Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.


The events in Charlotesville highlight the underhand tactics used by both the state and the left to attack and silence the Nationalist message.

Looking on at what was unfolding from twitter, it quickly appeared that it was a setup from beginning to end. The granting of permission for a Nationalist rally to be held, and then for the police to not ensure that the rally was held peacefully is a clear sign that the event was set up to fail from the outset.

Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.

The scenes of violence were bound to happen considering the police utterly failed in their duty to ensure the first amendment rights of the Nationalists. If they had of been doing their jobs then there would have been minimal clashes, minimal injuries and likely no deaths.

What people have to understand when thinking about what took place there is that the chaos is exactly what the state and the left wanted and is exactly what they set out to do at every single Nationalist event whether they be in Europe or America.

The left use extreme violence and intimidation to silence their political opposition and use violence as a strategy to prevent free speech from occurring. They consider it a ‘no platform’ strategy for people they disagree with and this strategy is rooted in the Frankfurt School.

Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.

Herbert Marcuse, one of the most prominent members of the FS came up with the idea of ‘Repressive Tolerance’ which simply put means the violent suppression of all political ideas opposed to the left. This is what you witnessed in Charlotesville and this is what is synonymous with the left wherever they gather in big numbers to oppose Nationalist events.

The left do not want the free exchange of political ideas, they do not believe in free speech and they do not believe in any notion of tolerance. They believe that they have the right to determine what the public will hear and what they won’t hear.

What they want to do is to physically shut down their political opponents using widespread violence. They fear that the Nationalist message would resonate loudly and widely if given a fair hearing and it is for this reason they try and silence it. They have no confidence in their own political narrative and use no counter arguments against the message they want to silence. They use physical attacks, labels, mockery and intimidation as a means to achieve political goals.

Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.

If people want to talk about political terrorism in the West, then the antifa and anarchist groups are the epitome of political terrorists. They use violence and intimidation to achieve political/ideological goals and this is the very definition of terrorism.

When you see hundreds of Nationalists heading to a supposed rally with helmets, shields and batons merely just to protect themselves from political violence by the left then that should be enough to tell you where the violence is initiated.

There would be absolutely no violence at Nationalist events if the left were not present or at least not intent on physically closing down the events. Go on any antifa Facebook page or twitter account and you will see that they encourage their followers to use violence to stop ‘Facsists’ which is quite ironical considering the history of Communist violence.

Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.

This tactic by the Communistic left of using extreme violence against political opponents goes back decades and is THE main cause of the political violence seen over the years. It is about time the general public started to understand this because there is no freedom of speech in Western nations and it is the Communistic left that suppresses it.

Charlotesville was another clear example of how after initiating the violence, the left claims the title of victim. They set out from the start to hurt people, to attack them with anything at their disposal, to prevent them from exercising their first amendment rights, and then when events take a turn for the worse and somebody drives a car into them they cry victim.

That isn’t to condone what happened because we don’t, it is simply to point out this devious tactic of the left. They plan the violence, they start the violence, they create chaos, and when the chaos reaches its maximum they point at Nationalists who are defending themselves and start wailing about the dangers of Nationalism and racism.

Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.

It is akin to the bully in the playground attacking a child who defends himself, and then the bully deviously claims to be the one who is being bullied just to get the innocent child into trouble.

Those Nationalists in America wanted to speak about the intentional plan to replace European Americans as the majority population in the country. A plan that goes back to 1965 and the implementation of the open immigration act.

They merely wanted to state that as Europeans in America they also have interests and that they have a right to exist as Europeans in the nation that their forefathers created. They wanted to talk about the blatant anti-white agenda that permeates the media, Hollywood and academia. They wanted to oppose the erosion of their heritage, their history and culture. They weren’t there to attack any other races, they weren’t there to cause violence, they went with the intention to defend themselves if necessary and to defend their right to free speech.

Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.

The left would rather they just didn’t turn up and ignored what is going on. That they don’t just ignore it means that they are a target for the violent left.

