony today at work with of course disturbances and am rewatching it. Comey was treated with great respect by almost all memebers of the committee.

      Comey isn't a liar, Comey has a lengthy and respected career by both sides of the aisle.

      The only The he spoke today was his personal experiences with Trump sequestering him into inappropriate meetings along inappropriate lines that push the envelope close to obstruction of justice. The conversations Comey concluded are just shy of obstruction of justice. But is his firing then cause to investigate Trump for obstruction? He can't answer that question but that's the way things are headed.

      Trumps tax returns are going to be subpoenaed and he's is most certainly now under investigation. He wasn't before the firing but has been since for obstruction of justice. Paul Ryan says he is new and didn't know better but that never works when I get a speeding ticket.

    • Waffles731

      @sjoe006 how fast are you going that you are getting a speeding ticket in texas?
      Cause when my parents lived there, you wouldn't get one on a highway unless you were going ninety, or happened to be Black and in your Air Force Dress Uniform and going to a formal event

    • inventboot

      i heard texas doesn't have a SL

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  • jacquesvol
    Comey has a deep hate of Clinton, that's clear.
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  • Waffles731
    you are right, neither side is perfect
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