Ivanka Trump's Shoe Manufacturing Based On Verbal and Physical Abuse Of Workers


Three activists recently went undercover and discovered that workers making Ivanka's shoes worked overtime past 12:00 am, steep production quotas as well as horrible verbal abuse!

Ivanka Trump's Clothing Based On Verbal and Physical Abuse Of Workers

These activists also reported workers getting injured by managers - managers hitting them with the 'heel end of the high-heeled shoes'.

Ivanka Trump's Shoe Manufacturing Based On Verbal and Physical Abuse Of Workers

The founder of the activist group described the factory as such: "Among the worst he has seen in nearly two decades investigating labor abuses."

Make America great again!

Ivanka Trump's Shoe Manufacturing Based On Verbal and Physical Abuse Of Workers

Ivanka Trump's Shoe Manufacturing Based On Verbal and Physical Abuse Of Workers
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  • Ellie_copter
    Didn't Beyonce Blue Ivy clothing line which is manufactured in Sri Lanka was accused of abusing the workers and paying them 63 cents an hour? A lot of companies hire manufacturers from these third world countries to produce their products at very cheap prices , resulting in terrible working conditions and human rights violation.
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    • cavmanier

      Yeah but she can get away with it though. Then Mrs. Obama can get outraged at the way Trump spoke of women, and contradict herself standing on stage with Beyonce and J z who talks about bitches and hoes in his music. He can say "big pimpin" to the public overtly, but Trump can't make an exaggerated private sexual comment like probably half of males privately do.

    • @cavmanier all good points. Democrats and their supporters are massive hypocrites

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  • Chief16
    Lulz, Make America Great again.
    *posts pictures of Chinese workers*
    Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Nike etc etc have been doing this for decades and suddenly these activists are concerned now? So conveniently with a business that just happens to be owned by Trump's daughter?
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    • Don't forget about Coca-Cola and Pepsi draining the water table in South American countries causing droughts

    • Phoenix98

      It's stupid people like sally never cared about any of these people or these issues until Trump got elected then all of a sudden it becomes a problem? And notice how she completely ignores every other company in the world that does this and focuses directly on Trumps daughter.

      *sniff* I smell propaganda and bullshit.

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  • backdoorman
    "Three activists recently went undercover and discovered..."

    You lost me right there. I did not vote for Donald Trump and am not a fan, but neither am I a fan of people who do anything they can to bring him down or trash his reputation, including indirectly via his daughter.
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    • Exposing hypocrisy is extremely fair... No matter who someone is.

    • I agree, as long as they are not trumped up charges (forgive the pun).

  • Viperkiss
    I find it interesting that before the election china was the source of all evil to trump. After the election, over a piece of chocolate cake (not the McDonald's big Mack he claimed he would feed him) trump and the chairman become boosum buddies and THE VERY SAME DAY all of trumps pending permits for business and building were expedited.
    Now china is suddenly his best buddy.
    What happened to china being the bad guys?
    It's amazing people believe and support a known lier.
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    • When everyone's a liar you can get away with it. Since when has someone that told the truth been elected? not in the past 100 years at least if ever.

    • @lEat70sBush Hillary Clinton told so many lies her alziemers means she can't keep track of them.

  • vishna
    People saying to lay off her bc other people do it are a part of the problem. Just because she is one of many wrong doers doesn't make her any less wrong, as head of the company -with her name on the company- she profits from suffering. As consumers are made more aware of what their dollar really buys, they are speaking with their wallets-conscious shopping is a growing trend. So, a really smart business person (and a good person) would make sure the people making her product is done humanely (bc her name will suffer otherwise)(or people will not care for bs reasons)
    I'm a broke recent graduate, I don't have loads of money to spend on clothes but I don't shop at places like Zara bc there have scandals in the past involving slave labor-and I'm not down for that, no matter how good the deal. And after reading this, (link below) I do feel bad for shopping recently (and for the first time) at H&M. I probably will just look next time I'm out with friends vs buying anything.
    I don't see what the issue is-if something is wrong and the solution is as simple as not spending money, how is it really difficult?
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  • DonkeyRick69
    This is every company that outsources to the 3rd world and the fashion industry is the biggest culprit of it. Basically everyone from the owner to the designer to models and to the person buying those goods is just as responsible. The paid overtime past 12.00 to meet quota is common in any factory as is the picture you've shown but I suspect you have a grudge against Ivanka because of who her father is and for her politics when in fact she represents the strong role model white feminists long for being a working mother and wife, a successful buissness woman, as published author, her , as a model, as a fashion designer, as a spokeswoman for women's rights. Not to mention her high level of education and charity work.
    I don't understand why she gets so much hate and internalised mysogny from white feminist and antisemitic hatred from SJW'S.
    Also could I have a link to your activist group as the whole thing sounds made up.Ivanka Trump's Shoe Manufacturing Based On Verbal and Physical Abuse Of WorkersIvanka Trump's Shoe Manufacturing Based On Verbal and Physical Abuse Of Workers
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  • Phoenix98
    Are you still spewing the same cancerous garbage?

    Also you do realize that virtually every company in the world does this? But yet to people like you it only matters once Trump is president and his daughter owns a shoe company. Up until that point you wouldn't have given a rats ass about any of those people and still don't, you only want to push this political agenda and nothing else matters.
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    • and you also will always defend him despite whatever shit he does... because he's the "President" you chose and you couldnt possibly admit to have been wrong to some degree...