In closing, it is of paramount importance that the controlled media does not control the narrative surrounding this by painting the Nationalists as being the ones to blame for what happened when it is clearly obvious –as it always is– who caused the violence.

There is one way to prove who is to blame for the trouble, let the Nationalists hold their rally, let them speak, and let them disperse peacefully.

If the left are not willing to do this and are intent on holding violent counter demonstrations then it will be clear to everybody who is behind the violence and who is truly against free speech and tolerance.


Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.

Thoughts on Charlotsville Riots.
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  • TheSpartan
    I'm always on the opposite side of whatever communists are on.
    Is this still revelant?

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  • zagor
    Anyone who deliberately associates themselves with Nazism deserves what they get.

    These people are so stupid; they claim to stand up for white people, but what movement started a war in the 40's that killed tens of millions of people - almost all of them white, incidentally.
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    • TheFlak38

      The reason tens of millions of people died in that war was because the Western Allies were biased with Germany's racial policies (the same that Israel has today but nobody bats an eye).
      Hitler asked for a cease fire many times long before the tide was turned against him but Britain and France had other considerations. The invasion Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland by the Soviet Union was of course alright for them. A regime that starved to death 8 million Ukrainian farmers among other terrible things.

    • zagor

      The Soviet invasion of Poland was Hitler's idea; he offered Eastern Poland to placate them from opposing his invasion. The West didn't oppose Hitler because of his racial policies, it opposed him because he attacked Poland, France and Britain, among others. And the "reasoning" for his racial policies was nonsensical mumbo jumbo with no scientific basis.

    • TheFlak38

      One more time, Israel has the same racial policies today but nobody bats an eye. The invasion Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland by the Soviet Union was of course alright for Britain and France. And it was Britain and France who declared war on Germany, so yes it was the right thing to attack them and kick their butts off the continent.

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    What I think happened is that the driver was attacked by Antifa mongrels and accelerated out of panic.

    Ah well, Antifa had it coming, if you block roads and attack people, especially in cars, you're eventually going to get killed for it. Oh well...
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    • TheFlak38

      From the angle of the one video I saw it looks like that. He was slow enough to be hit by a baseball bat in the back light. After that he accelerated.

  • Bananaman177
    They're trying to ignite civil war, and they want it to be along racial lines.

    Who is they? A gang of globalist bankers and financiers like George Soros.

    And the BLM, ANTIFA, and the white nationalists are all being played like violins, being pitted against each other in meaningless battles in the street, while the bankers rob us all blind in their glass towers, unmolested.
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  • Waffles731
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    • Waffles731

      "Those Nationalists in America wanted to speak about the intentional plan to replace European Americans as the majority population in the country. A plan that goes back to 1965 and the implementation of the open immigration act."
      A. Up until the 60s I would have been considered an 'ethnic white' so would, JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy
      Because I am not a white Anglo Saxon protestant, rather an a Sicilian American. Would have been considered largely the same as a trumpet sees hispanics.
      B. There are more African americans than English americans.
      C. Our last president was freaking black tell me again how white European descent is important to Americans.
      D. It seems that we Americans and our.45s and 30-06s missed a few Nazis back in the 40s considering your usernmae is a reference to a Nazi Germany as gun and as the son of two U. S Air force vets. We still won the damn aerial war despiye your best efforts

    • TheFlak38

      You know how much I care about the opinion of an autistic boy. If this can be called an opinion.
      I think it's time you gtfo. Troll someone else.

  • 404filenotfound
    They're basically being set up to fail; they show up with shields, helmets and batons and the left say that proves that they're violent and were just looking for a fight.

    I honestly read an article where they were talking about linking arms and how people pushed through them and they acted like they were being trampled. And then AntiFa came and "saved" them.
  • Josht13
    Lets not deny any accountability on behalf of the nationalists now.
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    • TheFlak38


    • Josht13

      I mean a white nationalist did commit an act of terrorism by smashing his car into them.

    • TheFlak38

      We dont even know if it was one of them. And besides this he was driving slow enough to get attacked first and then panicked. The videos that were recorded from behind the crash show it clearly. He will win the court case you'll see.

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