How To Fight Abuse At Work

There are many types of abuse in the workplace
There are many types of abuse in the workplace

We are all aware of the possibility of sexual harassment at work ~ for both women and men. Few of us know or realize the existence of bullying or other types of abuse in the workplace which may even be evidence of other possible future types of harassment.

I myself had to learn the hard way ~ seeing, suffering verbal and psychological abuses that led to bolder advances from the other side.

90% of workplace harassment is never officially reported.

Last year I decided to go after my dream of running my own business, resigning from my current job and starting an adventure. As I didn't know much about Business, I decided to partner with a former co-worker who already had several successful ventures and chose me as the representative of his franchise in my city. That way, I would learn what I could from his partner while I helped them thrive.

Everything seemed perfect: a one-year contract, decent enough payment to start my business in the future, and freedom to give my views as a boss. However, his partner didn't seem to believe in my capabilities.
I found myself feeling increasingly unhappy at work, without even realizing that I was living in an extreme situation of moral harassment. A state that frustrated and embarrassed me, making me to feel threatened in many aspects, whether emotional, psychological and worse, even physical. Everything pointed to a toxic environment.

Work relationships can be toxic too...
Work relationships can be toxic too...

But it wasn't just me who went through all this. There was one employee in particular - there's always one - who was my superior's favorite punching bag. Looking at this, I started to see a pattern of abuse in the workplace and put together some actions that might help you distinguish your situation:

  • The boss doesn't give any tasks and leaves the employee isolated.
  • The boss gives wrong instructions, with the aim of harming or not passing information necessary for the activity.
  • They assign imaginary errors to the worker.
  • They make bad jokes or criticism in public.
  • The boss enforces unjustified schedules.
  • They force the employee's dismissal.
  • They take out your work instruments, such as phone, computer or desk, to cause embarrassment.
  • The superior prohibit colleagues from talking or having lunch with the worker.
  • They circulate evil rumors and slander about the worker.
  • The boss submits the worker to public or private humiliations.
  • Unfair and illegal punishments.
Most of the times, the worker is forced to quit the job
Most of the times, the worker is forced to quit the job

It is important to know the difference between bullying with company practices for error control. Companies have legal means of punishment, such as warning and even dismissal for cause.
When harassment scales to something more serious ~ as in my case ~ I ran out of action. I couldn't miss that opportunity because of some unprofessional jerk who didn't know his limits.

If the situation is really out of control, what should you do?

Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
  • Enforce limits: Make it clear that you do not accept that type of behavior. I was very assertive the first opportunity I had about my discomfort regarding sexual comments and inappropriate touches.
  • Find proof: It's not easy, but an email exchange already can be enough. You can even record the harassment.
  • Talk to HR: Large companies have the area of human resources that accept anonymous complaints. I didn't want to be recognized as the employee who reported the boss, but I didn't hide in anonymity, and I think it helped other people to come forward with their complaints.
  • Report: It is possible to make a report to the union.
  • Justice: If none of the other options help, you can always sue to solve the problem.

I know it's not easy to go through this situation, let alone take action, but first of all you have to know that you are not to blame and who is wrong is the other person. Also, a lot of people are afraid of losing their jobs, for denouncing them, but putting yourself in an unpleasant situation like this can lead to much more serious things in you life.

Thanks for reading!

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How To Fight Abuse At Work
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  • Jjpayne
    I've never thought about moral harrassment before, it's a very interesting term! And a toxic environment is another great term too!! It's honestly refreshing to see harrassment take another form other than sexual. Harrassment is bad in all forms of course but this type of harrassment is something that we can all equally experience. Its something that is important to highlight! Sexual harassment at work is important to call out but other types of abuse that people don't even realize is happening! All I can say is this was one of the better mytakes I've seen in a while. Thank you! And thank you for posting this helpful advice!
    Is this still revelant?
    • Right , because we need more "victims" in the corporate world.

      Doesn't anyone actually do real work?

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho!!! :)

  • spartan55
    I worked at a company where one of my supervisors was a REAL redass. He berated and. verbally abused lots of employees there. Of course, one day it was my turn, and I walked away giving no reaction. Then I went and immediately told my direct supervisor, who told me to type up a statement and he would submit to HR. I did, and two weeks later that supervisor was FIRED for verbal abuse of multiple employees. Found out 26 formal complaints were filed against him. Companies DO NOT tolerate any sort of abuse now, as they shouldn't.
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    • Inbox

      It should've never gotten to 26 points to begin with...

    • spartan55

      I agree, I'm glad I contributed to his dismissal though...

    • spartan55

      Thanks for the MHO!

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  • captain_voidwalker
    Easy fix. Make all men work on one area, all women work in another. Make communication between co workers forbidden except by email or in meetings.
    No more knew on one meetings.
    No more company functions such as a company picnic , Christmas party, etc.
    • Genders can be mean to their own genders as well. Hehe

