7 Of The Craziest Internet Conspiracy Theories Ever

7 Of The Craziest Internet Conspiracy Theories EverFear the #Obamanati

1. The Beatles never existed

According to this theory, The Beatles were a totally fake band that were staffed by a revolving cast of(almost) identical actors.

And if you looked hard enough you could spot the subtle differences between the various incarnations. This would kinda make them the 60s version of the Gorillaz, Only with real people instead of animated ones.

This website tells all about it: https://www.thebeatlesneverexisted.com/

2. President Obama can control the weather

It has been alleged that Obama can summon tornadoes and other natural disasters at will in order to distract the American public from any scandal he is involved in.

I don't know if he uses Voodoo witch doctor magic or a weather manipulation device located in the secret lair.........................But, That's some spooky shit!

Source: https://www.thewire.com/national/2013/05/oklahoma-tornado-conspiracy-theories/65499/

3. Saddam Hussein had an active Stargate.

According to this awesome theory, The whole reason for the second Gulf war was to shut down a stargate that was hidden away in a secret base near Al-Ouja, It was placed there by Anunnaki 'gods' of ancient Sumeria."

So some serious shit went down in Iraq!

Sources: https://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2039514



..................Just one more time George W Bush saved the F'n planet!

4. The Moon isn't real

That's right the Moon is just a very large hologram covering up something we're just not meant to see.

5.The Large Hadron Collider is actually a multi-dimensional portal designed to summon Osiris, The Egyptian God of death

The story of it being a multi-national cooperative used to further advance our knowledge of atomic particles was so obviously a damn cover up, So a few brave souls risked it all to uncover the real truth!


6. Jay-Z is a time traveler and a vampire

So are Eddie Murphy, Justin Timberlake, Nichlos Cage, And Matthew McConaughey

And they are all prominent members of the Illuminati, Of course.

7. The Earth is hollow

You can actually teleport from the north pole to the south pole according to this theory.

And inside the Earth is a whole other totally habitable world filled with advanced civilizations and mythical beasts galore!https://www.ourhollowearth.com/ourhollo/index.html

Remember, Reality is all in your head :)

There are plenty of others, But I would need to write more takes to cover them.



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  • The theory that we are living in an alternative universe. It involves several examples ( which I believe science can example as a trick of the mind anyhow)

    • do you mean we have doubles living in an alternate universe or that we are not really here?

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    • hmm.. confusing movie, but yea probably would be really interesting. haha

    • the Mandela effect.

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  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚half of this are true, I mean 1/2 part of each theory...

    1) no idea about Beatles.
    2) Obama cannot control weather, however weather manipulation is possible
    A) you can cause rain if your pray some necessary chemical permutation in clouds which will make them precipitation soon then they should!.. Although I you cannot change the place where it precipitates.. And it will be a expensive time consuming process which will require many planes at a time..
    B) You can Control natural disasters 'Disaster management' .. You cannot create tornadoes or earthquake or landslide!.. However you can create device which can increase or decrease the intensity of disasters!.. Like a resonance drill can reduce the earthquakes shocks if patterned opposite at same resonating frequency as the earthquake and if patterned along with earthquakes it will just make earthquake stronger!
    Tornadoes - you can just control them not Create them!.( creating them will be insane and if weather does not supports you then weather will eat up your tornadoes in seconds) . In theory it's supposed that if you use a intense Lazer beam shot from the top central zone of a tornado you will heat the central air and making the tornado stronger.. But along with making it stronger tornado will also shift wherever you shift the lazer beam ( a fucking expensive lazer) and not a small lazer a lazer beam of size of 1 Sq km and also as intense as the lazer iron man used in movie to cut objects...

    3) Stargate = activate one and the University across the globe will sense the EM interference..
    4) Moons real the different color shades displayed on it during eclipse tells it, however.. It's hollow like a plastic ball the the fuel cascates which fell on moon from few km height made it ring like a bell for hrs..
    5) hydran collider isn't a star gate!.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. How ever proposed star gate system by Einstein will require a similar structure ( 2 ends which they made In a circular ring) and both are also partical physics studying machine!.. One can be easy modified to make another!.. Both machines will require same amount of fuel, space, workers.
    6) vampires please.. Our population is seven time the possible facial structure in our DNA.. Thus you can find 7 doppelganger of each of us on the planet, some more some less and if you go back in time you can find 30-40 doppelgangers.

