Riots are they really needed to make a point, or just bunch of thugs, & thieves out to cause a problem stirred up by the media?

Riots of the Seventies have they really changed today?
Riots of the Seventies have they really changed today?

I thought long & hard about this subject & the riot over George Floyd was senseless. The man is dead the Psycho Cop that killed him is in jail for manslaughter when he should be facing Capital Murder, A store is destroyed and boarded up the fate it's employes jobs & income undecided, all the people who are either recovering this morning. The lucky ones aren't really lucky except not being harmed, Most of them ate on the phone with the insurance agents.

The Minnesota riot was mild compared to the late Sixty early Seventies.
The Minnesota riot was mild compared to the late Sixty early Seventies.

Fingers are pointing at who started it, you can blame the leftist, Fat Agnes, & the Anti Christian cult. but when it comes rite down to brass tacks every one is guilty & if caught they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law plus two years for being STUPID-! Why can't all get along & work in equality instead of preferred all the minority, gender, or sexual preference status. If we could put all this aside & work together, Blacks Hispanics, & whites, Male & Female, Gay & Straight. If your gonna Protest do it Dr KIng, Rosa Parks, The students a the Woolworth lunch counter, peacefully stand your ground and make yourself known, not with violemce & hate like we just had.

This is result of Violence & Rioting
This is result of Violence & Rioting
Riots are they really needed to make a point, or just bunch of thugs, & thieves out to cause a problem stirred up by the media?
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  • Anonymous
    The riots are proving a point, the blm movement has been peacefully protesting for years and nothing has changed. This is not only about George Floyd sure he was the breaking point, but people are fighting for the right to live in America and be equal. And yes some people are taking advantage of the riots and traveling out of state just so they can come and steal, the people who are stealing are not real protesters. And the police is to blame for some of this considering they were participating in some of the violence and burning down buildings. I agree with you if we all just forgot about race, political parties and genders and just worked together for the cause then there would be much more change but there’s always a side that is prejudice and will not support the cause. If the government doesn’t want to listen to people when they are peaceful then they are going to listen to violence. I would also like to add that the media is only showing the bad things that are happening and only one side of the spectrum when there is many more. In my state people were protesting peacefully and the cops joined in but of course the media won’t show that.
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  • Anonymous
    This isn’t just about George Floyd it’s for the the innocent unarmed people and those who lost a life for a minor crime. It’s the system we should focus on racism but take action by acts of kindness because instead making everything about race. (For instance I’m black and i have a few white friends who warn me that mainly some of their grandparents are racist but once they meet me they realizes that not all black people act the same and we are a humans too. l I agree rioting and looting is bad but don’t think it’s everyone their are some peaceful protest out there. All lives matter but you should get the point on why people are so uptight on BLM.
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    • Pappy1955

      I hate to asy this but your comment really ticks me off. Thus2020 net the 1850 or the 1960's or the 19960's or 1970's when there was so much hate & destruction. Here's a question for I'm white & I lived in the South, also a large city. why is it could walk down the road and hear every black person use the N word in this sentence "What up N" but , if I say the same thing , I'm a racist. why is it there are two list for low income housing. A minority applies, they are put on a six month to a year waiting list, but whites have to waite four to six years? My dear girl, I'm 65 years old I lived through the riots you learned about in grade or High school , or maybe have yet to learn. As for the Black Liberation Movement, when Malcolm X was assassinated, The Cities exploded & burned Malcolm X preached hate & violence and the white man were overlords to the blacks. There were many protest When Dr. King was assassinated There were protest yes, & you fail to mention thanks to Dr'King the First black men was admitted to Collage and escorted by troops order by President Kennedy to make sure nothing happen to him & he got the education he deserved. I can go on But Dr. King did more with peace. then was ever obtained by violence.

    • R3DthatDude

      @Pappy1955 sir with all do respect the reason you can’t say the N word is because of the history. You of all people, if you claim to have been through the MLK era should understand that. I’m going to break it down for you why we can say it and you can’t. 1st you are white I am black. between two black people this word is used as a term of endearment as a recognition of being in this life with the struggles of being black. You are white, it doesn’t matter if your a nice person. It’s about the history of white people using that word to hurt us, but despite that attempt we flipped it and changed that meaning and putting a “ga” at the end. You can’t use that word because white people used it to hurt us. This may be hard for you to accept, to bad.

    • mct12vlm

      - I'm first going to address the OP in that are "Riots" really needed to made a point …" Of course not, and the recent PROTESTS began as peaceful marches, some of which were hijacked by people who's self interests were more important that the actual message. It didn't help that police began shooting rubber bullets and tear gas into peaceful crowds of people

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  • JackSmy
    The point could have been made, without the violence and destruction, and Ghandi PROVED THAT!!
    I would say Martin Luther King, JR. made the same point, and PEACEFUL PROTEST, RESISTANCE, and NON-Violence, but I am afraid that being 'white' some might be offended that I reference the Good, Martin Luther King, Jr.
    The US does not have any precedent, for "Knighting" a great person, like England, but if we did, I would assume that Martin Luther King, Jr, would have been, and had that title, of "SIR" as they do in England.
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  • Anonymous
    Of course they are stirred up by the media. This situation has played out before. Meet Tony Timpa was never national news. Nobody rioted, nobody spoke out about police brutality and it didn't mix racial lines so there was no way to stoke racial fear.
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  • Hermes-Paris
    I think all this shows is that there is little hope things will improve at least in my lifetime or the next. The US will always have racial issues. It is banged in everyone's head every minute of every day. Happy I don't live there anymore.
  • websterII
    when the vote cannot change things.. the only thing that can is riots. yes it's come to that point.. these riots have accomplished moer already than the last few generations of goldman sachs owned politicians.
    • All the riots accomplished was showing how violent liberals are.

