Melania's Shoes were all the RAGE in Texas


The media and a lot of social media people have had a lot to say about Melania Trump's stilettos while visiting Texas with her husband.

Melania's Shoes were all the RAGE in Texas

I'm wondering why could this possibly be!

Is the most important thing now fashion choices while supporting the Texans or is it to actually support them - financially, with man-power, and just emotionally...?

Melania's Shoes were all the RAGE in Texas

Why is it so important what Melania wears? Isn't it more important what she does?

Melania's Shoes were all the RAGE in Texas

She showed support and that's all people should care about. . .


She did change shoes once she got there...

Melania's Shoes were all the RAGE in Texas
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  • Viperkiss
    It's silly. But at the same time when people are losing their livelihoods, homes and dreams, a show of support should have been taken more seriously by the First Lady. Wearing something so inappropriate just shows where her mind is: fashion.
    She didn't wear them for comfort, thats obvious. She didn't wear them for practicality obviously. She wore them to look and feel good. Considering her mind should be on the tragedy and not on looking hot, it's kinda insulting to those she is apparently showing support to.
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    • Viperkiss

      Notice trumps boots. Probably the first time that wimp ever wore boots in his life.
      Why is he wearing boots? You can be sure he won't be pulling biddies from the mud. It's because smartly his "handlers" realize the image he project so important to these people. An image of roll up the sleeves and give a hand.
      She on the other hand basically shows a flippant attitude to the situation. Would it have been ok for her to wear a evening gown?
      Or do you dress for the task? At least project the image.

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  • Izumiblu
    Just for the lulz... the fashion editor for vogue magazine that criticized melanoma for the optics... here she is in all her glory

    The irony of optics can be hard to take...
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    • Izumiblu

      Lol... melania... Fra.. melanoma... haha

    • mamamai

      It looks like she must of been jealous, that lady looks like a freaky clown!

    • Izumiblu

      @mamamai stranger still
      .. the clown is fashion editor for vogue...

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  • 1truekhaleesi
    Let them wear Loubouton's.

    But seriously, I seem to recall when Obama was persecuted for wearing a tan suit and conservatives said it was an impeachable offense. Or when Michelle wore a sleeveless dress. "Liberals will complain about everything." Hmm. Right.
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  • Girly1710
    I agree it's not bad at all. That's her style. If she had shown up in water repellent footwear people would be enraged that the "presidency has changed her and omg women shouldn't have to change just cuz of their husband's job" right? Like people will literally always be mad.
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  • madhatters4
    i think it's just the matter that it seems so impractical to go into a natural disaster with such high heeled shoes

    the reality is we have a 24hour news cycle, so that means outlets are desperate for news to get clicks, eye balls, etc. and fashion matters can attract people who have no concerns regarding politics.

    the news outlets that really report news didn't report on this. mostly the tabs and what i'd call quasi news outlets reported or made a big deal of this
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  • MarkRet
    The media likes to make a big deal out of every stupid little thing. If she were wearing shitkickers, they'd probably comment on that, too. On the other hand, if Trump were wearing a sponge-bob tie while talking with Putin, that wouldn't go down well either.
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  • Paris13
    Big Deal, she got OFF of the Plane to Fly Over to Help the Hurricane Victims, with Sneakers, hat, white shirt and a pair of Slacks. Did any of them do this Here, dear? NO.
    I wish the Cold Hear-ted Media would focus More on Having a Heart from the Start, Maybe their Ratings, Unlike Fox5, would Not be in the Toilet Bowl, floating like the Poor over in Texas and Soon, as well, by Irked Irma. xx
  • HereToProveMyPoint
    I think this is ridiculous. She's free to wear what she wants! And as you say, she changed shoes later on, so obviously she realised she'd need to prioritise practicality in some situations. I totally agree that there are more important issues to focus on!
  • psm357
    Omg I cannot understand. I am from an Asian country, I just don't get it, why will people get obsessed over what the first lady of America is wearing? She is a human like all of us.
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  • ATuairiscean
    It is more a PR problem than anything - It should have been more thought out - In this constant attention media world, their team should have been aware how it would be represented - Absolutely harmless yes but don't give them the opportunity for "First couple shares bucket of fried chicken on way to famine zone" type headlines.
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  • Phoenix98
    I don't know what everyone is getting so pissed about Michelle Obama literally did the same thing as Melania did and both Michelle and Melania also changed into work shoes as soon as they were off the plane and into the areas that were damaged.

    I don't agree with you on anything but I can agree with you on this it is more important what she does in Texas not what she is wearing, but for the people that it does matter to she did change into work appropriate shoes.
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  • Wolframium
    OMG: Do really people care about what shoes she wearing? In middle of news about hurricane? Seriously? OK, we are fucked, Kim, please, nuke USA, since… Listen, they got their chance, but this is just…nope.
    I’m looking at the image on top, and I telling myself, that house is on fire, there is water on the streets… Insane. Climate change, it’s real.
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  • mamamai
    I am not for Trump, but damn some people are criticizing him and his wife for some stupid shit. Who cares what she wears, she can wear a chicken costume for all I care. At least they both went to show support.
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  • Nate1941
    Coming from someone who was affected by hurricane Harvey, I can tell you that it is nbd. It's not like she was there to do any manual labor.
    I appreciate that she made the effort to support us during this time and appear presentable while doing so.
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  • Yayeet
    It's just complaining for the sake of complaining. Liberals will complain about anything she will do, just like conservatives would have complained if Michelle Obama would have worn rain boots with the excuse that it's not classy or whatever.

    The point of these people is complaining, they don't care about the good someone is doing.
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    • Rissyanne

      Conservatives never crucified Michelle like they do Melania.

    • I agree. Remember all the shit the conservative press used to say about Michelle Obama, how she "looked like a male transexual" or like a "gorilla?" Haters gonna hate.

    • Rissyanne

      Conservatives never ever went after the Obamas they way liberals has going after the Trumps. Anyone with half a brain would know that. Or a liberal... same thing.

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  • Vmm90
    I find in some cases people can find it easier to focus on something negative than the positive. If she chose to wear them it's her prerogative. There are much more important issues to focus on, such as the relief Texas is going to need.
  • Rissyanne
    It's idiot liberals that are making an issue out of her shoes.
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  • Dargil
    Changed into sneakers on the plane.
    She's hot (for guys) and both mature and gorgeous (for girls) and her style appeals to most people except for haters. Nothing can please them.
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  • thinkLancer
    I love stilettos! I don't see the problem here. In fact, i think she's role modelling that stilettos are more versatile and practical than people think.
    Good on 'ya Melania!
  • parvulus
    Who gives a fuck what she wears. Anyone should be able to wear whatever they want. If someone wants to wear silhouettes during a flood than kudos to them.
  • pretty-kitty
    The sad thing isn't that the media talks about this it's that there are people who actually want to hear about it, if there wasn't then it wouldn't even be mentioned. We live in a crappy world.
  • VirginiaBeachBum
    There are far more substantive things to express outrage over with this administration than footwear choice.
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