Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory Is TRUE!


Photo and documented evidence have emerged that the government knew all along that "Earhart was a prisoner in the Marshall Islands"!!!

Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory Is TRUE!

Flying across the Atlantic in 1928, she wanted to cross the ocean on her own. And she did!

Her last flight -- A flight around the world!

On June 1937 she went on a trip around the world with fellow pilot Fred Noonan. For some strange reason she left all communication and navigation devices behind... From a stop to New Guinea to the stop on Howland island (in the Pacific), July 2nd was the last time anyone on land heard from her.

The conspiracy theory goes that she was a spy for the U.S. - to spy on their enemies. And crashing on the Marshall Islands the enemies captured her... And all this time the U.S. government knew about it - and did nothing.

Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory Is TRUE!

Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory Is TRUE!

This picture was found in the National archives misfiled - on purpose...or by accident... The woman who's sitting down is Amelia - experts have analyzed pictures of her and came to the conclusion that this is very likely true. And Fred Noonan is in the picture as well, holding a sign or poll of some kind.

Her captures didn't know she was anyone famous - she was mostly only famous in America.

That's why her captures didn't find her very important or tried to 'make some sort of a deal with America.

Marshall Islands have since then put her pictured on their stamps - pictures of her and her plane... There were many people there who actually saw the plane crash. That's how sure they are that this happened...

Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory Is TRUE!

The conspiracy goes on to say she ended up on the island of Saipan - was taken prisoner there for years, had dysentery, was badly beaten for years and then was assassinated over her already dug grave.

Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory Is TRUE!

The History channel believes that the U.S. government wanted to cover this up, so when they took over those islands a few years later they destroyed the plane and dug up the bodies and took them.

You can still see bone fragments there, but not big bones or skulls...

Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory Is TRUE!
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  • SaintRichie23
    I don't know why I found this hilarious. First woman to fly around the world. She almost makes it, but then gets captured, tortured, and brutally murdered because she also wanted to be the first female James Bond.

    Don't mean to Mock her, but that just plain sucks.
    ^That is a pun, as Mrs. Mock wound up doing what Amelia failed to do :P
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  • Curmudgeon
    Not only has the date of that photo been debunked, as noted by others, but remember that in 1937, Japan was still buying US oil and food and scrap metal at the time, so the Japanese authorities would not likely hold them prisoner.

    USA Sanctions against Japan began in subsequent years after the Nanking massacre and other publicized atrocities, which led to war by December 1941.
    • Curmudgeon

      "The History channel believes that the U. S. government wanted to cover this up, so when they took over those islands a few years later they destroyed the plane and dug up the bodies and took them."

      In the middle of WW2, when demonizing the Japanese enemy was all the rage? No, that does not fly, History Channel.

    • Yeah but War was in the cards for along time. The US had already recognised them as a serious threat and had military advisors helping the chineese fight the Japanese

  • JohnDoe3000
    If I had a penny for every pixel in that picture... I would have a quarter... While a TV channel has huge commercial incentives to stretch the truth for higher ratings, so come on, you can't be this gullible...
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  • goaded

    "Documentary claimed photo showed aviator on Japanese-held Marshall Islands in 1937, but image was found in book published two years earlier."
  • ManOnFire
    Saw this online the other day. Actually Japanese researchers have just said they found the same picture in their archives, and that it's from 2 years before Earhart crashed.
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  • gaguser2453
    this literally happens all the time. reading this is a tragedy but at the same time her actions were a bit reckless by flying over that region in a time of conflict. There are plenty stories of people crashing planes and landing in enemy territories and being tutored. one other story was a guy who landed in iraq some time ago and a local terrorist group caught him, put him in a cage, then set a fire around him to the point where he started to melt.
    • main lesson learned from this is warring cross these places off of you route.

    • also I find it weird that she somehow takes the front line of this, but Fred Noonan was just a background character

    • I don't... The woman is always less suspicious...

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  • hawkeye92
    That whole thing has already been debunked. That photo was from an earlier time, not when Earhart disappeared.

    She likely disappeared because she was a woman trying to fly a plane.
  • meatballs21
    TRUE! Except it isn't. This is just a regurgitation of the rumours that are swirling because of that one photograph. Nothing has been proven one way or the other yet.
  • Deathraider
    There are many experts that are skeptical. And the history channel isn't the most reliable source. Have you even seen the stuff on there.
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    • Curmudgeon

      It is sad what happened to the once great History channel. Once real history has been replaced by "Ancient Astronaut Theorist" crap.

  • MuffinHead
    I'm very curious about what could have actually happened to her.
  • Waffles731
    If true of course the U. S government did nothing its standard protocol to disavow agents operating like she was if captures
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    • Waffles731

      Its the reason that the CIA's memorial wall has 16 stars without any names. Putting their names on the memorial would compromise operations today even when some died as long as 40 years ago


      how was she operating?

    • Waffles731

      @COCOCHANEL if the theory above is true, it says she was spying for the U. S doing what was essentially aeriel recon, at this point in time the U. S was while not at war with Japan coming into diplomatic conflicts with the empire of Japan over resources in the south pacific, which after cutting off the japanese access to the largest portion of their oil, would eventually lead to why Japan attacked pearl harbor

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  • Phoenix98
    Actually the theory is completely false and was debunked a long time ago. That photo was taken years before she ever attempted to fly all around the world.

    Here's the real story and now pay attention...*gasp* her plan ran out of fuel and there were no islands that she could land on, radio connections were spotty at best and she got lost and died when your plane ran out of fuel and hit the water.

    She either landed on the ocean and died at sea, crashed into the sea and died in her plane or landed her plane, somehow made it to the nearest island in the area that she crashed in which by the way is a coral island that's completely uninhabitable and she died there and the coconut crabs which inhabit the island ate her corpse.

    But no matter what way you slice it she died, she was out in the middle of nowhere in the ocean surrounded by uninhabitable islands that couldn't land a plane. And was in a plane running on fumes.
  • player0696
    We will never know what was actually happened with them
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  • Darknut123
    I think this whole thing is interesting I've been watching documentaries on youtube
  • lovelyhoneybones
    My mother was telling me about this. Its crazy!
  • meganthemenace
    Wow, Amazing
    i wonder what happened