    • Phoenix98

      @SteppingOnRoses I never defended the president or his daughter I just stated a fact. She and a lot of other people never cared about nor even brought up the subject until Trump became president. You can't hate one company for doing something just because they are affiliated with someone and then completely ignore every other company that does the exact same thing because they're not in any way related to Trump or his family.
      In what world does that make any sense?

      She's the kind of hypocrite that will talk and bitch about this kind of stuff and then go buy shoes made in a sweatshop.

      Plus Sally has a reputation on here for spewing all sorts of nonsense, this is no exception. All she cares about is propaganda that's it. She can't be reasoned with, even when you prove her wrong she still thinks she's right.

      And someone from the UK has little right to complain given the current state of Europe and the UK as a whole.

    • Europe will sort itself out. Dont worry.

      I do hope the US also sorts itself out though.

  • MarkRet
    That's how Republicans get rich. 'Good, smart business' practices usually involve sweatshops, usually filled with illegals (at the same time they want to build a wall).
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    • Did she start this business " with a small loan of a million dollars" from her father?

    • MarkRet

      @Bezbozhnikustanka - I don't know much about Ivanka, but I'm sure she's gotten everything from daddy, just like George W Bush.

    • No, the smart businesses put the sweat shops in the source country and simply ship the finished product here, no illegals required.

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  • cavmanier
    Reminds me of

    You're mad at his daughter for capitalizing on foreign cheap labor, but ignore the Clinton Foundation's corruptions or Obama's 800,000 for two speeches to wall street companies. You aren't going to mention how Trump donated his whole paycheck to the national park service though right?
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    • Trump's got other money, so he can easily afford Uruguayan president José Música gave 90% of his salery to the poor, and that was the only money he had.

    • Why do rich "philanthropists" always set up "foundations" instead of just giving money to a homeless person or writing a cheque to a proper charity? Why are these foundations always run by a son or daughter of the founder despite the fact that he or she has zero employment experience? Do foundations exist solely to provide sinecures for children who were they born poor would be working in Walmart for minimum wage?

    • Rissyanne

      @Bezbozhnikustanka because like in the case of the Clinton foundation... it's a ruse. Just like the Clintons begged for money for the Haitians... they never saw a dime of it.

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  • TripleAce
    Pretty normal if you're a business trying to maximize profits
    Just so happens we feel the 'need' to pick on her cause her father is the president

    Leave the president's daughter alone hahah
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    • They're all the same, those who controls the means of production all steal surplus labour from the poor sods who operate the means of production.

    • Rissyanne

      @Bezbozhnikustanka what the hell has Chelsea Clinton done? She is as corrupt as her parents

    • @Rissyanne Why don't you steralize all rich people? When we play Monopoly we all start on go with £200 and no property, so, why is it acceptable for people like Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump and Prince Charles to be born with more money than me? Castrate all millionaires, problem solved!

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  • Impregnator511
    True, which is what I've been saying all along. Not that I care about Ivanka Trump's shoes, but this is why goods are so cheap. If we made our own stuff in the West it would cost five times as much and we wouldn't even be able to buy clothes, electronic goods, anything but food actually.
  • NerdInDenial
    Verbal abuse... lol... people have no idea what that truly fucking is
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    • Poppykate

      Lol sounds similar to retail and hospitality!

  • FakeName123
    Just like Apple, Zara and every other big global company.

    Of you want to do something about it, buy in local manufacturies.
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  • Stamps
    This is what a bunch of companies do, and now suddenly because it's Trump's daughter, it is terrible?
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  • Rissyanne
    Ridiculous... typical question though.
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  • lEat70sBush
    They don't like it they can quit and go work as whores. In places like Thailand and other 3rd world shit holes I can guarantee Ivanka's "abuse" would be mild by comparison. Don't like the way a boss treats you? Then quit, simple. No one is going to take a leather whip to them or forcing them to work at gunpoint. Unless she's contracted with North Korean factories of course. Just another perk besides cheaper labor and laxer environmental regulations and yet another reason jobs are outsourced: there they can't strike or sue you or quit and collect unemployment (which the boss pays the premiums for) if you decide to be an asshole.
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    • GThe bosses pay the premiums for unemployment out of surplus labour they stole from the workers, so, really workers pay the premiums for unemployment.

    • @Bezbozhnikustanka Yeah, well, the gov't doesn't look at it that way.

    • Well, the government's wrong. Everything is explained in minute detail in "Das Kapital".

  • abundantlyrich
    The Trumps still need the cheap Chinese labour to make their gear to make business in Amerika.
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  • Bezbozhnikustanka
    You know how you can choose cheap battery eggs or free range. Why can't you choose cheap sweat shop or decent conditions?
  • SnowHearth
    And the designs are stolen, according to a fashion designer.
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  • Walrus_au
    Much as I am suspicious of things that confirm my bias. I find it hard to muster surprise.
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  • SupMates
    Republicans do not care about other people, just making tons of profits. They're sick human beings!!
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    • Rissyanne

      Kinda like obama making money off his speeches. Or Hillary making money off her Wall Street speeches. Or Bernies wife evicting disabled people

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Sounds like the same working conditions reported for makers of iPhones.
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