  • This article is 100% spot and I've first hand experienced it. The more resiliant you are, the worse it will get and each of those points will occur. Can HR help? perhaps, but you'd have to show confidence and video record it all so you aren't branded a paranoid delusional.
  • Paul09
    At my work there's these disgusting men. Married, or with someone, and start touching other women at work without their consent. Sometimes it's even sexual talk, and or touching. And they use to get away with it. Finally after years one guy got fired cause of it. Women seem to be scared to speak up, Speak Up! Do not wait, tell your boss or someone. Then I wonder how these men have wives or girlfriends... 😑
  • ArrowheadSW
    Wow that is some pretty serious stuff! Here in the States all of that would be considered to be a HUGE HR problem.
    • HR do not help anyone in these situations. When you're up against 100s of people with connections creating events around you at work and in public (shops, streets, roads, parks, supermarkets, trainstations, your area of living, your own neighbourhood), would you report it to HR? and by the way they call you paranoid before youve even reacted to it. The amount of things I've experienced when i showed my resiliance and waited til the day they'd hand my notice, you'd never believe. I wish i'd recorded it all, but even they hack your electronic devices. They even blackmail your family. Soon after your last day, they stop. But you'll still have a family member accusing you of being paranoid because they refuse to believe it. Ha

  • nadiahannah
    if you got to big companies maybe talk to HR will resolve your problem. But most of the time with smaller company where HR and Boss know each other its can be a problem.

    Your best choise is stand up and say what you need to say. Me personally will stand for my right and if that doesn't effect my boss ill leave.
  • WhereAmI
    Unjustified schedules, incorrect 8information or lack of work assignments are all perfectly legal and just part of the work environment. Your only recourse is to find a new boss or new job. Welcome to the world of unfair bosses and poor work environment in general. The public shaming is definitely something to bring up with HR.
  • Gedaria
    They are work colleges, not friends. Keep everyon at arms length.
    Talk only about work stuff.
  • not329446
    As long as you have men and women working together you will have issues.
    If you're not happy with the work environment move on.
    If you think you have a better idea start your own business. create the invironment you want.
  • My wife keeps everything documented even HR doesn’t do anything. Showing a progression of behavior is important. Especially if it escalates.
    • @OddBeMe So your wife keeps notes about everything and everyone at work? That is creepy as fuck.

    • Inbox

      @KrakenAttackin If you were in her shoes, you'd probably doing the same when no one is helping.

    • @Inbox She needs a new job and/or therapy.

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  • Hunter7754
    HR doesn't do anything. at least for anything that isn't considered sexual harassment.

    My friend who is on the autistic spectrum suffered horrible abuse from his job and HR didn't do shit
    • HR is a feminist stronghold filled with incompetent people. HR throws pizza parties and fired people. How hard is that?

    • Hunter7754

      @KrakenAttackin I agree, HR Is complete bullshit.

      HR is also very biased against men. My brother got sexually harassed by another man. The guy grabbed his butt, and my brother slammed him up against the wall, and my brother was the one that got in trouble.

    • Levin

      HR is mostly designed to subtly implement the will of management and directors since these are their paymasters. Obviously, to the extent they can get away with legally.

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  • Evil_Chuck
    All my previous bosses were too busy to abuse me. This sounds like a guide for a corporate office job where it's all politics and only the janitors do any real work.
  • yenofed840
    There is a need to increase women's empowerment
  • NerdInDenial
    Unfortunately, in some certain lines of work, it's difficult to prove abuse of power even though the work environment is clearly toxic.
  • TheLastLady
    That happens a lot! It's not only sexual harassment that is humiliating in a workplace but the way a boss treat us or how he set boundaries against pranks and bullying
  • NoraKs
    My wife keeps everything documented even HR doesn’t do anything. Showing a progression of behavior is important. Especially if it escalates.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    How do a get women at work to sexually harass me. Ever since we had sexual harassment training, I have been on the lookout for it and then... nothing. What am I doing wrong?
    • it2ly

      If you want her to stop sexual harrasing you then, call authorities

  • ElloDiazdidit
    they probably masturbate at work too. perverted bastards!!!
  • Silver158
    Tell them to fuck off in a threatening tone when you're alone with them
  • colin77
    Be strong minded always... and stand up for yr rights
  • glock33sig357
    Be the most preverted out of the group, usually they leave me alone afterwards.
    • You'll probably be the one they report then. Seriously, people, don't do this. Not at work.

    • @kespethdude Be blatant with imy attitude but still be distant with people so anyone who reports be will have to bring proof and not heresay because I will be recorded on my own turf.

  • mrgspoter
    Ye one reason I int allowed to work, fighting abuse
  • asshole_
    I've never been abused at work, so, why do I need this?
    • Annarosa

      Could be helpful when you have kids. Or u get in a pickle asshole_. You name sounds like im calling u an asshole lol

  • Be4rdy
    Or just loose your shit and call them a cunt

    Someone will sort it out then 😂
  • msc545
    If you can, talking to an employment lawyer can help a lot.
    Thats why i quit my previous job.
  • Avicenna
    Excellent and thorough advice
  • 1828avaava1828
    Nice 🥊 🥊
  • mohsenre63isf
    i be angry
  • Bshu2jdbxb
    Wow thanks
  • Asianguy123
    Whore free zone too
  • KrakenAttackin
    Or you could actually know how to do your job.
    • Corporate environments are much different than the environments you work in if you think that. It usually has nothing to do with your job it's like getting bullied in school has nothing to do with your homework or grades!

    • @ConfusedGinger21 I spent more than a decade in the corporate world

  • jacksonhannah43
    Knock the shit out em
  • Anonymous
    Fight fire with death
    • What do you mean?

    • Anonymous

      They hurt you you kill them just make sure that you do it perfect and wipe clean the evidence

  • Anonymous
    Sometimes, looking for a better job while work in a toxic environment my help. There many opportunities out there, you just have to find them.