    • 7) This one is my favorite
      IN school they said to us that earth core is made of iron and it's very hot.. And molten!..
      They taught in 2 different class.
      Earth core is hot!.. Its expected temperature is about the temperature where iron melts like ice,.. Which means the core of earth is molten!.
      IN high school they said the earth has magnetic properties unlike other planets!. It has its own electromagnetic field which saves us from solar flairs and and also the cause of Aurora borolis..
      Then they taught us only solid iron core can have magnetic property!.. A molten iron cannot be magnetized!..
      Now if you put a small sun in center of earth!.. Since each sun has its own electro magnetic field and it's a better explaination to the situation!.. When the theory of iron core was given we didn't knew about nuclear power or fission or fusion!..

    • If you learn to Control!.. Nuclear fission!.. And can continuesly supply hydrogen to explode and continue to remove helium!.. You can pretty much have your own sun!.. Supplying you with energy and also having enough strong EM field to make earth secure and safe!..
      Like our sun has huge EM fields which extend till end of our solar system!.. So it's more apt description!..

    • www.physicsforums.com/.../

      Like here!.. Its possible!.. That hollow earth theory is false but sure as hell the current theory of earth's and layers of earth is not correct!.. Because iron melts at 1811kelvin and the core of earth is hot as 4000 Kelvin so the molten iron is like liquid!.. With very less viscosity!..

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  • Actually the weathe thing is real. I don't know to what extent but its called cloud seeding and it can either prevent the formation of clouds or increase (as well as affecting hail) by firing certain materials (silver iodide I believe is the most common) into the atmosphere (it was used to increase the rain season in I believe it was vietnam to cause agricultural damage during the vietnam conflict (again I believe it was vietnam but am not certain)). So technicly that one could be possible. The rest are absurd though.

  • The Moon landing probably had been "faked" is the only theory that I would actually think is possibly true. Don't know about Weather Manipulation technology though, perhaps atmosphere control is possible. I thought the Hadron Collider conspiracy theories would be that it's actually a time displacement device or time field generator, I mean if there are already time traveling celebrities conspiracies and that those celebs may or may not be otherworldy beings or supposedly supernatural beings then why don't the theorists try and link and connect those 2 theories together? And are they sure it's Osiris and not Cthulhu? How can they be so sure it would be Egyptian god of the dead? Why not summon the Greek gods or Norse gods, or Roman gods or many other so called gods? Why stop at one? LOL

  • First I laughed. Then I realized that there must be some people - if not lots - out there who actually believe something on this list.

    Then I got sad.

  • 1. I've only heard some old theory about Paul McCartney being replaced by a man who looks exactly like him (after he allegedly died in car accident, back in the 60's).
    2. Funny, never heard about that, very cool theory :P
    3. Interesting, but obviously not true (otherwise, he would have won the war by aligning with the Goa'uld) :D
    4. The stupidest theory I've ever heard...
    5. Right, LOL :)
    6. I see, hahaha, good for them all...
    7. Oh well, I'll just have to correct number 4 ;)

  • Just consider the millions who religiously read National Enquirer.

  • yeah those are some loony tunes conspiracy theories

  • When I hear the phrase "conspiracy theory", I think of this.

  • I laughed a lot at 3. 7 could be truth, it woud be nice to visit this... "underworld".

  • You know, about this weather thing look up the haarp machine conspiracy, apparently that's how he controls the weather

  • You forgot Chemtrails.

  • if you dont have real evidence your theories are not real theories but science fiction fantasies, just saying.

  • We are all batteries in The Matrix!!!

  • Um, I think #7 was a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the guy who came up with Tarzan.

    • Sounds more like Jules Verne to me lol
      And most of these conspiracy theories are rooted in fictional works, They just think the fiction is based on real events.

  • I love the moon one

  • OMG lmao πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  • Yeah the moon is most definitely a hologram... a technology that's been around for a lot longer than people realize!! (oh yeah... OSIRIS is coming!!)

  • There are no words to express the stupidity of people who believe this tripe.

  • What! All of these are true.

  • Some people thinking earth is flat
    I mean who knows
    Theories always expire with new ones

  • Most if not all of these are wrong especially no.4,5,6 and 7. Idc about no.1 and I wouldn't be surprised by by no.2 just because America is evil. America did all kinds or terrorism in Iraq for Petrol/Oil. And George bush is just pure evil.

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