The Left's Hypocrisy over the Grenfell Tower Fire Incident


I’m sure most of you have heard about the Grenfell tower fire in London in which scores of people have been killed. What stands out in all of this is that the left are trying to turn this into a political issue blaming austerity and are using it as an excuse for political gain by blaming political opposition.

The Left's Hypocrisy over the Grenfell Tower Fire Incident

They are claiming that this is a political issue, but when Islamic terrorism strikes the UK and people are killed, none of these same people make the political connection to open door mass Islamic immigration and forced multiculturalism.

If anyone does make the connection, they are pilloried for using tragedy for political gain and are labelled as being ‘racists’ regardless of how true the connection being made is.

This shows the levels of nauseating hypocrisy synonymous with the left. When they can use tragedy for political gain it is called ‘social justice,’ but when people speak out against mass immigration, forced multiculturalism and Islamic terrorism, the left go into a frenzy of moral outrage.

If what happened in London is a consequence of political ineptitude and political malpractice, then the Islamic terrorism we have seen is a consequence of those very same politicians supporting the ongoing demographic destruction of Europe.

The left don’t get to determine what is morally acceptable and what isn’t, they are the ones with the blood of countless innocent people on their hands with their support for the governmental policy of transforming our nation.

What happened in London was indeed a tragedy and nobody wants to see innocent people killed let alone children, but for the left to try and score points over their political rivals is reprehensible.

The difference between the grenfell tower fire and Islamic terrorism, is that the grenfell tower was an accident, there has been no suggestion as yet of it being started deliberately. Islamic terrorism however, is a result of the intentional mass importation of Islam into the Europe.

If all political acts and decisions have consequences, then that also extends to the admittance of hostile religions and cultures into our homelands.


The Left's Hypocrisy over the Grenfell Tower Fire Incident
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