  • emmily2396
    What happened to social distancing? Oh, the irony! If they told you on the new to jump of a cliff would you?(not directed towards the OP of course, just a question for thought). I am sure some would do it since some people drank bleach because Trump said it would kill the virus.
    • Jackster20

      That bleach thing is such old news. Look at history. School doesn't teach political history. Republicans stopped slavery. All this racial crap is giving the power to the political process again. Do the homework. Republican. Democratic. Democratic has always held the poorest down. No matter white or black or Mexican Latino. It has not changed because they are about to trick everything into Democratic is bon racist. So keep fighting it's so obvious it's a political game.

    • Jackster20

      That would be Democratic are non racist. It's BS. Read how the Republican party stopped slavery. It's fact. I have no idea what the Democratic party is up too. Clinton is a complete criminal Mr and Mrs. So be careful what you preach without all the facts. Brainwashed and lies. Be glad we don't live in Russia or China.

  • grif429
    people just wanting to steal mostly and be destroy but yes they do help by grabbing the attention of the press ad people. Gandi was right change can come from peaceful protest but sometime enough is enough and mayhem is needed when people refuse to take notice
  • bulletbob555
    There are good and bad protesters. Many realize if enough people show up and police lose control of an area that there may be a chance to loot. When the conditions are right there is always looting
  • 007kingifrit
    not only are they not needed but they don't serve a purpose to begin with

    police are overly gentle with black people by the numbers. studies show white cops wait LONGER to shoot a black person than a white person
  • Liam_Hayden
    Riots are a violation of the rights of others. And especially in this instance, are counterproductive to the narrative. It went from universal condemnation of the cops involved to becoming an insurrection.
  • loveslongnails
    Oh... the "media" is stirring up the riots? The "media" is doing a disservice by being there? If there was no media coverage, there'd be no rioting? Huh >?
  • Massageman
    Legal protest might be needed to make a point. Illegal rioting, looting, destruction, killing is NOT needed and will usually stand in opposition to the point trying to be made peaceably.
    • Massageman

      The media is all too happy to keep stirring the pot, as we say, "if it bleeds, it leads".

  • SexualChocolate85
    It understandable to a certain extent but it is getting out of control. All this should've ended once they arrested and charged the officer. I also believe some of the rioting and looting is being promoted by the same corporations they're looting.
  • Gedaria
    Violence does not sort anything it just makes both sides more determined not to change.
    Obama had the right idea tackle change from the inside. Sadly he was on his own...
  • 573ff7h3k1d
    I don't know if it's the best way possible. But with it they finally got the attention they deserve. There were multiple instances of peaceful protest after acts of police brutality against bpoc. They never got us to the point where we are now.
  • KrakenAttackin
    The problem is the U. S. doesn't have enough "real" cops...
    The black mob is like a child who doesn't get his way and every once in a while lashes out and breaks things in the house
  • hellacray
    It's stupid and backwards. You claim that black lives matter yet you destroy their neighborhoods.

    Mmhmm way to go to prove your point.
  • uhmdontoknow
    Well I think it isn't the wya to go standing togheter I mean with a lot that would help but now you are just testing them how far you can go before things are going to be even worse
  • Conspiracy_Theorist
    Anyone that thinks rioting is justifiable is an idiot.
  • Geminiheart69
    110 agree with you, however the people doing the act are ignorant to fact that, the organizers get paid but they are the ones getting arrested. So sad
  • themythos
    Riots and looters are people taking advantage of someones death.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
  • BillysBabe
    Bunch of dumbass people 🙄
  • Anonymous
    I know this is a two month old post but I’ll give an opinion anyway.

    Riots are not needed and anyone who thinks riots are a “good thing” is beyond delusional. These dummies fail to realize that almost all of the rioters and looters are not part of the outrage, they are petty criminals who take advantage of the outrage to start trouble. Most of the people who are part of the outrage keep their anger civilized and don’t break any laws.

    Not to mention that when they are proven wrong they like to shift the blame over to the other side by saying “Oh but it was actually far right wingers who did most of the rioting.” When they say that, it’s them acknowledging how stupid they sounded by trying to justify the riots and looting.
  • Anonymous
    Blm activity spikes on Twitter every four year election cycle. With covid fears getting pushed onto everyone for example it’s added stress. The anarchists rioting, media painting them as peaceful, etc... is all just being used as new excuses to instill fear, panic, anxiety, stress to keep people away from voting in the next election, along with shutting down the economy so that people can suffer economically. Everything should get back to normal etc...
  • Anonymous
    The burning and destruction is what this movement is all about. How anyone can think buring down a store or looting will help is just amazing to me.
  • Anonymous
    the government is run by satanist

  • Anonymous
    I wouldn't doubt that some of the worst looters and rioters are on the CCP payroll.